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Mar 2018 · 1.4k
Sa Wakas, Babangon Na Siya
Raf Reyes Mar 2018
Natuyo na ang kaalatang pumapalibot sa kanyang mga mata

Ilang papel na ang nasira sa pagtulo ng mga basang kalungkutan sa mga salitang pinagsikapang idikta't ibuga
Umaasang, balang araw
Ang sakit na kinikimkim ay tuluyan ding


Lumipas ang mga buwan, humina ang katawan
Nagkulong sa loob ng sariling kasakiman't kadiliman sa takot na muling masaktan.

Pero tama na.

Sa wakas, dumating na ang realisasyong matagal nang inaasahan: Nakakasawa nang magtiis matulog sa mga basang unan.

Panahon na para ito’y labhan.
I've been trying to write more poems in my native tongue. Lately, I've been falling in love with its rythmic flow. I hope that the people who got so used to my english poems can appreciate this new direction.
May 2017 · 234
Raf Reyes May 2017
As a writer

I dredge up the problems I've buried so long ago
And mold them into stanzas

I trace the scars on this ungodly body
And etch them into my words

I let my tears fall on dull paper
And leave the salt water current to carry my pieces

Because everyday
As a writer
I am slowly learning that my dark times
Are also stories worth sharing
my process of writing/ process of moving forward
Nov 2016 · 936
Haiku on spoons
Raf Reyes Nov 2016
My grandmother longed to be like you
Silver, grey
But useful
I miss my grandmothers retorts about everything. God bless her soul
Oct 2016 · 272
No Man's Sky
Raf Reyes Oct 2016
He said
That he wanted to explore the uncharted unknowns of space
He wanted to fill its vacancy and float away with a sense of purpose, discovering the stars and wonders it held along the way

If only he wasn't blinded by the bright lights of the gleaming stars above
If only he realized that behind the facade of  constellations lies an endless, empty void of darkness

Maybe he could have saved himself all the trouble
Maybe he wouldn't have had such a hard time breathing
I really enjoyed this concept. It's a poem about the things that we fall in love with, the effort we exert for it and the aftermath of what happeneds next, leaving us to discover how toxic they really are and how foolish we really were
Sep 2016 · 297
Dressing Room
Raf Reyes Sep 2016
As he stands infront of a reflection he no longer recognizes, his body begins to tremble
Anxiety seeps into the cracks of his troubled soul and he is left stiff
Wrapped by the cold, rigid fingers of fear

He begins to settle
He fills his lungs with deep, steady breaths and slowly gains composure
All while he lies to himself
"I'm okay, I'm okay"
Until he finally develops the confidence to believe it

He buries his inhibitions
He bottles up his fears
He masks the truth with his best fake smile as he prepares to come out on stage and put on one hell of a show for the world to see

The audience applauds his performance
But at the end of the day, when the cheering dies down and the curtains are drawn
When the stage is cleared and the spotlights cut to black
It's still just one big act

And everyone seems to love it
It's hard to live with facades
Aug 2016 · 1.0k
What we had was beautiful
Raf Reyes Aug 2016
and then I go and spoil it all
By saying something stupid
I Love You*

**** it
Sidenote: I've been falling in love with old songs lately. The italicized portion and words are actual lyrics from Frank Sinatra's song "Something Stupid"
Raf Reyes Aug 2016
Here I am
Once again
Faced with the challenge of writing something new

Here I have
A clean slate
A brand new outlet to put myself into

A new piece to write!
A fresh new start!
Another chance to give all of my heart!

I struggle to find the right words to place
On this unfamiliar, empty space
And I slowly end up tearing myself apart

Because beginnings are always the hardest part
It's hard to start over
Aug 2016 · 579
Drowning at Sea
Raf Reyes Aug 2016
It's said that there are many fish in the sea
But to me
You were the ocean
So blue and yet so unclear
Engulfing me in your waters until I dissappeared
Into the unknown

I dove headfirst into the abyss
As I watched the waters turn a darker shade of blue
Descending deeper into a world that was all too new
I headed straight down

3000 meters
Until I finally reached the bottom and saw your darkest regions
The place where no sunlight ever dared enter
And you introduced me to the ghastly creatures that called your sea bed home

I spent so much time absorbed that I didn't even notice that I was running out of air
That I was already suffocating
So I came out flailing with exhausted lungs
Sputtering water and gasping to breathe
Yet even as I lay there on the surface
Unconsciously drifting away
Your relentless waves crashed over me and dragged me back in a maddening cycle

