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putiira Apr 2022
If I can’t get lost
in you,
I'll get lost in your music
putiira Apr 2022
You and I
will always be
an unfinished poem
putiira Apr 2022
I am fine to be alone
but sometimes
I find myself missing
what it is to miss someone
putiira Dec 2021
It’s so important
to be in touch with your own soul
for validation.
Especially when very few people can see you clearly
putiira Dec 2021
A place
where you never feel out of place
A heart
made of humans and seas
putiira Dec 2021
Shooting stars don’t make any guarantees. But you can hold those
wishes deep inside your heart
for safe keeping
putiira Dec 2021
The sun does not rise,
the world simply turns
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