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Aug 2017 · 360
Loose thoughts Aug 2017
No one notices,
man it's just sad.
Isolate me from this society,
before I go mad.
Jul 2017 · 315
7:015 pm
Loose thoughts Jul 2017
When you hella miss someone, yet they busy n life-occupied. Tryina be chill n tolerate the wait. But too impatience to not call, In mind I debate.
Jul 2017 · 315
Loose thoughts Jul 2017
Content, calmed, confronting.
Corrupt, cracked, confusing.
Jul 2017 · 274
Loose thoughts Jul 2017
Dreamer, Direct, Disciplined.
Doubtful, Difficult, despicable.
Jul 2017 · 244
Loose thoughts Jul 2017
Distinct, determined & dedicated.
Distraught, damaged, deteriorated.
(Differing Description yet direct.)
Jul 2017 · 269
Past Midnight
Loose thoughts Jul 2017
Still no response
Checking if you replied
Clock ticking past midnight
Hoping you're deep in sleep occupied,

Laying unstable in bed
From flips n twists, can't flee
Hoping it's not hollow hurt keeping you up
Wishing during hardship, by your side I'd be.

Jul 2017 · 237
Your presence, craved
Loose thoughts Jul 2017
Rewinding your vn
Impatient to call
Waiting for your return
Can't restfully sleep at all ..

Jul 2017 · 392
Loose thoughts Jul 2017
Your absence is triggering
Calling you, I'm debating
Thoughts of you, invading
Heart rate, accelerating  
Your energetic rhythm, exerting
My rejoiced grin, extending
Surrounded distractions, executing
With flash backs of texts, circulating
The hours spent with you, like seconds, descending.
( been a while since I wrote, written possessing passion within the moment. )

This one's for you, gamer.
Apr 2017 · 327
2:13 am
Loose thoughts Apr 2017
Once you adapt to change,
Comfort zone won't feel as comfortably wanted.
Dec 2016 · 559
3:23 am
Loose thoughts Dec 2016
‪When you  strive for something you want so badly to a point where it'll push you to not wanting it anymore at all,, just to ease the ache of an unfulfilled want
Dec 2016 · 304
2:29 am
Loose thoughts Dec 2016
"Are you always this hyper "

They say,

" Why do you always look happy "

They say,,

" You're always smiling "

Dec 2016 · 314
2:18 am
Loose thoughts Dec 2016
Knowing what is it that's engulfing your inside
Is one step taken into healing already,,
Dec 2016 · 227
3:49 am
Loose thoughts Dec 2016
Though I do not Fear & do not Regret,
Unrecognized efforts n emotion will leave me aching the most,,
Nov 2016 · 302
Let me,
Loose thoughts Nov 2016
Let me be weak,
Although it is not of my nature,
Cause comfort i desperately seek,
As I enclose meysf in a chamber.

Nov 2016 · 490
1:31 am
Loose thoughts Nov 2016
Those who** don't hesitate to help,
Often are those who don't know how to ask for help,
Often are those who need help, the most.
Jan 2016 · 338
& instead wrote.
Loose thoughts Jan 2016
One second, I'm speechless,
The other, drowning in thought,
Right timing never seem in sequence,
Abandoned the unspoken & instead wrote.

-  a.d | 13 April 2015
Jan 2016 · 403
» Insane «
Loose thoughts Jan 2016
My mood swings are insane,
It pierces my brain,
It's shatters my whole system,
To insanity, I've become a victim.

-  a.d | 12 April 2015
Dec 2015 · 301
They don't know,
Loose thoughts Dec 2015
It's slowly shredding,
and they don't know,

That feeling, I'm dreading,
but what's the point though,

Through the explaining,
it doesn't thoroughly show,

That feeling, I'm fainting,
without warning, one day, will blow.

~ a.d | 5 April 2015
Dec 2015 · 258
Loose thoughts Dec 2015
Don't, from others, expect,
When you, yourself disappoint.

~ a.d | 3 April 2015
Dec 2015 · 281
Loose thoughts Dec 2015
No, don't pretend,
When you're really not,
Cause in the end,
what's really the point?

-  a.d | 3 April 2015
Jun 2015 · 354
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Loose thoughts Jun 2015
You keep on asking,
But do you give?
You keep on complaining,
But do you ever forgive?

~A.d | 3 April 2015
Jun 2015 · 610
Loose & Lost
Loose thoughts Jun 2015
Time flies so fast,
When thoughts loose trace,
And suddenly I'm lost,
In a never ending trance.

~A.d | 3 April 2015
Jun 2015 · 388
Read you poetry
Loose thoughts Jun 2015
I wanna read you poetry
face to face,
As long as  you're there
doesn't matter the place,
Even if you deny
you're worth the chase.

