putiira 1d
i am a sheet of white paper
very light and sacred
and you are the pen
full of some untold stories
you know that paper and pen are meant to be together
so i gave you all my body and soul
for you...
putiira 2d
we believe in beautiful tomorrow,
sunny days, that wealth is enough for us...
putiira 3d
open window
let your voice surround the world
it will be heard of you all the way
the heart knows itself...
putiira 3d
if nobody told me that they are proud of me today,
i will. i am proud of myself.
keep going...
putiira 3d
isn't it a miracle to smile
on the face of a heartbroken person?...
putiira 3d
i was a question
for myself...
putiira 4d
i wish i could find a place.
a place that doesn't remember you...
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