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Almiel Jan 2017
Moonlight shines upon the lake
Darkest black and cold it's waters
Silver ripples running, flowing
Slowly, gleaming through the night
Here the fog is breathing poison
Unnoticed it transforms whoever
Dared to come a few steps closer
Enticed by bewitching sight

Morning will make magic vanish
In the deep it hides and waits for
One that here belongs from now on
That runs far but can't escape
Nothing else will bring him solace
Warmth of sun will burn his skin
All he hears is genlte whisper
Of the silver painted waves

Resonating haunting rhythms
Overflow heart with strange longing
That one day will surely bring him
Will return him, to stay there
By serenity enveloped
All fades into swirling darkness
As the waters close above him
Leaving shattered moonlight trail
Almiel Jun 2016
Is a tree
Is a bird
Is a flow, circulation of air
To be free
To be more
A bit more beyond what we can bear

Is divine
Is a gift
Is a punishment for an unknown sin
We drift blind
Through the rifts
Through the not enough breaths we took in
Almiel May 2016
Today it's all that matters
Alive, in one piece
On your feet
And what will be, let it unfold
And what won't be, the words untold
Let them to fade
We will create
Another ending
A different variation
As long as we're
Almiel Feb 2016
What hides on the verge of the madness
And why does it luring me in
Faster and faster
Head spinning and spinning
I stand at the edge of the darkness
And staring at it with a grin

How close, for how long can I linger
Caressing it gently with finger tips
Forbidden, forbidden
The conscience is screaming
The darkness grows bigger
And inside me creeps
Almiel Jan 2016
Before the closure
And after doubts, after collecting shattered thoughts
Before exposure
And knowing if that's what you sought

Last chance to dwell deep in illusions
To dream of perfect world ahead
Not to decide, nor reach conclusions
And get the ego fully fed

Keep, save the tension
For few more moments, bittersweet
Longing affection
Unknown desires raising up the heat

Sky is the limit
Tomorrow offers hope, tomorrow may destroy
So for one day, one hour, minute
Intoxicate, seek, hide, fear and enjoy

— The End —