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SeaChel Feb 2019
I've always had an affinity
for sugary treats
and he's the sweetest
I've ever met.
my tastes have changed.
As I licked his saccharine lips,
I realized
I've outgrown my sweet tooth.
Lieke Jan 2019
I want to punch you 'till you bleed
twist you bones 'till they snap
vacuum the remainders of your heart
then squeeze your veins 'till you no longer

But when the starting gun is fired
I am stopped by gravity
pulling me back
humanising this creature dressed as you
solidifying the sea of hatred a mile tall

The more I fight
the more I cry
each drop that splashes on the ground
is a piece of my heart
                       for all the creatures in this world.
7 July, 2018
Liz Carlson Mar 2018
"it's okay"
"i understand"

why am i so frickin nice?
constantly repeating these words
while my heart shatters silently.
i'm too nice y'all.
K F Dec 2017
I am overly kind to people who don’t need it.
I’ve been walked on while I roll myself out like a carpet—
so other’s feet don’t get wet.
With a complete disregard for the fact,
that I’ll soak myself to the bone in the process.
Nobody needs that amount of self-sacrificial kindness— it gets weird.

— The End —