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n o n e Aug 1
life itself is a bagel :
you can never get the shape to be a perfect circle, if it is it must be plastic.. you can never cut a straight line and chunks escape.
there are always going to be imperfections but
you have to realize that you will still enjoy that bagel..
because, no matter what shape or color, no matter what toppings whether its cream cheese or jelly or butter or peanut butter,
it will all still be enjoyable..
the imperfections are life's challenges, the topping are how you overcome them or learn to live with them and be balanced.
if you don't let it be imperfect, if you don't learn to balance you could crumble and more.
so just enjoy while it lasts, be okay with it, be in the middle, be just "fine" with things you cant control.
read while eating a snack :)
Rebecca Sue Apr 3
I sit here eating a bagel.
Wondering how many calories are in cream cheese.
My eyes are 360 on this pedestal surrounded by books and humanity.
I see a man pick up a bible
He seems lost in his contemplating
Does he believe?
Will he believe?
It doesn't matter to me.
I'm happy with this bagel.
I'm satisfied by simplicity.
Lonely bagel
Loneliness bagel
The bagel of loneliness

Togetherness bagel
The bagel of being together
Bagel of belonging
Johanna Star Aug 2014
It’s all me,
because you never have anything to say.  
I fill the silence
with my nonsense.  
I fill the silence with me.  

There’s too much me
in this date.  
There is
no us,
because I’m inhaling
the summer air
and chewing this buttery bagel

while you’re on your phone
just scrolling and refreshing
secondhand experiences.  

My hands sway
with my useless tales
as your hands hold your attention.
Your thumbs sliding the screen
that is brighter than the words I waste.
This is all a waste.

There isn’t enough honey
in my tea to take this bitter
******* you call company.
Frank Ruland Aug 2014
Here is an ode to Resonance Cafe
I came in the other day
On my day off
I was driving by
at 5:45 in the morning
and saw your neon sign on
I love my coffee
and lately, Starbucks
has gotten quite boring.
I came in, and it was
and the aroma of your
fresh robusta brewing
was so enticing
I knew I just had to
try it.

I came to the counter and
a young lady with
jet black hair and
a genuine smile
greeted me.
She asked for my order
and I asked for
her largest cup of her
boldest brew.
I remember
$2.13 was the exact total.
She took my money,
gave me my change
and merrily chimed,
"Thank you!"

I got my coffee
and sat down
I brought up
on my phone
as is my ritual
I played a quick puzzle
whilst my cup
     cooled off.


After a minute
I took a sip
my heart
     skipped     a     beat
and I found myself
at a loss for words.
As a coffee connoisseur,
this, for me.
was quite frankly
an Earthly Heaven.

I smiled.

I finished my cup
with each sip
as interesting as
the last
every drop.

I readied myself to leave
but as I
passed  the counter
I noticed
their Everything bagels.


needless to say,
I'm also
Bagel Baron.

— The End —