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Jun 2019 · 139
Into Depression
SeaChel Jun 2019
I feel myself slipping.
The ground slowly crumbles
from beneath me
to swallow me whole;
into that dark abyss once more.
I know it’s coming for me.
I can’t escape it.
My legs are full of lead,
too heavy to lift;
weighing me down
and helping me fall faster
to rock bottom once more.
Mar 2019 · 227
Feral Heart
SeaChel Mar 2019
Head to heart
is as
trainer to animal.
I've always been able to tame
the wild creature in my chest
with logic and reason.
when it comes to you,
the ***** is a feral beast.
Just one glance
and my heart pumps so viciously,
that it escapes the bone cage
made up of my lungs
and runs free;
wild and untamable.
Feb 2019 · 321
Sweet Tooth
SeaChel Feb 2019
I've always had an affinity
for sugary treats
and he's the sweetest
I've ever met.
my tastes have changed.
As I licked his saccharine lips,
I realized
I've outgrown my sweet tooth.
Feb 2019 · 1.1k
The L-Word (Haiku)
SeaChel Feb 2019
Only four letters
and simply one syllable;
such a dreadful word.
Nov 2018 · 186
SeaChel Nov 2018
That day was a penultimate beginning of the end.
She had known it too
somewhere deep inside,
but it threatened to compromise her “happiness.”
So, she chose to disregard it completely,
although seemingly ridiculous notions
already started swirling through her mind.
Anxiety began to bubble up and
lllll  over.
Her locked away thoughts and feelings
ate away even more at her festering heart.
Then, it ended.
Slowly, so slowly,
she healed; returned to normal.
The scars are still there,
but she stands stronger than before.
Milestones hold some invisible power over me, but almost, almost I can breathe again
Oct 2018 · 313
SeaChel Oct 2018
A force stronger than gravity
pushing down.
reaching out,
unable to find purchase;
but does it ever end?
Oct 2018 · 344
SeaChel Oct 2018

Quite often, I ponder
“What’s worse?”
a love that once was
or a love that could have been
and the ”what if” that follows it?
Oct 2018 · 327
SeaChel Oct 2018
How beautifully melancholic is it
that the person
who makes our whole world
also holds the power
to tear it



Sep 2018 · 175
Covert Photographs
SeaChel Sep 2018
We used to say in the beginning
how it felt like such a dream.
Though, somehow
somewhere along our journey,
it turned into a nightmare.
The memories of us together,
I’ve now hidden.
Yet, I know where to find them
and sometimes I find myself
flipping through an album
of moments captured in time,
a reminder that at one point it was
most definitely a dream
and not just a night terror.
Sep 2018 · 190
The Haunting
SeaChel Sep 2018
Every waking day
I am still haunted
by your lack of presence.
Even in dreams,
you’ve stopped showing,
as my soul has recognized
that you are no longer beside me.
SeaChel Aug 2018
Another dawn breaks
Yet, my tired eyes stay shut;
Sleep remedies life.
Aug 2018 · 645
SeaChel Aug 2018
Upon waking every morning,
he'd study my cerulean eyes
so intensely, it was as though
he saw they held the secrets to life
and he was a desperate man in need.
Yet, one day,
he must have found something
dark and terrifying in their depths,
for he never immersed himself
in my watery orbs again.
Jul 2018 · 139
SeaChel Jul 2018
I’m riding this roller coaster
called life,
but the highs
are losing frequency,
and the lows
keep getting lower.
May 2018 · 306
SeaChel May 2018
I don't want a boy
who will dote on me like a princess.
I want a man
who will worship me like the goddess I am.
I want us to be equals in each other eyes
because I will treat him like he is my king.
May 2018 · 274
Word Witch
SeaChel May 2018
There's something about you
that still draws me in,
though maybe it's just remembering
how your lips tasted like sin.
There was the uncontrollable attraction
neither of us could deny,
but I've sobered up now
I'm no longer trapped in the high;

The false reality
that I created in my head
was just distraction,
like all those times in your bed.
Your tender touch
and sweet caress
were all just a ploy,
though you'd never confess.

