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chasing vapors Feb 2017
healing takes time.
it could take several weeks,
or months or even years.
we are uncertain.
but the only certainty is that,
we will heal.
we will grow again.
we will be whole again.
we just have to be patient, love.
yes, there would still be nights
that you'd cry over what had happened,
there would still be times
that they'd pop up in your mind,
but, love, you will get through it.
the road is rough
and everything seems tough,
because heartbreak is not a joke.
yes, it is never a joke.
but let me tell you that
He, who created you---
fearfully and wonderfully---
has a purpose.
and sometimes,
His grace comes not in what He gives,
but what He takes away.
everything will get better.
keep fighting, love.
keep fighting.
chasing vapors Jul 2016
there would be a specific time in my life
that your name would still ring a bell
but i would no longer be bothered
because i don't care anymore
i know your name will always ring a bell but i wont listen to it no more
chasing vapors Jul 2016
i know
i was wrong
when i thought
that your lips
and heaven
are two
different things
chasing vapors Jul 2016
the more i get
to know you
the more i realize
i don't deserve you
i'm really sorry :(
chasing vapors Jun 2016
one night he asked me,
what is acceptance?

and i answered him,
with confidence
and triumph on my face,
**acceptance is one day
you woke up
and it doesn't hurt
any longer
chasing vapors Jun 2016
my heart skipped a beat again
i don't know if it was because
of my breathing disorder
or maybe because
it's you i remember
chasing vapors Jun 2016
it makes me remember
what i don't want
to remember
ten word poem #2
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