But I let it all happened

Because I chose to test your waters
I took on the challenges of braving the currents
The challenges of loving you
And even though your tides took me to places I didn't want to go and your waves relentlessly toppled over me

I never held it against you

Because every night, when the tides stood still and your waves calmed down
I looked at you in admiration and saw how you reflected the stars in the night sky
How they glimmered on your skin
And shined with so much hope
Radiated so much wonder
Mesmerized with such beauty
I was enthralled

But it's sad to think that a man can only last so long in the sea
That over time, the water turns his hands wrinkled
His body fatiguged
His feet sore from trying so hard to stay afloat
That eventually, he must swim back to the shore

And eventually lose sight of the ocean

It's been a while since I've been out of your waters
I don't know when I'll regain the strength to jump back in
But know that I'll be stronger next time

Your waters have made me more resilient
And at least I have that to thank you for
Thank you darling. Regardless of what happpened, I am grateful that you gave me a chance to love you
Raf Reyes Jun 2016
Every restless night, I would stare in admiration at the sky, look up to the stars and wade through the constellations in search of you.
And I would find you there
Up in space, so far away
Because you were a star
And stars were made to be far away
I wanted so badly to be up there and watch the world with you

But you were a star

A heavenly body I can only hope of reaching
And no matter how hard I try or how high I jump or how far I traverse, I would always fall a million miles short

But I still try

And every restless night, I would look up to you in admiration
Knowing that though I cannot be out there with you, seeing you shine so bright would be enough for me
The full, uncut version will be posted soon
Raf Reyes Apr 2016
It's okay
If your hand gets tired of holding mine
It's okay
If your fingers let go and decide to draw the line
It's okay
If your nails dig deep into my skin
If they leave scars on my hand when you finally say goodbye

Because atleast I'll have the scars
To remember you by
"If you love something, let it go"? *******. Letting go *****
Mar 2016 · 628
In The Night
Raf Reyes Mar 2016
How tragic it is that the sun sets everyday
The darkness comes out to play
And the sun's the one to blame
For leaving everything cold and grey
For disappearing as fast as it came
Feb 2016 · 3.3k
"The Disease of Being Busy"
Raf Reyes Feb 2016
The stress in success
Makes us feel oppressed
It makes us feel numb and tired, blank and distressed

But it's still part of the process
And we're still blessed
We've all been there: The workload, the busy schedules, the stacks of things to do... but please remwmber that you are growing everyday, and you should be proud of that
Jan 2016 · 386
Little Did You Know
Raf Reyes Jan 2016
The way it hurt
To see the way you looked at him with eyes so wide
To see the way you showed him your world
How you brought him inside
And I was left to freeze
In the cold of outside
I was forgotten, neglected
Just brushed aside

Little did you know
The way it hurt
To see the way your head got lost in his gaze
The way you brightened up when you saw his face
To hear the way you talked about him for days
And days......
.... and days

Little did you know
The way it hurt
To see the crinkle in your smile when you said his name
To find myself the courage to say something
Anything, everything
But nothing ever came
And I'm the one to blame

Little did you know
The way it hurt
To see how you idolized him
How you loved him
How you cared for him
How you put him on a pedestal in your heart
How you gave all of yourself to him
But little did you know
That that's what was tearing you apart

Little did you know
The way it hurt
To see the way he treated you like crap
He played with your emotions
Set you heart in motion
But when you gave him your heart
He held it with no caution
Your heart slipped through his fingers, fell away from his grasp
Down it went, and it fell to the floor

But you didn't care

Little did you know
The way it hurt
To see the way you still loved him even after what he's done
Even after he fell in love with you just for fun
To see the way you held on to him, the way you stayed
.....Even if he's been long gone
But I never left
I'm still here

Little did you know
The way it hurt
When you were crying
When you were ranting
When you said your heart felt like it was about to burst
But little did you know, I still loved you at your worst

Little did you know
Of the feelings I've had for you
The way I loved
The way I cared
The way I cherished the memories and laughs that we have shared
But you didn't notice

Will you ever notice?