Now I'm gone,
although you still try
to make me think you care,
but I won't fall for the lie.
I'm completely done with you now,
I'm over this strife,
so this is my spell
to cut you out of my life.
Words are more powerful than we think.
Apr 2018 · 175
SeaChel Apr 2018
I know I should not
let anyone's opinion of me
diminish my self worth.
Yet, the second after you told me
you no longer found me desirable,
all the confidence
I had been building up for the past decade
Faster and harder
than any star ever has ever collapsed before;
into this black hole,
which now consumes me.
SeaChel Apr 2018
Every living person in this world
has their own universe
hiding in their eyes.
How beautiful is it then, that
when two people gaze into each others eyes,
they are in that moment,
sharing their entire universe
with one another.
The eyes are definitely a window to the soul; a person's universe and existence.
Apr 2018 · 215
SeaChel Apr 2018
"You look so happy!"
The biggest lie I have ever told,
was agreeing with that statement.
Apr 2018 · 178
Soul Connection
SeaChel Apr 2018

I'm a closet hopeless romantic
hiding my heart away under the facade
of having a block of ice in its place;
an empath in an apath's clothing.  
I can pick out the fuckboys from a mile away,
hands tied behind my back and blindfolded.  
I don't want your meaningless physical touch.  
Why settle for something less
when I can just do the job better myself?  
What I crave is that connection.  
The kind you feel upon first locking eyes,
where your soul and their soul interacts,
and something just clicks.  
When two people share that soul connection,
it's not just *******,
it's a whole beautiful experience.
And though it's only been a few moments
since I had something like this,
to my soul,
it feels like a millennia
Apr 2018 · 336
SeaChel Apr 2018
I feel more
than I let on,
though I am also
much stronger
than most believe
me to be.
Mar 2018 · 339
Just a Crush
SeaChel Mar 2018
Your brown eyes
fill my gut with butterflies
fluttering their wings violently,
they render me silent-ly
I would gaze at you from afar,
but now we've progressed
we're getting drinks at the bar.
This pitter-patter in my chest
keeps increasing it's pace,
especially when your face
is so close to my own.
Perspiration builds on my skin,
yet I'm calmed by the scent of your cologne.
I just want my heart to win
this round of heart versus head
because the beginnings are so sweet,
yet it's the end that I dread.
I usually don't write rhyming poems, they're not my forte nor my favorite, but this is what just flowed out of me.
SeaChel Mar 2018
When life got harder
you were physically there still,
but your heart ran off.
Mar 2018 · 226
Head > Heart
SeaChel Mar 2018
I always find myself
in the same frustrating predicament.
There’s something my heart wants,
though my brain can’t figure out what it is.
It’s like a wild goose chase;
My mind thinks it’s on the right track
My heart seems to agree,
then my pursuit comes to an abrupt halt
and my heart runs away maniacally laughing.
This is why I listen to my head over my heart always.
SeaChel Mar 2018
It's funny
in a not-so-funny sort of way
that the three months post us,
and now onto March,
have flown by.

Whereas the final few months of us,
S e p t e m b e r
O  c  t  o  b  e  r
N   o   v   e   m   b   e   r
(then onto the final month of)
D         e          c          e          m          b          e         ­ r
seemed to crawl by,
slower and slower as the days went on.
We were inevitably doomed.
Mar 2018 · 609
SeaChel Mar 2018

My mouth
may be as ***** as a sailor's,
but I promise you
my lips
are as sweet as honey.
I admit I like cussing.  It doesn't make me any less of a lady; I know when to bite my tongue.
Mar 2018 · 138
SeaChel Mar 2018
Not a poem, just a (silly) question.  I remember a few years ago being able to select italics, bold, strikethrough, etc.  How do you italicize/bold words now?  I've seen it in recent works from others, but for the life of me can't figure it out.

