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Bonswan Jan 2016
love is peculiar
and lust sure is strange
but the oddest thing of all
is how quickly people change
Bonswan Jan 2016
i wanted to dance
but my waltz is rotten
a pompous sway
and debonair grin

an ungainly twirl
which trips the rider
but my dance is with passion
ice and fire
Bonswan Jan 2016
he still gives you butterflies
i just give you *******
he broke through to you
and got inside

he is all of my sighs
the ones
you didn't seem to realize
while I lay in bed beside you

**i promise that he doesn't see you
the way that i do
Bonswan Jan 2016
ridges from pulled skin
red marks from friction

pulled hair
body pins
gasping for air
the sound of it
mouths meet mouths
hands head south
the motion of
body on body
fabric sliding off skin

*the sweet taste of sin
love, *** and other addictions
Bonswan Jan 2016
she never hurt me
i dont think she could
i loved her then left her
she knew that i would
Bonswan Jan 2016
If you wait at the edge of the ocean
You give every bottle at sea a purpose
every message that was written
you are what they put hope in

*if you're feeling like nothing and want to be more
go to the water and wait by the shore
Bonswan Jan 2016
the earth got all dressed up over your horizon
and waited for your love*

the earth gave birth
to a blue baby bird
but you never heard it chirp
even though your stump is only 10 trees away

the earth gave birth to a little oak tree
that will one day block the sky
and hide all that you see

but you do not care or dare keep track of your forest

for what is it worth to you?
you have so much else to do
you miss the fox, the tree, the birds, and the bees
you walk with your head down
and watch the broken concrete
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