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Mike Hack Jan 2017
A raven of pitch
Jagged beak
Sericeous mystique

Stygious thoughts
They creak
Echoingly bleak

"Here I am,
A malignant streak.
No darling, don't shriek."
  Nov 2016 Mike Hack
June Robinson
This is the closest thing to honesty.

Every quote you’ve ever heard about
treating your woman like a queen
is right.

But it's not true.

A queen. they say. Treat her like a QUEEN.

But what is a QUEEN?

You, who have never bowed your head to kiss the earth, who have never sworn fealty, who've never beaten your brow against the rage of a world - how would you understand a QUEEN.

We have this image of spoiled royalty
a pretty princess dress
a tiara
a girl in a high tower

or a woman, on a throne, cold and dismissive.

But that's not right
to the people
to the land
to a kingdom.

A QUEEN is a country.
A QUEEN is only ever A QUEEN.

You have a choice.
Blessed are you, man.
You have a choice.
Be a peasant
a blacksmith
a merchant
be anything in the world.

But treat your woman like A QUEEN.
So be a knight.  

Not a knight in shining armor
She doesn't need to be saved.

She walks with crushed empires in her shoes
She rises.

Maybe blood drips from her sword
Maybe it’s a slaughter
But she builds the empire.  

My head is my throne
My lip is my kingdom
My eyes are my army
My breath is my law
My hands are my sword
My heart is my crown.

I am a country at war
an empire in birth
a court on fire.

I am a warning
and a reminder

There’s a reason why, exactly, the QUEEN is the deadliest player on the board.
Mike Hack Nov 2016
I see the sun in the trees
Fog riding the breeze
Drifting through the woods like a ghost
She never makes a noise
Always elegant with poise
But the sea she loves the most
The azure sparkling water
She caresses like a daughter
As she wanders on down the coast
Once she has her fill
Floats back up the hill
An ivory angelic host
I watched the fog this morning...
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