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I'm dreaming of a girl so far
she'll never touch my hand,
but still she manages to reside
and assure my heart is bent.

Cosmic fate, what is your grand plan,
what is the meaning of this test?
Leaving my heart dazzled and my mind dazed,
the result will still break my chest.

Let me give you this flower, my vicious vision
to smoothen your unsteady sight
given that I've fallen long ago
at least listen to my bittersweet plight.
Just felt my heart beating like crazy
as I got kissed by ecstasy
living right here right now
in the center of life.

every step an adventure
every path a story
every person a rainbow
every experience a chance

I**f you are invited to dance
then dance all night all day
never stop turning, never stop jumping
as life´s music never stops.
A homage to a track of one of my most beloved musicians named Roger Cicero, where he sings about life and the possibilities you have if you just take life as it is, never looking back, never regretting yourself, just going on ...
Former goals long before gone,
broken dreams,
hidden in secret behind friends views,
a life in vain.

Doubtless efforts fruitless taken,
countless beatings endured,
still seeking path to milk and honey,
wondering if it hasn´t already resigned.

Value meaningless,
reduced to sheer nothingness,
clouded vision,
not able to recognize it´s worth.

Neither happiness nor sadness,
behind it´s emotionless face,
killing time with dusty distractions
and waiting for something to happen,
that relightens a fire
well known in former days.
Sometimes your best efforts haven´t the best outcome. And a heart in pain needs words in pain to feel understood. So take as long time as you need ... until you be the one relightening your fire by yourself.
I am no doctor, no laywer, no architect
no teacher, no painter, no designer
no psychologist, no musician, no writer
I'm just a simple guy
trying to be famous
in an infamous world
where everytime everything is open for everyone
except me.

And I fear
I will be left back
while all others drive along their ways
they've found in their lives
and I wonder
if I couldn't be one of them
driving along a simple route
enjoying to view outside
glad that I am.
Step down a bit, my friend

Leafs fall down the trees
colourful, shiny
withstanding drops
from rainy days.

and join me in a moment

I take a nip of my cup
wonderful shiny cup
brown and creamy companion, attached to a sugar island
joining me in my relaxing quest.

of pureness, passion and 

A timeless moment
a striking time
hot and tasty heaven
shining through the cold

Over the years,
I've built up my walls.
My mind is a rose garden maze,
and all this haze
will soon disappear.
My mind will finally be clear.
Let me just tell you that my mind
is a beautiful place.
My thoughts deep within,
will change the way you see this world.
You'll finally realize
this world isn't so bad after all.
you must open up
to see things more clearly.
Life isn't fair.
Sometimes it's taking more than it's giving.
Yell for justice, if you want or
dream of somebody saving you,
of someone giving you happiness
like buying it in a shop as a gift.
Get depressed, stay at home,
get isolated, get even more depressed,
get frustrated, get lost,
counting the chances passing by.

Life isn't complicated.
It's a complex simplicity, not a simple complexity.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose,
a simple truth of life,
you never learn in school from your teachers
or at home from your parents
or by listening to your friends
or watching anybody else.
It's something life tells

Life isn't serious.*
It tells you a joke almost every day;
a joke so surprisingely good, you will cry for months
a joke so intensely captivating, you won't be able to laugh
a joke so terrifyingly amusing, you cannot listen to it again
or it will burst your chest in hilariousness.
Laugh about it, loud and crazy,
don't retreat a chance to look,
as life's osbcure and obtrusive faible for grim sarcasm,
is always worth a level-up or two.*

Life is just living.
It's about hanging on, about clinging to it;
There is nothing special to it, no mysteries to be solved,
no desire and no craving, except you go for it.
It's a game you can't refuse without playing it anyway,
so trying to win is as good as loosing by doing nothing.
And when you are not satisfied with the outcome
or you always end up loosing despite your biggest efforts,
you can always change how, why and with who you play
and start anew.
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