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Adam Kobosky Feb 2015
You feel a sudden shift in time,
but you do not want to admit anything.
So we lie in bed,
because that seems like the only solution.
I fall asleep in your arms,
you write me this *ecliptic rhyme
Only one I can solve,
as the new moon and stars set.
I slowly can feel chills,
an emptiness consumes my every thought.
I cannot bare to hold it all in,
my knees and hands hit the concrete.
Blood runs from my ears,
I yell but nothing comes out.

All my missing feelings and emotions
come back and
  devour  my breath.
I frantically take my fist
and carve 'help' in the dirt.
Falling back I hit my head on the tree,
you wake me up hours later.
You swear I am alive,
but everything is drained.
Kenophobia is the fear of voids or empty spaces.
You can feel empty, but still that somehow could
eat you alive, more than being occupied
with the real world.
  Feb 2015 Adam Kobosky
This friend I have is one I know
She would never want to go
Something's burning from inside
I can't bear to let it hide
Another moment, I fear the worst;
I decide to tell her first

Searching for courage, but it's tough;
I don't think I have enough
Finally, I say the words
Though every single sentence hurts
The fear is cutting through my bones
My heart is beating through my toes

After I have spilled it all
I look up and silence falls
She begins to grab her things
My fresh tears begin to sting
I reach my hand out for a touch
She flinches and says "You're ******* up"

I can't believe what I've just heard
But I remember every word
Clear as crystal inside my head
I'll be silent forever instead
I can't do this anymore;
I feel my heart slam shut its door

She ran fast away from me
She didn't even hear my scream
I kick, I cry, I pound my head
I can't believe I've lost my friend
This friend was one I thought I knew;
She walked out right on cue
This poem is literally about my biggest fear. I have had so many people leave me in my life that I can't truly open up to anyone and just be myself. I think that's why I actually really have no idea who I am yet.

I know this was a long poem. Thank you for taking the time to read it, if you did.
Adam Kobosky Feb 2015
Letting Go
What happen with us?
You told me we would be together,
but apparently we aren't.
Did I lie or was it something I said?
No, because you ignore me now!
That night me and you met,
was the greatest of my life yet.
But look at today,
you don't talk to me,
or even acknowledge me.
Its like you want to let go,
even though I don't.
I see your shadow everyday,
and as I see yours.
While all this happens,
I wonder if I could ever let go.

Giving In
(featuring Leslie Foster)**
You look at me like I ruined you,
like I ruined us.
I wish  I know how to tell you,
how to tell you how I care.
I can't bare looking at you,
because the pain shakes my very soul.
I love you.
But my love will never fulfill you,
I don't know how to stop feeling so empty.
I’m giving in to my demons,
and I'm dragging you down to hell with me.
I’m sorry,
You don’t deserve this.
I just need help.
Please tell me how to stop giving in.
We all let go, but sometimes it is difficult to give in.
Be careful and stay alive everyone.
Leslie's hellopoetry is HabitsofMyHeart !
Go follow her! <3
  Feb 2015 Adam Kobosky
I've rubbed my skin raw,
To diminish all the stains
Your kisses used to leave
Me in awe
Now all I want is for them to be gone

I was a frivolous pawn
You'd use as you'd go
You'd play me when the time was right
It was only a game,
Black or white

Then one day you made a mistake
You played a blunder
You lost your game,
I stole your thunder

You were a catalyst of sorts
Always playing the pawns
Feelings never contort

But I've won this round
The queen is to be crowned
Now this time
You'll be kissing *my ground
  Feb 2015 Adam Kobosky
Jamie King
Benign, benevolent ballerina bubbly bathing by beautiful blossoming balsams.

A gander I took and I was a statue in her stead. Still and without a word my mind a victim of frost bites, notions frozen, the Ice ages the living flame inside my mind.
I shall speak if only I could master but a few words, my lips basted by beauty, the surgent of admiration before her I am an apparition, lost in forests of adulation.

A vanishing spirit soon to be a vestige of a vestige. I shall wage wars arm myself and battle my way to her hands, where I shall rest as the past presents the future without a dress.
I do love her very much..
I am in love with

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