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Rebecca Sue Jun 2018
We all have dreams.
Our personal nightmares take them away.
Then we get used to it
We dont dream at night anymore
The darkness keeps us in fear
We light candles.
In rooms that remind us of all we used to have.
Still holding, still waiting and then suffacating
So fractured, reacting, till we pack up and hide away
We lost faith
No God, no reasons just not believing
We had hope
But the world somehow won over and stole it away.
It's funny I inspired but now I'm left with nothing but tears
My crying, my hopelessness and lost years.
It gets better I say, and question that again
We all have choices to make or to take
Roads lead to demise or fate
Rebecca Sue Jun 2018
Sometimes I thought if I let it go
I would be letting go of my world
Because what I held
seemed like all of it
The world wrapped tightly
in my finger tips
I just wanted to hold it, all of it
Rebecca Sue May 2018
Some of us
Seduced by the darkness
Manipilated by its power
Addicted to the light
Praising with hands held high
We stand baffled
In midst of our choices
Neither makes sense
Neither is us
Neither one is the way
Rebecca Sue May 2018
I just want to feel like i matter
But i dont.
Somehow i am spinning
But laying still.
He lies in bed while i cant sleep
I want to run from here.
How can love be so angry?
My heart beats
But i touch myself to learn i still exist.
Does this jealousy have an answer?
He rather confide in her
Leaving me wondering whats wrong.
Rebecca Sue May 2018
We sit.
We wonder about possibilities
Counting them on our walls
Narrowing down their importance.
We linger far too long.
Missing what could have been.
So we stay there...
Sitting still.
Rebecca Sue Apr 2018
Trees form in my eyes.
Leaves falling fast,
Will they wither or?
Can trees imagined die so quickly?
The images brought me comfort.
But now, How do I stand this agony?
He grabs me.
-awakening me from this vision
"Don't you see?" he whispers.
I see what has been but where am I now?
"You're with me" - "You are happy"
But still I'm haunted by mental illness and hospitals
It follows, it clings, it won't let me be.
"You're here now - far from there"
His eyes show truth,
I fall again.
He always awakens me
-I let the moment in
Now I can see.
Rebecca Sue Apr 2018
I sit here eating a bagel.
Wondering how many calories are in cream cheese.
My eyes are 360 on this pedestal surrounded by books and humanity.
I see a man pick up a bible
He seems lost in his contemplating
Does he believe?
Will he believe?
It doesn't matter to me.
I'm happy with this bagel.
I'm satisfied by simplicity.
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