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Loose thoughts Mar 2015
Breaths in, Breaths out,
Repeats, but fails and drowns,
Closes eyes, lays down,
A secret root, caged thoughts have found.

~A.d | 18 March 2015
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
My heart cannot stay at rest,
Knowing a loved one isn't at their best,
Their pain I'd gladly digest,
Without heatitation, I confessed.

~A.d | 28 Nov 2014
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
Feeling myself suffocate,
Just imagining my fate,
Hoping it's not too late,
Hope I don't deflate.

~A.d | 9 Dec 2014
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
We desire what we lack,
We detest what we don't,
Our thoughts plain blank,
Reality with fantasy, just don't.

~A.d | 11 Dec 2014
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
Even though our journeys
take separate paths,
Your heart will always
dwell within our hearts.

~A.d | 22 Jan 2015
To my older brother who's studying abroad.
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
You know,
You just don't know why.
I really do,
I do try.

~A.d | 9 Dec 2014
Loose thoughts Nov 2016
Those who** don't hesitate to help,
Often are those who don't know how to ask for help,
Often are those who need help, the most.
Loose thoughts Apr 2017
Once you adapt to change,
Comfort zone won't feel as comfortably wanted.
Loose thoughts Dec 2016
Knowing what is it that's engulfing your inside
Is one step taken into healing already,,
Loose thoughts Dec 2016
"Are you always this hyper "

They say,

" Why do you always look happy "

They say,,

" You're always smiling "

Loose thoughts Dec 2016
‪When you  strive for something you want so badly to a point where it'll push you to not wanting it anymore at all,, just to ease the ache of an unfulfilled want
Loose thoughts Dec 2016
Though I do not Fear & do not Regret,
Unrecognized efforts n emotion will leave me aching the most,,
Loose thoughts Jul 2017
When you hella miss someone, yet they busy n life-occupied. Tryina be chill n tolerate the wait. But too impatience to not call, In mind I debate.
Loose thoughts Jul 2017
Your absence is triggering
Calling you, I'm debating
Thoughts of you, invading
Heart rate, accelerating  
Your energetic rhythm, exerting
My rejoiced grin, extending
Surrounded distractions, executing
With flash backs of texts, circulating
The hours spent with you, like seconds, descending.
( been a while since I wrote, written possessing passion within the moment. )

This one's for you, gamer.
Loose thoughts Feb 2015
So very caring and kind
Like her, you'll never find
Possessing a beautiful mind
Her pure heart makes you go blind,

A wilted heart, she can easily mend
A helping hand, she will always lend
She'll stay by your side till the very end
Her loyalty knows no certain extend
You're blessed to have her as your friend,

Her warm heart has no limit
Her sweet words are infinite
She's extraordinary and she knows it
She can make you smile within a minute,

Your mood will lighten up
Simply with her presence
She would never give up
Would support you even in your absence,

She's a one in a million
What else could you ask for?
Knowing such a wonderful person
I'm so very thankful for,

Disrespect her
And you'll rue,
Dare to hurt her
Guna make you regret that too,
Better keep insults away
If you wanna wake up the next day,

Someone I could never replace
Her words leaving a permanent trace
Sure, we're walking on a different pace
However no friend could take her place,

For her smiles, I'd sacrifice
To make sure they stay,
She gives comforting advice
She's simply the best
What else can I say?

~A.d | 6 Sep 2014
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
Art can be found in design,
Or even in anything plain,
Displaying a specific sign,
Or something completely insane.

~A.d | 26 Jan 2015
Loose thoughts Feb 2015
A stabled heart, pain free,
Not that easy to maintain,
Lost ambitions and self esteem,
Not that easy to regain,

Bottled up, intense emotions,
Hold long will I refrain?
Criticism in different shapes 'n' colors,
How long will I contain?

Tell me, how can I not go insane?
When hurt is all that remains,
Tell me, how can I not be vain?
Can't take in any more pain,

Lost happiness, lost joy,
Nothing more left to destroy,
Lost count of the times I lost myself,
What else is there to drain?

~A.d | 3 Aug 2014
Loose thoughts Feb 2015
Shattered hope, how will I cope,
Is there any light at the end of this *****?

Dealing with my problems,
More like balancing on soup,
While ******* with a thick rope,
Can't help but wobble,
In every corner there's trouble,
One ends and then it's double,
How is that even possible?

