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Adam Jul 2016
The steam lifted from the mug, polluting the air with that fresh coffee smell.

As I glance out the slightly ***** window, it was just starting to sprinkle.
The leaves on the trees were dancing the rain.

A cool breeze found its way in when someone walked through the door.
It climbed up my spine, I've had this feeling before.

In the background I can hear people talking and coffee brewing.
Gentle background music gently kissing my ear.

I look back outside and there I am, standing in the rain.

What was I saying? I can't read lips.

That same chill climbed up my spine, but the door was closed.
I look back outside and I was gone.

What did I say?

I take a quick sip of my coffee, burning the roof of my mouth.
That's when it happened, the bright lights stunning my eyes. A red car crashed through the front window.

Killing me instantly.

**"Get out... get out now"
Adam Jul 2016
There he sat, on the porch of his dreams.
Starring out into the abyss as the wind kissed his cheeks.

His face blank, like a naked piece of paper.
Mind most likely debating whether or not to chase her.

It's happened before and it will happen again,
the shadows of loneliness were slowly creeping in.

His thoughts have driven their course, now he waits for the results.
A wait that seems never ending - maybe he should just bounce.
Adam Jul 2016
the ocean between you and me
gleaming apollo
jellyfish are murderers
a lesser coming home
when will you come home?
a snow flake in her hand
i will break you
dance pianist
leaving the last behind
leaving my waiting room
silent picture
days all seem the same
found in my old iphone notes 3/17/2014
Adam Jun 2016
There was a bird flying above my head the other day.
I apologize for my stories delay.

The sun was out, the skies were blue - only quick glances today would do.
There is just something about birds, the way they cut through the sky.

Ugh. I wish I could fly.

My Grandmother absolutely loved birds - Cardinals specifically.
I have a few on my arm, so she and my Papa will never leave me.

They have been gone for quite a few years, how time flies.
Writing this is even bringing tears to my eyes.

I think that's why I like birds so much - I imagine they are my Grandparents.
Soaring the sky, exploring the world, checking in on me every now and then.

The year he left us, the Cardinals won the World Series.
The year she left us, the Cardinals lost the World Series.

Good one, Papa - I'm sure Grandma didn't appreciate your joke.

Each time you fly over me it brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye, knowing you'll fly over me until the day I die.
Adam Jun 2016
I* wear glasses to make me feel smarter.
I drive a nice car to make me feel like *I
have money.
I quit coffee to tell people that I quit coffee.
I drink tea to make me feel better about quitting coffee.
I post pictures on Instagram, because I like sharing cool pictures.
I am stubborn and I have strong opinions.
I keep those opinions to myself.
I like talking - but, I would rather listen to others.
I love making people laugh.
I don't take anything too seriously.
I believe everything happens for a reason, even if that reason isn't evident.
I am caring, compassionate and honest.
I like where my life is at - but, there is still a piece of the puzzle missing.
I like adventures.
I like myself.
I am who I am.
It's nice to to appreciate yourself, the things you have and the things you care about. What are some of your "I's"?
Adam Mar 2016
I secretly hate you, like the mole on my back.  
I want to tell you off, but I have to watch my back.

My eyes are glued to the screen - like a mouse to a trap.
I just want that cheese, but my metaphor is weak.

Weak at the knees, it's making me queasy.
Life ain't easy, life ain't easy.
short synopsis of life
Adam Jan 2016
We saw our friend walking towards the school bus,
what he didn’t know was that there was two of us.

He put up a fight, but it was quite easy.
We stole his book bag and his new copy of Yeezy.

We took off down the street, the air quite hazy.
Mist falling from the sky making our eyes glaze-y.

Streetlights blur with the shift of our heads,
looking behind all we see are blues and reds.

This is it, this is the end.

Little did we know, our friend was dead.
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