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 Dec 2018
Colten Sorrells
in the now,
my feet are planted
so I don’t take my time for granted

I breathe new life
as my expression
and passions have been resurrected

so energized
restored, I sit
my inner fire has been lit

and in my heart,
the fires rage
expelling darkness in my way

now vibrations
in my throat
are of a much more pleasing tone

an open doorway
to my mind
now calmly rests between my eyes

and straight from source
a light shines down
it’s energies into my crown

all systems go
transfer complete
now I can take on anything
“Meditate. Let the light of the heart engulf you.”

 Dec 2018
if one day you're so wrong,
don't forget to look into the sky,
the sky is yours...
 Dec 2018
Lost Girl
I am a warrior.
Stronger than her demons.
Braver than the darkness.
 Nov 2018
Don’t worry to much
in life it takes up too much
time ,  enjoy your days

There’s so much in life to appreciate and enjoy it’s really lovely tbh **
 Oct 2018
Mohd Arshad
Go through darkness.
The moon is there.
You won't get lost.

Sometimes darkness is everything...
 Oct 2018
Like an old friend inviting you to come inside.
Familiar. Comforting.
It will grasp you in its arms and hold you close;
And when you're ready to leave, it wont let you go.
You will beg and plead to be happy,
and it will put up a fight.
It will make you think that the only way to escape it is to take your own life.
If you are lucky, you can break free;
and it will sit and watch you from afar.
Calling your name.
Welcoming you back into it's arms.
It will intrude your thoughts.
Make you think you are worthless.
That you're better off dead.
Just keep telling yourself that it's all in your head.
Keep moving. You will get far.
Depression is not who you are.
DISCLAIMER: This is only from my personal point of view and how my battle with depression has been. Even though I am trying to recover, the battle gets very difficult for me sometimes and I have to remind myself that I am not my mental illness. My mental illness does not define me.
 Sep 2018
Shruti Dadhich
Lying on my bed,
Looking at the new dress which is red,
I thought of buying a new pair of shoes,
But then I thought of whose?
Of Action, of Adidas or of some other brand,
Then I looked at the pieces on demand,
Oh finally I had chosen a brand,
But I had an another dilemma,
Which color will look good,
I thought of pink, green & black,
& I found black the best,
But ****!!!
I realised my pocket was already blank,
Then I lied down on bed & decided to take some rest,
& gave up the dream of those new shoes...
It's what happen in our life... We think of many golden dreams, but we never have enough resources..
 Sep 2018
Mitch Prax
Just keep climbing
until you become the sky
Just keep climbing
until you become the heavens
Just keep climbing
until you become the future
We’ve climbed these mountains
with bare hands and heavy minds
screaming at our upward battles
so just keep climbing
until you become what you seek

— The End —