Inhale I breathe.
Exhale I release the negativity.

I can’t keep this inside of me anymore.
It must go.
Flow like the wind blows the leaves off a tree.

Away from me this pain must go.
It will not be the end of me.

I am strong and resilient.
I will unveil my beauty for the world to see.
Release what is not bringing positivity into your life.
Here is how to make depression disappear:
You don't.
You get better at looking at gray skies.
You put a smile on your face.
It's easier than saying "I'm not okay."
"It's okay not to be okay."
As I open my eyes,
I feel the pain spread–
faster than a wildfire.

Sometimes I let it consume me,
but tonight I will fight it.
Lonely nights are the hardest.
Lost Girl Dec 4
You have the strength within,
and words of wisdom to share.
Lost Girl Dec 3
Your heart is heavy,
But you shine so bright.
Look for beauty inside.
You will survive.
Lost Girl Dec 3
I don't need your love...
I need consistency.

I don't need ***...
I need stability.

I don't need you...
I need me.
Lost Girl Dec 3
One life
One promise
One relapse
One mistake
One death
Two cold hands
Two empty eyes
Two lost souls
Too little, too late.
Recovery is possible.
One month clean.
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