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The Girl Who Loves You
Within My Heart    Just writing what I think, what I feel and everything inbetween. As Poe said "All that we see or seem, is but a dream within ...
18/F/Florida    the embodiment of youth & vice
Chloe's Not An Angel
21/F/UK    I don't really know what I'm doing with myself, so I'll just write poetry instead of figuring it out.
Mandii Morbid
28/F/Missouri    Artist ¤ Cryptid ¤ Wordsmith
20/F/London    a lost soul in a sea of others trying to find some fucking meaning in this hell hole of a world..
Queen of the Highway
Atlanta    Light my fire
storm siren
26/Neither/Hell or High Water    Every part of me Remembers Every part of you. Please, tell me, Do you Remember me, Too?
Just an aspiring poet, and translator
Heymi Roman Roman
F/Russellville, AR    Just someone writing her thoughts out
Intercourse PA    Hi I am creepy™ A person who is just literally too cold please message me //call me a whore both would mean the world to ...
wouldn't you like to know
18/Non-binary/England    ~ vibe w me ~ v much a dark academia aesthetic
22/F/India    A person looking for answers without the perfect questions
Ravanna Dee
20/F    Inside I'm made of words. Inside I'm life and death and light and darkness. I'm your worst dream and your greatest secret. I'm a beautiful ...
Mostly looking at old poems now and beginning to edit them. I find poetry fascinating in the fact that I will go through periods where ...
Kewayne Wadley
30/M/memphis tn    Live to Love, Inspire to Love
Megan Sherman
jeffrey conyers
united states    A proud African American male simply called an American. Who interested in church and the vision of God? And admire the illustrations, of Neal Adams ...
Joseph the Dreamer
clarkston ga    I am torn between dreaming and doing. I am caged by inner crisis. Left to my own devices, I have encapsulated myself in comfort,and comfortable ...
Mark Parker
Elkins, WV    I was born in the USA, and spent my childhood in Sibiu, Romania. During my teenage years, I lived in Osaka in Japan, Texas in ...
London, UK    I'm not a poet. I'm barely a human being.
Charlie's Web
I am no self identified poet. I am just trying to figure shit out. Words sometimes help me do that, sometimes they don't.
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