Can't escape, permanently ****,
In a world where there's zero luck,
Where, at everything, I ****,
My thoughts, ideas, always receiving a mock,
Never failed to be a laughing stock,
Sometimes I wonder if I'm just leftovers,
Forgotten even in a garbage truck,
Lost count of the times I got struck,
By words that are better left unsaid,
That ache more than a throw of a rock,
Maybe I should cage my inner self with a lock,
Enclose my self from everything and not even look,
At my present or future, both hold nothing good in stock,
Wishing time was a motionless clock,
Wanna fade away in a flock,
In a void where there's no hate, no pain, nothing hurtful to block.

~A.d | 3 Aug 2014
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
Well, i'll tell  you what I see,
Within this squared frame,
I see an artist
With limitless creations,
And an unceasing imagination,
A poet full of potential,
With bursting passion,
Person sweeter than sugar,
With a warm heart
Kinder than ever,
I see so much talent,
And so much still hidden,
That'll one day fully awaken,

Can you see it now?
Though this mirrors frame,
Your True Reflect.

~A.d | 18 Nov 2014
This was to one of my close friends, she has so much talent yet she doesn't recognize them as well as others see it in her. I hope she one day views them the same way I do.
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
Break the boredom,
Escape to fantasy,
Jump to risks,
And changes you will see.

~A.d | 24 March 2015
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
It comes and it goes,
Constantly flows,
Adds up and slowly grows,
Drifts away, then suddenly blows,
It comes yet never permanently goes.

~A.d | 10 Feb 2015
#permanent #sufferings
Loose thoughts Feb 2015
Good morning
And good night
May all your days be filled with delight.

In the evening
Or afternoon
May joy follow you very soon.

Weather pitch dark
Or day time
May stealing breaths away be your only crime.

For your inner beauty lies way beyond simple words of rhyme.

~A.d | 29 Oct 2014
Loose thoughts Feb 2015
Not keeping in touch?
Bin quiet a while,
Not hearing from you much,
Between us, not even a mile,

Making excuses and such,
Too busy, don't have time?
Sparing a minute or two,
Is that such a crime?

A simple text,
Not a big task,
Or a one minute call,
Is that too much to ask?

Slowly drifting away,
Disguised in a strangers mask?
That was unlike yesterday,
How did things fade that fast?

When did avoiding become normal,
Why the sudden distance,
Silent words, is that intentional?
Losing my persistence,

Trying to prevent eye contact?
Why the lack of presence.
Clearing suspicions into facts?
Then Ignoring my whole existence?

Rapidly falling into oblivion,
When did that become a norm?
A new way of communication?
Don't think that's a form,

Is there a way to break this charm?
Or will that just cause more harm?

When will you notice this difference, and decide to keep in touch again?
Even if you're aware of your absence,
Will it change you back? If not, what then..

~A.d | 2 Sep 2014
Loose thoughts Dec 2015
Don't, from others, expect,
When you, yourself disappoint.

~ a.d | 3 April 2015
Loose thoughts Dec 2015
No, don't pretend,
When you're really not,
Cause in the end,
what's really the point?

-  a.d | 3 April 2015
Loose thoughts Feb 2015
Just so you know,
And I totally bet,
That if people really knew you,
As well as their alphabet,

You'd be showered with endless praises 'n' admiration,
From cites to countries, thought out the nation,
And no that's not just my imagination,

So don't you EVER forgot,
What an amazing person you are,
Just be yourself, don't ever regret,
Whether people are near or far.


4 July 2014
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
What if..

What if flaws exited to create interconnections with people?
Everyone has some missing parts and some unwanted oversized parts within them, just like puzzle peices..
No peices would link together if it weren't for those unstabled parts..

Now tell me, **what if
flaws never existed in people?
~A.d | 6 July 2014
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
There's always time & room for food,
At hard times it understood,
Stayed close, never failed to taste good.

~A.d | 25 Jan 2015
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
I trusted, I believed,
Yet, I was mistaken,
I gave chances, I've forgiven,
Yet for granted, I was taken.

~A.d | 18 March 2015
Loose thoughts Jun 2015
Talk like no one's listening,
Enjoy life like you own everything.

~A.d |26 March 2015
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
Yellow roses symbolize friendship,
Red roses, love of course,
A mix of both create a bond,
That wouldn't wilt, even by force.