Thank you,
Seachel <3
Mar 2018 · 227
Nunya Business (Haiku)
SeaChel Mar 2018
I don't like people
persistently meddling
in my own business.
(That first line is on point though)
Apparently I've been a subject of interest in various conversations lately.  It's both disturbing and puzzling to me...  I don't want that attention at all, like get it away from me and let me just do my thing.  And I can't even wrap my mind around why people would want to talk about me, I'm not remotely interesting.  Pick a better topic people, like the ******* weather or some ****.
SeaChel Mar 2018
"You're better off without him."
"You could do so much better."
"You deserve better than that."


I don't need,
I don't want
anyone's sympathy.
Take your pity party elsewhere
to someone who cares
for the attention.
Because I need space
to contemplate.

My exes have probably heard
the same spiel too,
"You're better off without her."
"You could do so much better."
"You deserve better than that."


what if they are
the ones who could do better
than me?
Mar 2018 · 943
Words Left Unspoken
SeaChel Mar 2018
The words left unspoken
are always harder to stomach
than those which were said.
I had a dream of you for the first time in awhile, although we were just talking.  I told you I knew more truth than you thought; what you were holding back.  You told me everything.  It had to have been a dream, even though if felt so real because for once you were so open and honest.... I guess I’ll never know since we’re both so good at keeping things to ourselves.
Feb 2018 · 387
SeaChel Feb 2018
My heart aches
to feel something.
My head longs
for my heart to feel
Though I feel absolutely
Feb 2018 · 368
SeaChel Feb 2018
Goosebumps dance
on a pale stage,
following after
where your fingertips traced.

Your hot breath pours
across the nape of my neck,
sending a tsunami of shivers
my spine
and through my limbs.

I open my eyes
needing to look into your own,
but am met with
the ****** ceiling.
I was dreaming
and yet I wasn't...

I dream that you're out there,
my dear,
living your own life
and maybe dreaming of me too.
The feeling of not being able to see a person in your dream is so frustrating.  I've had a reoccurring stranger in my dreams for the past couple years - blank faced, but I always know it's him - which makes me wonder if he's real and I meet him, will I know then too?
Feb 2018 · 290
Insomnia (Haiku)
SeaChel Feb 2018
My brain is moving

a million miles per hour,

though it pleads to stop.
Feb 2018 · 385
Pisces Season
SeaChel Feb 2018
I thought I caught

the most prized fish;

breathtaking, rare, and all mine.

It was all a deception,

for what I actually got

was a slimy, ephemeral eel.
I know many wonderful Pisces, so not dissing on all those under the sign in any way <3
Feb 2018 · 1.4k
Letting Them Win
SeaChel Feb 2018
Letting them win,
all those who hurt you,
made you question yourself,
and put you down
isn't in the form of a wall.
Put your defenses up,
but remember to let it down
from time to time
for those who matter.

When their actions
freeze your heart through,
you turn as cold as they,
when you can't be content,
and happiness is all but a lie,
then that is
letting them win.
Feb 2018 · 619
Natal Chart
SeaChel Feb 2018
Aquarius Sun
Capricorn Rising
Scorpio Moon
This combination is antagonizing.

Detached all around,
yet intense emotions still rise.
Head and heart always fighting;
there's no compromise.

I can give zero *****
and care more than I should too.
Though ***** me over once and
I'll bid you adieu.

Although it is taxing
I wouldn't change anything at all
This is who I am,
I just have to endure the inner brawl.
Definitely a mixture I would not wish on anyone, but I still love it because it makes me who I am.
Feb 2018 · 2.2k
Kiss to Forget
SeaChel Feb 2018
I want to smother your lips

with my own,

to kiss you so hard

your lungs beg for air,

and spots dance in your vision

like fireworks on the Fourth.

I want you to forget.

Forget your name

and where you came from

because in that moment

it will only be

Feb 2018 · 197
SeaChel Feb 2018
When I care,

I care too much;

smothering the flame

before it can even think

of becoming a fire.

Yet once out,

those feelings vanish

along with the smoke.
Feb 2018 · 207
SeaChel Feb 2018
I've had people ask before,
"What was that scar from?"
then a,
"Why did you do it?"


That question mulls itself
over and over
in my mind like a mantra,
until my brain becomes dizzy.

Why did I?  
Why am I?

