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putiira 1h
To wait or to let go?
Sometimes a heart doesn't know
putiira 1h
I crave a kiss that feels as
if you’re trying to bite my soul
putiira 1h
Trust me,
nothing is easy
but everything is possible
putiira 1h
Everyone else has faded
like dreams unremembered

You are all I feel now
putiira 1h
might just be
the promise
I have always made
to myself
I write the words that my heart cannot speak.

The words your eyes will never meet.

The words my mouth refuses to greet.

The words my thoughts serve to my mind as a treat.

The words that are hidden beneath.
putiira 3d
I love watching the night sky,
it's like every star is waiting calmly
to share its story with the glistening Milky Way
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