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Bonswan May 2016
I don't have money to spend
- but then again, I do.

*The credit people are wicked
and I am a fool.
Bonswan May 2016
she was so

so *idiosyncratic

she couldn't help but realize
how idiosyncratic
everyone around her was

a bored misanthrope who couldn't stop thinking

the girl made from manic pixie dream dust
Bonswan Mar 2016
Who is this man? With hurt in his hands
Fallen on one knee; a vassal of Your command

“I’ve searched O’ Heart of Hearts! Yet still I found no Lord”
On a silent night
I shout in nullity
Perched fore Heav’nly Body
That makes me feel adored

In quiet genuflection
Near a Sea of Stars
I hear the waves thrashing

I listen to the Universe roar

Granted what light th’ occupied Galaxies could afford
Hark! I do declare, Serene Silence said,

“A faithful servant of Tranquility lives by his own accord”

With a new boldness and candor repose
I watched mediocrity shrink
and my love for life grow

I have heard a new Lord
The One left neglected
The One we ignored
We are One Body interconnected
Diffr’nt notes of the same chord

*The people long for heaven
but life is our reward
Bonswan Mar 2016
She was radiant- she still is.

She drew me in and captured me through surmise amiss.

Her intention not to seize me but through her remiss; I found a graceful figure.

*My madness said I loved her as I descended to abyss.
Bonswan Mar 2016
A hollow shout in a spirited charge that leads the small could defeat the large
This is a line of poetry from my recent meditation
"Procrastination- A Clearance of the Obstacle & How to Move Mountains."

Check it out maybe?
Bonswan Feb 2016
A man kills a man. A ****** blasphemes the resplendent soul of the angelic; ravaging the virtuous house by way of his wicked rapine. Yet the effulgent heart has relinquished the curse of enmity - the noble finds no solace amid the rancor of Hate. Hatred is naught but a vile curse, a bane which plagues the wielder with strife.

Truly I maintain, a condign response commands grace and repose. Do not tolerate the sedative pleasure Hatred bears, for alike an ****** the analgesic peculiarities will soon turn to misery -  unloosing the very wickedness the righteous heart held in such abhorrent contempt.

Only Love can oppose the venom of Hatred and lead the wicked to righteousness. Love will invariably triumph.
A little different from usual, I hope someone gets something out of it. Composed during meditation.
Bonswan Jan 2016
two gather
to gather
the light of a fulled soul
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