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 Jul 2020
David P Carroll
A beautiful Angel
She's so beautiful and bright
She's from above
And I promise the lord
She's the only
Women I'll ever love..
My True Love ❤️
 Jun 2020
Red leaves
           fell silently
Under the maple tree
           by the lake
Where we met  
Last autumn
           Late September;
When the maple leaves
             turned crimson
       you made me
blush just like
those scarlet leaves
       That day ...
                                    Autumn came early,
                                  Why don't you,too...?

            Winter's on the way
           Are you, too?

Where are you...?
After you left, the virid sugar maple leaves turned flavescent 🍁 ,then segued into red

 May 2020
Enticing smiles
Wretched hearts
They're all clawing at me.
My skin a mere fragment healing,
looks through the stifling pain.
I have an entire life to spend, alone.
Collecting memoirs, Indigo shaded lilies
And heart-shaped bruises
Coloured like my veins.
Enticing smiles.
They give you a lot to believe in.
To rewrite the philosophies you own.
To revolutionise your mind.
Glimpses of heaven.
And the sea bed.
But they're enticing smiles
and so they are gone before
you realise.
 May 2020
Saumya Aloysius
My love for you is
like the violent sea
So powerful & deep
it will forever be

Through gale, wind &
heavy rain
It will hold our
every pain

Our hearts are
so pure & sweet
I love you more
with every heartbeat

- Saumya Aloysius
 May 2020
Who knew it would be the silence that would get to me?
Seeping all into my skin
and slithering its way through my veins.
Pulling built up pain along the way
and bringing
A cold blanket that stole my warmth,
Darkness was what I was used to.
Then, he brought the light.
heartbreaks bring pain and my pain manifests into poetry.
 Feb 2020
I used to think nothing was stronger than love.
As long as we had love, nothing could come between us.
As long as I knew love I would never be heartless.
And as long as you knew I loved you, we would be fine.
Who knew I’d be wrong?
Maybe I love too hard.
That has to be it.
There has to be a reason why I feel so drained instead of feeling loved.
There has to be a reason why the feeling of judgement surrounds me like a suffocating blanket!
Oh! how to be able to breathe would feel..
Maybe I would be able to if I loved less.

Slowly but surely, love is becoming an unknown and foreign object to me.
Something that certainly can’t be attained.
How could I know love after all the pain I’ve sludged through?
It seems as out of reach as receiving any sort of maternal affection.
How could something so positive as Love impact me so negatively?
Maybe love isn’t as cracked out as it were made to seem
and maybe things will become better if I become Love-less.
Love is a strange thing, isn’t it?
 Oct 2019
Good night my love
Alone I lay
The heart grows heaver
With the end of day
A wandering mind
In a maze of rhymes
Gathering poetry
From vanished times
Lovers eyes
Slit the night
A poetic mind
Possesses sight
To see the wrong
In an artistic light
Where the beauty
Of pain sadly ignites
And there a spark
In the dread of dreams
A mirror reflection
Of what could have been
While alone I lay
In my dark room
Rocking and a rolling
And a howling
At the moon
Traveler Tim
 Oct 2019

If beauty is to be a person, it is you.

Looking at you I feel so young,
Over to my lost years I'm taken,
Visit I do my teenage fantasies,
End the ones never would.

Yes, I float in love with you,
Of ethereal foam is my heart,
Up in the cloud nine, you're mine.
My HP Poem #1775
©Atul Kaushal
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