~A.d | 3 Sept 2014
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
Sometimes all you can do is cry the feeling away,
and close you eyes, believe and pray,
just know that you're not alone,
one way or another,
others similarly suffer,
we're all in this together,
just not physically next to each other,
somewhere deep inside, we know we're stronger,
a few tears may slide, but just hang in there a little bit longer,
I tell myself things will be better,
that in a year or two my worries won't matter,
all the overthinking I produce,
tryin'a get rid of but no use,
all the things I'm doin',
just adds to the ruin,
oh I keep on tellin' myself things be better,
sooner or later, I keep on sayin' things be better,
that I can keep myself together,
but there's just so many things I can't unshatter,
will I ever reach an end to all of this,
can't find the faintest smell of bliss,
somehow the bad I never miss,
this hole I'm digging is baseless,
don't know if that's good but all my eyes feel is darkness,
waiting for the day I free from this mess,
then you came along, my days became more brighter,
the pain was still there but felt much lighter,
made me trust that things do get better,
not everything goes well,
trying to stand up every time I fell,
so I keep on telling myself things'll be fine,
don't need for everything to be mine,
things'll turn out okay,
as I close my eyes I say,
things won't always go bad,
while I lay on my bed,
things'll be alright,
with a blanket I wrap myself tight,
everything'll soon be better,
holding back a whimper,
I echo in my head this goodnight whisper.

~A.d | 8 Nov 2014
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
The more mistake,
The more the guilt,
Bit by bit, slowly built,
Can hardly intake.

~A.d |8 Dec 2014
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
That gut feeling, too strong to deny,
Proves itself right, no lie,
Can't go against it, even if you try,
So just accept, why deny.

~A.d | 25 Jan 2015
Loose thoughts Feb 2015
I'm here,
and you're there,
Is somthing Icannot bear,
I'd risk it all,
even if I fall,
I don't really care,
as long as I,
get to be with you,
I'd do my best and try,
to surpass any dare,
wrestle a grisly bear,
grow on a fish some hair,
even cross a zillion lakes,
if that's what it takes,

You're there,
and I'm here,
can't endure it any longer,
holding back another tear,
I tell myself not to fear,
for this is only temporary,
this solid distance,
that I wish would disappear,
will soon become a memory,
replacing it your presence,

You may be there,
but you're also..
- places hand on heart -
still right hear..**


11 July 2014
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
I can see, I can feel,
I can sense its all real,
Oh how I wish, I really wish,
It wasn't just a night dream,
Thoughts and fantasies on the loose,
In that endless raveling stream.

~A.d | 9 Dec 2014
Loose thoughts Jun 2015
I do know,
I just don't show,
I do feel,
I know what is and isn't real.

~A.d | 26 March 2015
Loose thoughts Jul 2017
Distinct, determined & dedicated.
Distraught, damaged, deteriorated.
(Differing Description yet direct.)
Loose thoughts Jul 2017
Dreamer, Direct, Disciplined.
Doubtful, Difficult, despicable.
Loose thoughts Jul 2017
Content, calmed, confronting.
Corrupt, cracked, confusing.
Loose thoughts Jan 2016
My mood swings are insane,
It pierces my brain,
It's shatters my whole system,
To insanity, I've become a victim.

-  a.d | 12 April 2015
Loose thoughts Jan 2016
One second, I'm speechless,
The other, drowning in thought,
Right timing never seem in sequence,
Abandoned the unspoken & instead wrote.

-  a.d | 13 April 2015
Loose thoughts Feb 2015
I'll give you some advice
If you're ever in doubt
Any time there's a crisis
Just give me a shout
In need of company?
Call me, we'll go chill out
Can't sleep? Come over
Well go crazy till we blackout
Sing and dance till day light
And make you forget all about
Any unwanted worries
Or undesired memories
I'll read you bed time stories
Or sing you lullabies
Anything that'll please
Anytime when all you need
For your heart to be at ease
Anytime in the near future
Or in a few years
Or even today, right now
Anytime, just let me know..

1 Aug 2014
Loose thoughts Feb 2015
I wish to be present,
Whenever you feel unpleasant,
And eliminate for good,
Whatever ruins your mood,

I wish to make you truly happy,
And erase anything that opposes,
And keep that gorgeous smile on you,
And send you flowers and roses,

I wish to keep in touch,
With you always,
Wherever you may be,
In any place or phase,

Dont want, from the roots of my heart,
To face a day where we part,
Don't wanna ever loose you,
Someone I can't ever replace,
Don't want in my heart,
A craving empty space,

I wanna feel your embrace,
Where lies comfort and peace,
Where my shattered heart is in place,
Where despair leaves no trace,
Where no matter what my state is,
I sink into a warm, calming trace.