~A.d | 30 March 2015
Jun 2015 · 383
No need
Loose thoughts Jun 2015
You need not to speak a word,
For me to know or see,
Nor need to explain the blurred,
For I will always there be.

~A.d | 2 April 2016
But even so,
I'd like to know,
Even if you constantly repeat,
My heart will newly thump each time in rapid beats,,
Jun 2015 · 323
Peace of mind
Loose thoughts Jun 2015
A mind at ease,
Is a mind that will please.

~A.d | 28 March 2015
Jun 2015 · 566
What's best
Loose thoughts Jun 2015
It's better to be left unsaid,
Than half heartedly said,
Thoughts, emotions,
Don't want them to be mislead.

~A.d | 28 March 2015
Jun 2015 · 335
That click
Loose thoughts Jun 2015
My mood could click,
In a single clock tick,
Just on thought or flashback,
And it all comes back..

~A.d | 26 March 2015
Jun 2015 · 262
I do
Loose thoughts Jun 2015
I do know,
I just don't show,
I do feel,
I know what is and isn't real.

~A.d | 26 March 2015
Jun 2015 · 518
Free your soul
Loose thoughts Jun 2015
Talk like no one's listening,
Enjoy life like you own everything.

~A.d |26 March 2015
Jun 2015 · 303
The truth
Loose thoughts Jun 2015
Don't give a lot,
Or appreciation will be cut.

~A.d | 26 March 2015
Sometimes we only learn when going through the hard ways in life..
Mar 2015 · 364
Can you see it?
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
Well, i'll tell  you what I see,
Within this squared frame,
I see an artist
With limitless creations,
And an unceasing imagination,
A poet full of potential,
With bursting passion,
Person sweeter than sugar,
With a warm heart
Kinder than ever,
I see so much talent,
And so much still hidden,
That'll one day fully awaken,

Can you see it now?
Though this mirrors frame,
Your True Reflect.

~A.d | 18 Nov 2014
This was to one of my close friends, she has so much talent yet she doesn't recognize them as well as others see it in her. I hope she one day views them the same way I do.
Mar 2015 · 378
The walk #2
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
I went for a walk
and found a fork

I went beck to the house
and saw a mouse

I took him in
and he ran to the bin

what a long busy day
what will i find on Friday.

An utterly touching poem that makes full sense which I have written when I was 9 years old. Thinking that one day, maybe, just maybe, my future self would be a famous poet, and that I'd show people my work when I was a kid. I never though i'd get this far with my poetry. I love my younger self.
Mar 2015 · 390
The walk
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
I  went for a walk
and had a talk
with a little bunny
that tasted like honey
and had some money
I asked him for a carrot
because he couldn't do my salad
but he had non
because there is only one.

A touching poem that makes full sense which I have written when I was 9 years old on a crumbled piece of paper that I've still kept. Thinking that one day, maybe, just maybe, my future self would be a famous poet, and that I'd show people my work when I was a kid. I never though i'd get this far with my poetry. I love my younger self.
Mar 2015 · 711
Lost Emotions
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
The worst is to strive,
For what you don't want,
But I feel alive,
When engulfed by what I mustn't,

It's not my intention,
Do believe me,
Its just my way to vent,
Everything inside of me,

Its slowly shredding thee,
As I try to flee,
So I dwell within its shades,
To stable my sanity.

~A.d | 24 March 2015
Mar 2015 · 538
Loose Emotions
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
I never cry at the moment,
Never rage in an instant,
If I ever do, it wasn't meant,
It's cause of all the times I've spent,

Enclosing it all in,
You know nothing of how it's bin,
All at once, it will burst,
On whoever's standing in front first,

So don't come too close,
I fear of your lose,
But don't keep a distant,
Or i'll be the one lost.

~A.d | 24 March 2015
Mar 2015 · 4.5k
Too Quiet
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
Today seemed so quiet,
Don't really know why,
From morning till midnight,
As if time never passed by.

~A.d | 24 March 2015
Mar 2015 · 1.3k
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
Break the boredom,
Escape to fantasy,
Jump to risks,
And changes you will see.

~A.d | 24 March 2015
Mar 2015 · 1.5k
For granted
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
I trusted, I believed,
Yet, I was mistaken,
I gave chances, I've forgiven,
Yet for granted, I was taken.

~A.d | 18 March 2015
Mar 2015 · 9.3k
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
Breaths in, Breaths out,
Repeats, but fails and drowns,
Closes eyes, lays down,
A secret root, caged thoughts have found.

~A.d | 18 March 2015
Mar 2015 · 3.5k
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
All you do is open wounds,
Rip open old scars at endless rounds,
In grave pain, even when underground,
What was lost could never be once again found.