You once told me that he was your sun
And you were a seed
You basked in his heat, and you blossomed and grew
And that's what you need

But little do you know
Of the hurt that I felt
The emotions and feelings that I just couldn't help

Little do you know how I wanted to show you a sign
How I hoped to be your sun
Because you were mine

I think I should quit hoping
I think I should just stop my dreaming and holding

Because I'm only a fool who's hoping for sunlight
When it's already midnight
For the Queen
Dec 2015 · 942
Hopelessly Hoping
Raf Reyes Dec 2015
What am I still holding on to?
Why do I still seem to care so much for you?

You never really seem to care anymore anyway

When I reach out to you, you block me out
When I try to talk to you, you close yourself from me
Every word I say passes through your ears
Every smile I give leaves you emtionless
Everything I do goes by unnoticed
Brushed off by a mere swipe of a hand
Every poem I write and every song I sing, they're all for you
But you didn't even seem to care
Brick by brick, you've built a wall around yourself
A wall too high to climb
A wall too thick to push my way through
A wall too strong to for me take down
Forcing me to give all my effort
To take each and every brick in my grasp
And bring them down
One by one
Leaving my hands broken
and bruised

Let's face it: We're drifting, and that *****
Our daily conversations have run dry
We used to talk about our dreams, our interests, our passions
Our plans for the world to see
People we want to be
Our pasts, our present and our futures
We used to talk about OURSELVES
But now I feel like you've run out of interest for me
And I feel like every word I say takes so much effort
Because I try so hard to keep the conversation alive
Even though deep down
I know it's slowly dying
Because I don't want to let it die
Because I don't ever wanna stop talking to you
Because I don't want to drift from the person I used to spend hours on end having endless chats with
Maybe we're just running out of things to talk about
And I don't really know why

Sometimes I feel that us drifting is one sided
Like I spend all this time thinking about you
When I wonder if you even realize that I still exist
I'm still here
I think about how long we haven't talked
I think about our last texts, our last messages
When you probably don't even remember the conversations we've had

So what the hell am I still holding on to?

I'm holding on to the memories we've made
I'm holding on the conversations we used to share
I'm holding on the the laughs, the smiles, the good times we've
I'm holding on to the poems
the letters
the songs
All written in your name
Hoping that someday you'll find the time
To read them
To remember and look back on what once was
But most of all, I'm holding on to those 3 words that you said
"I Love You!!!"

I miss you, I really do
I miss the old us
I miss our friendship

And it's sad to think that I'm still here
Holding on to all those things
All the things that we've been through
When you've already let go
A long time ago
Dec 2015 · 309
Raf Reyes Dec 2015
You say that I'm weak, that i'm frail
That I'm stupid and I fail
You say my life is a waste, that my meaning will wait
That I'm unoriginal, I copy and paste
And leave bad tastes in my wake
You say you're stronger than me
Look better than me
Better than I ever will be
And you brag about how great your life is
How you drown in the glory
Build on a better body
And all that other nonsense
But as your words tower over me
They'll never overpower me
Cause I've got a shield on my chest
A bulletproof vest
To stop your words from ever reaching me
Though your mouth spits venom
I don't hate 'em
I admire your efforts and how you use them
And though your words build shadows over me
I'll never quit
Cause I am higher, I am louder, and I am better than your *******
Dec 2015 · 266
"The Nightly Cycle"
Raf Reyes Dec 2015
The nights rolls by with you still in thought
There’s still a smile on my face from the happiness you brought
But then those nights don’t last, they don’t stay the same
They end just as quickly as they came
As the new day rises, I wake up to reality
See the possibilities, all that could be
The memories we could make, the happiness we could ensue
I just wish you could see it too
In those days, I wonder, if you could also sense it
The voice that’s inside me, the voice that just won’t quit
The voice that yearns for your company
Tell me, can you hear it? Even just a little bit?
In the beginning, I thought it was fake
I thought the feelings I had were just a mistake
But I didn’t think I’d go this far
Now I can’t stop wondering how you are
What is it that you do that makes me feel so?
You made me care, now I can’t let go
When I saw that smile, my heart felt a pounce
I fell for you like rain, slowly… then all at once
If letting go was an option, then i definitely would
But I can’t help but listen to my emotion
Telling me I never should
There’s a lot of mistakes I’ve done in a while
Things I hate, things I’d rather forget
But then another nights rolls by, you give me another smile
And that’s when I know, deep down…..
Liking you is no regret
Made this while i was thinking late at night
It's for the hopeless romantics
Keep on hoping, my friend...
things always work out in the end.... right?

— The End —