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Jan 2017 · 606
A Malignant Streak
Mike Hack Jan 2017
A raven of pitch
Jagged beak
Sericeous mystique

Stygious thoughts
They creak
Echoingly bleak

"Here I am,
A malignant streak.
No darling, don't shriek."
Nov 2016 · 639
Mike Hack Nov 2016
I see the sun in the trees
Fog riding the breeze
Drifting through the woods like a ghost
She never makes a noise
Always elegant with poise
But the sea she loves the most
The azure sparkling water
She caresses like a daughter
As she wanders on down the coast
Once she has her fill
Floats back up the hill
An ivory angelic host
I watched the fog this morning...
Sep 2016 · 3.5k
Mike Hack Sep 2016
In the dark
We trudge outside
Stifling yawns
Dogs in stride

Down on the dock
The air is cold
Blankets laid out
My breathing controlled

We snuggle together
Then gaze at the sky
The fog drifts in
The stars feel shy

The dogs roughhouse
One is called home
The other two stay
Niko begins to roam

A cold breeze creeps
Turning my nose blue
The horizon has a glow
Will the lights come through?

The air feels so clear
The ocean so calm
The trees are obscured
An owl starts a song

A dog comes near
She licks my face
Then curls by my side
Like a warm embrace

The stars still flicker
Even if shrouded
The lights on horizon
They become clouded

My eyes start to close
My family is here
I’m surrounded by beauty
The lights disappear

I don’t want to leave
The dog is so warm
My sister’s behind me
I feel her small form

She’s curled up tight
Between momma and me
She’s wearing my hat
And complains she can’t see

I don’t want to go
I could stay here forever
Between the dark sea
And the foggy sky weather

Niko starts whining
What a complaintive old boy
But he’s right it’s late
His bed will bring him joy

Reluctantly we rise
And gather our things
Then we trudge back home
Sleeping till tomorrow sings
Feb 2016 · 1.2k
Blackbird the Mad Queen
Mike Hack Feb 2016
Blackbird was a queen
She lived in the north
She was a mad queen
Her rage stretched forth

Aye' she was mad
Filled up with hate
She started wars
Only she could dictate

She loved the smell, the sound
And the taste
Of the blood that ran thick
Up to her gates

There she stood up
Up in her tower
Black eyes glinting
“Look the people, they cower!”

Her long ebony hair
Wiped in the breeze
Her deathly white skin
Stood out from the trees
Many lusted for the queen
In all her stark glory
For non were like her
So beautiful, yet gory

But the mad queen had a secret
A secret deep down
A secret not spoken
Lest she need make them drown

This beautiful queen
Yet mad in the head
With her long black hair,
Loved her birds instead

For everywhere she went
The birds flocked around
They were always with her
Sitting upon her crown
When the queen was alone
Not another soul around
Blackbird would cry
A very ungodly sound

She was meant to have wings
To sore high in the sky
Glossy black feathers,
No wonder she cried

Long ago,
When she broke from her egg
Never had she dreamed
She’d have legs instead

A great tall castle
That so many call home
But to her, oh to her
It was no more than stone

In a great big cage she lived
With heavy bones and bare skin,
When all she wants is the sky
And her feathers back again

But no, this is her life
Ever since that day
She cawed loud at the goddess
The ugly Grafey

Mocked her she did
For her outwardly shape
Then ****** to the ground
Suffering in this state

So here she was
Gnawing at the bone
Stewing with revenge
Longing to go home

For the ugly Grafey
Lives in the world of wings
So Blackbird instead
Makes the swords sing

But all the blood
And all the tears
Gain Blackbird
Only more jeers

For though she is mad
And ruthless and savage
She stays in her tower
Away from the damage

The people gossip
Snicker and sneer
But they won’t for long
Not with her near

“Come with me my loves,”
She croons to the birds
“Let us make them scream,
And drive them into herds.”

She took then her sword
A heavy old blade
But she carried it steady
Filled with her rage

Storming down the stairs
Yelling curses all the way
Death was coming,
With it she’d have her way

Yes, death and suffering
Mauling and tearing
This is what would help her
To keep on caring

Bursting through the doors
Of her cage, no, castle
Everyone stops, nothing moved
Not but a swinging tassel

The angels up high
All began to cry
For what happens next
Made them beat on their chest

“Too long have I been in this corps!”
She screamed tearing at her flesh,
“But if I go,
I’ll make you follow.”

She charged ahead
Into the crowds
Slashing, stabbing
Making the birds proud

She killed all those people
Men and women alike
Only the children she spared
For she could no longer fight

Her beautiful hair
Was now matted and tangled
Her shock of white skin
Looked all but mangled

For the people had been stronger
Then she’d originally thought
But now there they lay
Left only to rot

“What’s that? Is that laughing?
No, you’re all dead!”
She cackled loud,
With a wariness in her head

She thought she’d feel victory
But all she felt was defeat,
This isn’t right she thought
Stumbling on her feet

She sunk down to the ground
Soaked with too much death
The sword clattered down
Somewhere off to the left

“I want to go home now,”
She whispered in a small meek voice
“Come my lovelies,
Listen to my choice.”

