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putiira 2d
Those beautiful souls who uplift
and inspire, keep those souls
close to your heart for they are
the real gems that light up
your life with their magic, mojo,
and energy in this sometimes
dark cruel world we live in.
putiira 2d
If clouds were the poems,
I'd write you the whole sky.
putiira 5d
Peace can't be taught,
it can only be found.
putiira 5d
Like the sea and the sky,
we can't look away.
This love is ancient and unending.
putiira 5d
You only exist
when others breathe life into you,
and that is no existence at all.
putiira 5d
You can plant trees in a row
but they will always grow according to the light
putiira 5d
When you both always want
to explore each other more
and become connected deeper.
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