~A.d | 18 March 2015
Mar 2015 · 294
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
We're close, but we're not,
Why all this spacious distant.

From deep talks to barely any chats,
Within a swift of an instant.

It hurts, severely pains,
Why, why all of a sudden.

Heart aches, eyes sobbingly swollen,
Tears shred in place of the unspoken.

~A.d | 2 Mar 2014
A friend I had almost permanently lost for a reason i'd known not of. I thank god for every day, hour and minute I had and still do spend with her, she is the life that blooms through my steams of blood. Even though this unexpected distress lead me to a flood of tears, she is my wipes to my uetterly complexed whimpers. Why, what have I done in life to receive such a bless.
Mar 2015 · 312
Comes and goes
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
It comes and it goes,
Constantly flows,
Adds up and slowly grows,
Drifts away, then suddenly blows,
It comes yet never permanently goes.

~A.d | 10 Feb 2015
#permanent #sufferings
Mar 2015 · 326
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
Staring  out the widow,
waiting for your arrival,
other than you babe,
everything else is a trival.

Getting cold in this emptiness,
the clock constantly ticking,
words can't even come close to express,
oh how your absence is engulfing..

~A.d | 18 Feb 2015
Mar 2015 · 336
» Scars «
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
I strive for curing advice,
Yet I know the exact words I need,
But are spoken from the same aching voice,
So scars continue to bleed.
Unceasingly, continue to bleed.

~A.d | 14 Feb 2015
#Scars #words #aching
Mar 2015 · 258
Keeping it all in
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
If only you knew,
How much I miss you,
Day would go dark,
Night would glow light,
The universe would reverse,
If I unleashed a word,
So I keep it all in,
Feelings all stirred,
Focus all blurred,
Seeking a stabled state,
Self beginning to deflate,
But I keep it all in,
Girl, where have you been,
Thoughts won't keep quiet,
Might burst in a bit,
The heart can't take it,
Trying to keep it all in,
A breath of release,
Im deeply longing.

~A.d | 11 Feb 2015
Mar 2015 · 1.8k
Week after week
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
Saturday Stings,
And all the lonely memories it brings,

Sundays Sufferings,
Slowly eating me up, expiered enduring,

Monday Moans,
Becoming motionless as silent stones,

Tuesday Tears,
Swept away by a sea of sobs,

Wednesday Worries,
Filling my mind overthought stories,

Thursday Thoughts,
Healing through our rewind past talks,

Friday Flashbacks,
Surviving on those life hacks,


Week after Week,
This continuously ongoing cycle,
I endlessly seek,
The day we once again meet.

~A.d | 12 Jan 2015
Mar 2015 · 466
Goodnight whisper
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
Sometimes all you can do is cry the feeling away,
and close you eyes, believe and pray,
just know that you're not alone,
one way or another,
others similarly suffer,
we're all in this together,
just not physically next to each other,
somewhere deep inside, we know we're stronger,
a few tears may slide, but just hang in there a little bit longer,
I tell myself things will be better,
that in a year or two my worries won't matter,
all the overthinking I produce,
tryin'a get rid of but no use,
all the things I'm doin',
just adds to the ruin,
oh I keep on tellin' myself things be better,
sooner or later, I keep on sayin' things be better,
that I can keep myself together,
but there's just so many things I can't unshatter,
will I ever reach an end to all of this,
can't find the faintest smell of bliss,
somehow the bad I never miss,
this hole I'm digging is baseless,
don't know if that's good but all my eyes feel is darkness,
waiting for the day I free from this mess,
then you came along, my days became more brighter,
the pain was still there but felt much lighter,
made me trust that things do get better,
not everything goes well,
trying to stand up every time I fell,
so I keep on telling myself things'll be fine,
don't need for everything to be mine,
things'll turn out okay,
as I close my eyes I say,
things won't always go bad,
while I lay on my bed,
things'll be alright,
with a blanket I wrap myself tight,
everything'll soon be better,
holding back a whimper,
I echo in my head this goodnight whisper.

~A.d | 8 Nov 2014
Mar 2015 · 1.8k
» Possibility «
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
Motivation and positivity,
Through motion and energy,
Break exhaustion,
Not the opportunity,
Loose the distraction,
There's always possibility..

~A.d | 29 Jan 2015
Mar 2015 · 857
» No Regrets «
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
"No regrets, just lessons learnt"
To some certain extent?
"Yes? no? I don't really know"
A life long time I have spent.

~A.d | 18 Feb 2015
An endless debate between self & conscience.
Mar 2015 · 5.8k
» Wellbeing «
Loose thoughts Mar 2015
There's only so much you could do,
Don't go against your own limit,
Doesn't push yourself, don't overdo,
Your wellbeing is more important.
Your wellbeing is more important.

~A.d |14 Feb 2015
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