~A.d | 10 Aug 2014
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
If only you knew,
How much I miss you,
Day would go dark,
Night would glow light,
The universe would reverse,
If I unleashed a word,
So I keep it all in,
Feelings all stirred,
Focus all blurred,
Seeking a stabled state,
Self beginning to deflate,
But I keep it all in,
Girl, where have you been,
Thoughts won't keep quiet,
Might burst in a bit,
The heart can't take it,
Trying to keep it all in,
A breath of release,
Im deeply longing.

~A.d | 11 Feb 2015
Loose thoughts Feb 2015
Whine, sob and cry it all out,
Complain, don't refrain,
Or sustain from the pain,
I know its hard to explain,
The suffering, the aching
All so tiring 'n' breathtaking,

Just pour it all out,
Don't let it consume you,
You're inside self and out,
Don't let it confuse you,
Your mind nor your heart,

Just let it all out,
Don't put up with it alone,
All the misery and ruin,
You're not all alone,
So lift up that chin,
Show me your gorgous grin,
Cause this time darkness won't win,

Let it all flow out,
Those buried blue feelings,
Before you're all worn out,
I know it's not as easy as it sounds,
Heart aching every time it pounds,

Don't conceal it in anymore,
Let me heal your wound that's sore,
I'll get bandages from the store,
And the pain will be no more,
Sometimes it'll need much more,

At hard times,
I'll give you my full attention,
No matter what my current condition,
I'll create for every conflict a solution,
I may not be sure of done delusion,
But, I assure you, I've got quit a comprehension,
Sometimes I'm full of confusion,
But no harm can pass by me without detection,
I'm clumsy, so yeah, might get an infection,
But fighting it back will be my reaction,
Won't loose simple because of exhaustion,
Even if enimies drop an invasion,
{[who knows, maybe all that's needed is a single conversation,
To maintain between them a peaceful connection ]}
As long as I'm around, you safety is a confirmation,
Away from any discomfort or discrimination,
You might think now, where's the relation,
Well I may lack many traits and concentration,
Always relying on my unstable intuition,
And mess up in almost any situation,
But I have made a firm resolution,
To keep you happy, that's my intention..


29 July 2014
My poems to you, an unceasing continuation,
Doesn't stop, just pauses, in this conclusion..
Loose thoughts Nov 2016
Let me be weak,
Although it is not of my nature,
Cause comfort i desperately seek,
As I enclose meysf in a chamber.

Loose thoughts Mar 2015
Let me heal you,
Let me wipe away your tears,

I'm no therapist,
But I'll try 'n' scare away your fears,

Neither a doctor,
But hey my curing hugs last for years,

Nor a morther,
But for your troubles I'm all ears,


Let me heal you,
Let me wipe away your tears,

It's just plain old me,
And I can't stand to see,
You drowning in sorrow,

Just call out for me,
And girl you'll be,
Perfectly okay tomorrow.

~A.d | 21 June 2014
Loose thoughts Feb 2015
Life ain't too short,
Life ain't too long,
Life is just life,
You just gotta be strong,

It's okay to be weak,
It's okay to be wrong,
Tears may unawarely leak,
Looking for somewhere to belong,
Loosing sight of what to seek,
Don't let that give you a frown,
Let nothing break you down,

It's okay to be unsure,
You'll somehow find a cure,
It's okay not to be okay,
The world a confusing stir,
Maybe we'll all understand,
Once we grow up and mature,
I know it's not easy to endure,
For now don't let conqur,

We were never built flawless,
Yes many things we dread,
Sinking in a senseless void,
But soon it will ebbed,
We empower what we detest,
Don't let that take control,
Show it who's the boss instead,
Let nothing block your goal,
The undesired won't for long embed,


Simply said, easily heard,
Yet meanings still seem blurred.

Simple phrases, short words,
Yet they somehow bind worlds.

Yet they only show one aspect,
of what we show and reflect.

~A.d | 25 Aug 2014
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
I never cry at the moment,
Never rage in an instant,
If I ever do, it wasn't meant,
It's cause of all the times I've spent,

Enclosing it all in,
You know nothing of how it's bin,
All at once, it will burst,
On whoever's standing in front first,

So don't come too close,
I fear of your lose,
But don't keep a distant,
Or i'll be the one lost.

~A.d | 24 March 2015
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