All her pretty birds
Different blues and blacks
They all flocked to her
Their talons digging into the cracks

“That’s it my dears,
Come give me your love.
Send me back home
To the dark skies above.”

With tender love and care
Her birds ripped her apart
She gave one last sigh,
And that was her depart.

Her birds kept on pecking
For they loved her only too well,
Blessed be the queen
The blackbird who fell.
Jan 2016 · 369
The Ocean is a Witness
Mike Hack Jan 2016
The ocean is a witness
To lost loves
And new ones
The tears I cried
Of pain and grief
The loneliness I felt
The ocean was there

The ocean is a witness
The day I leaned to swim
To sail
To swing on the ropes
And scream for joy
The oceaned mirrored me
And bubbled in reply

The ocean is a witness
She teaches us patience
When her winds arent blowing,
And she teaches us fear
Not to underestimate her
For she gets upset to
Clouds block her sun
The mountains get rude

The ocean is a witness
She has been there
Through the thick and thin
Never once dried up
Never once gave in
As she laps at the shores,
I bask in her again
I feel like something is missing whenever I'm away from the sea.
Nov 2015 · 899
A Strange Land
Mike Hack Nov 2015
There once was a strange land
Long long ago
If was made by a girl
A child full of woe

Winds always howl
And the sky is always green
Grass is never cut
And the stars are always seen

She made this world
A home in her mind
But the only beings there
Are the forgotten kind

The dreams of a little girl
Who loathed the real world
Her parents were never there
So she made beings who were always fair

She played with these folk
In the meadows of her mind
She made these people just
She made them so kind

But then she got older
And saw the hate of the world
The beings in her mind
Mirrored this unfold

Their desires grew darker
Their motives were skewed
They criticized the girl
Only negatives they spewed

How she isnt pretty
How she was a mistake
They used to give love
But now they only take

The girl became calloused
From the voices in her mind
The voices that spread hate
That used to be so kind

I am the girl
The girl of strange kind
The voices are in my head
They are many, you will find

I miss that world
Of green sky and strong wind
The world of my making
A world without sin

But I know this is a lie
For sin is everywhere
In the mind of a child
In the words of a prayer

So I pray now
God bring me back there
To the word of green sky
To where everything was fair
Nov 2015 · 571
Mike Hack Nov 2015
My heart is broken
I’ve fallen in flames
Please come help me
I can’t shake these chains
When we left
I felt the earth shake
My ground isn’t stable
Please make it safe

Life is so big
And too overwhelming
The pains of this world
Are coming in too fast
I know you are up there
I know you see my pain
God please hold my hand
And guide me home again
Nov 2015 · 926
When I Lay Here
Mike Hack Nov 2015
When I lay here
I hear the wind in the treetops
And when I daydream
The wind chimes speak my thoughts

I have a home here
Without it I’d be lost
But as I swing back and forth
All worries are forgot

I see the sun there
Dancing on the leaves
I’m going to miss this
My heart already grieves
Nov 2015 · 893
I Am The Queen
Mike Hack Nov 2015
I am the queen
And this is my kingdom
All that you see
Is my throne

All of the seas
And all of the oceans
Everything in them
I own

When the creatures look upon me
Their hearts all fill with joy
I didn’t used to live here
But you know this, Sailor Boy

You hear me when I cry at night
Weeping to the moon
I’ll always morn for my past life
And all I lost that June

What the sea has taken from me
All those years ago
I will never be free from it
And I’ll always be down below

For when I died in those waves
They took me as their slave
Forever I’ll be here
Weeping, trying to be brave
Nov 2015 · 375
Oh The Heat
Mike Hack Nov 2015
Oh the heat in this bland desert
Does it ever stop?
The glaring sun heating up the sky
Waiting till you drop

I come from a cold place
Where it always rains
You can taste the moist cool air
See the blueness in my veins?

I was not made for the heat
I was made for the cold
So if you put me in the sun
Forgive me if I’m bold

I hate it here, is that clear
I want to go home
Where the water runs, always fun
Laughing as it goes
Nov 2015 · 238
Wandering Thoughts
Mike Hack Nov 2015
When I sit here in my chair
I watch everything go on
I look down at my math
And wish I could be gone
I try and think up a poem
But the words escape my grasp
I feel the breeze through the window
And wish I could make it last
Nov 2015 · 6.4k
These Rosy Lips
Mike Hack Nov 2015
These rosy lips
They've never been touched
Two little virgins
That want it so much

They feel so alone
Yet together forever
They long for the touch
The taste of another

Dark nights lonely
When all troubles are near
All these lips want
Is that other pair to appear

— The End —