To feel?  
To distract?
To numb?

I have no direct answer,
only a question for their question.

Then, I realize
this might be the only thing
I am completely unsure of
about myself.
Feb 2018 · 214
SeaChel Feb 2018
There's something

s t r a n g e

hiding deep within my soul.

It hums with an otherworldly vibration,

a foreign frequency,

and if you listen closely,

you can hear it whisper,

"Come home."
After a reading I was given, I was told that my soul is a very young one (contradicting previous belief).  The bruja, explained to me that I came from another realm; sent to learn about humans and their behavior.  Everything she explained and different things - personal things I never have told another soul - she explained about myself, resonated so deeply that it shook me.  I always felt there was something off, some part of the picture of  my life that I did't understand, but now it's clear.
Feb 2018 · 215
SeaChel Feb 2018
even the things I love most

cannot give me the will

to pick myself up

and that is okay.
Feb 2018 · 360
Venus in Aquarius
SeaChel Feb 2018
I have this
increasingly annoying
affliction with affection.

I'm sorry if my
insularity doesn't comprehend your sincerity,
I've just had the actions of others be
catalytic to the inner cynic
in me.

I try to push myself to feel
an inclination, but it ends in agitation

I've realized it's
unfortunately an idiosyncrasy
of mine, though I hope to someday come across a
carrefour in life where I'll find my paramour
who will understand.
Testing out rhyming/near rhymes/play on words.  Feedback is always appreciated, especially since I'm out of my regular style with this.  I actually took some time on this.. and by that I mean more than the usually 5-10 minutes I'll spend writing something.  (So, probably 13 minutes for this ;] )
SeaChel Feb 2018
I'd much rather hear
your lonely silence,
seemingly with no end,
rather than
your empty words,
which never held any sort of value
to you

nor to myself

Feb 2018 · 175
SeaChel Feb 2018
Twenty-three words needed
until I have penned one-thousand on this site.
Appreciation to all
who look through these words I write.
23 words.
Didn't even mean for this to rhyme and didn't realize it did until I read through it all the way...
Feb 2018 · 190
Failed Brainwashing
SeaChel Feb 2018
In this society,
you cannot be at peace with who you are.
You must always find something wrong
with your biological makeup
and every choice that has shaped your personality.

They say, "love yourself,"
yet shame and call those who do narcissists.
I chose to separate myself from this hypocrisy.

I am beautiful,
I am clever,
I am funny,
I am not perfect,
I am me.

I chose to accept all of it;
the ups and the downs,
my vices and virtues,
every single experience I have in life
that will help me grow
into who I am becoming.

**** society,
**** the media,
and *******.
I apologize that this has no structure and is just utter word *****... You really can't even call this poetry.  
I've been going back through my writings from a few years ago and feel they have more of a flow and style.  I'm obviously very different from who I was then, however, so I'm re-defining my style.  
Sometimes you have to destroy it all and find the new out of the chaos (word *****)
Feb 2018 · 464
Birthday (Haiku)
SeaChel Feb 2018
Another year gone,
yet I do not feel any
older than before.
SeaChel Feb 2018
My heart is not ice.
It is a lie to fool those
who are too greedy.
I’ve always made jokes about not having a heart even though the irony is that my heart is too big for its own good....
Feb 2018 · 726
SeaChel Feb 2018
I have never understood the concept of
twin flames,
being one half of a whole.

I have never needed somebody in my life
to make me feel whole
because I am absolutely complete
on my own.
Self love is important.  When I hear about those who can’t enjoy their own company, I pity them because I love myself (not be or sound egotistical) in the way that I genuinely enjoy my own company.  If this doesn’t resonate with you, try taking yourself out to lunch, going hiking, seeing a movie by yourself.  It’s scary at first, but freeing to be able to be friends with your conscious.
Feb 2018 · 1.9k
Wasted Wishes
SeaChel Feb 2018
Every single wish I spent on

shooting stars

or pennies thrown into wishing wells

was wasted on you.
Jan 2018 · 212
SeaChel Jan 2018
What is it about a stranger
that makes it easier to



your heart out?
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