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ShuckFacedGirl Apr 2016
They say Beauty is skin deep
At least according to society
And if you don't conform
Life will be a hellofa storm
Gold lies beneath the sand
So with a shaking hand
I dig in to my skin
Mining for what's within
digging for what you can't see
What is deep inside me
Red gold bubbles at the surface
It hurts but that's why I do this
Beauty pays a price
And this is souly my choice
the scars aren't pretty
And this isn't beauty
It's still you I love
But A mismatched glove
I am to you
Into the trash you threw
Me away
Another day
Passes and No matter how
Deep I dig, I know now
It's not me
I'm not ugly
It's society
So why do I keep digging when beauty only runs skin-deep?
ShuckFacedGirl Feb 2016
Let's laugh the night away
Forget the sorrows of today
Again tomorrow the sun will rise
And it won't be a surprise
That our friendship will stay
As golden as it was yesterday
Bye, for now
ShuckFacedGirl Feb 2016
I get it

I cry
Not for me
But for you
Can't you see?
You left; I don't blame you
I blame me

I get it

There's bigger and better things
Out there than silly ol' me
There always has been
Always will be

I get it

I'm that answer on the test
You know the one; letter c
Everyone knows it's wrong
Because it's so silly
It's so obvious
Only the poor fool who didn't study
Would choose it and I'm not the right 1
He thought I'd be

I get it

I'm not wanted
I'm unnecessary
I could dissapear in a flash
And it would be easy

I get it

The world stopped moving
When they have up on me
For them, it will keep going
When I give up on me.

Get it?
ShuckFacedGirl Feb 2016
You broke my heart
      When you broke up with me

You shattered my heart
       When you got with her

You threw away my heart
       When you lied to him
You said you still love me, but if you did, why would you hurt me like this?
I'm done


I'm done

Being a cliche
Not making the cut
Being picked on

But yet here I am, doing all those things

So I try to do as they say
And do something different

I cry instead of keeping it in
I talk instead of bottling up
I become vivid instead of shutting down

I'm done

Feeling stupid
Feeling useless
Feeling powerless

I'm done


I'm ready
Ready to stop taking it
Ready to take control
Ready to get out

So here I am
I'm done
I'm ready
I'm gone.
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