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 Oct 2020 Kushal
 Oct 2020 Kushal
if the world
ever stops turning

i hope you’re the one
i’m still with
 Oct 2020 Kushal
 Oct 2020 Kushal
Flowers don't bloom in a day.

No matter how many times you water them.
 Jul 2019 Kushal
Marco Carlos
I don’t need just your love.
It doesn’t interest me.

I need your thoughts,
Your heart to beat a little faster
Every time I enter the room,
Your eyes to gaze a little longer
When they cross over me,
Your stomach to jump
When someone mentions my name.

An Illness that cannot be cured,
Coursing through your veins.
A part of you that you can’t remove,
No matter how hard you try.
That’s what I want.

Love me so much, you could die.
A poet is a poet is a poet.

Philip is the name I use
Oliver is my family name
Especially on my passport
True my passport should say Poet

I like to think I am one.
So I write a poem every day

A poet is a poet is a poet

Poetic license I like to take
Occasionally when I need to
Especially when I talk in metaphors
Twitter -pated . Tongue -twisted metaphors

Introducing the art of the Acrostic Poem
Simply using the phrase vertically to trigger

A poet is a poet is a poet

Poets need to die to become well read.
Only the lucky ones ever get published
Even John Keats wasn’t recognised in life
Trick is to keep on writing for all your worth.
An example of a 15 minute exercise

— The End —