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Marina Jun 4
Hey there!
If you read this now,
It's for you then,
My unknown friend.

Don't care:
What others think,
What others have,
What others see.

Just be yourself,
Because you're amazing;
You're everything to be,
That no one could take it.

The world is not perfect.
There's some bad things in it.
Luckly, there's the other side,
A wonderful magnified.

What it makes a world beauty,
Is a hundreds of millions lights.
So, be that light,
And shine like the sun.
Everyone has an oportunity to be all good in the world and make a real beautiful place here!
Marina May 17
Your calmness thrills,
Your quitness provokes,
Like you are breaking the hills,
And inspiring the whole folks.
Strong and honest is your emotion,
Cause you are deep as ocean.

Your beautiful soul has no end,
All around the world it's sent.
The world wants your presence,
To be here now in present.
Strong and honest is your emotion,
Cause you are deep as ocean.

Oh mountains, look at this mistery,
Woods, come closer and listen.
There is a lovely human being,
Who wants love to be given.
Giant restless is your leap,
Cause you are the ocean deep.

People are your sweet little chest,
Where you wanna explore their best;
Where you look deep inside to the end,
You're happily surprised what's in there.
A soul is what you really want to see,
Full of colored precious to reveal.
Marina May 10
Your eyes are calling me,
Don't say, just stay.
There's nothing to do,
A midnight will be soon.

But one thing you should know,
I don't fit almost nowhere.
I wanna know so hard,
Is there anyone with pure heart.

It's up to you, but
Don't be scared, just stay.
So wonder with me,
Is there original human being.

With me, you're safe.
You can be all what you are.
My eyes won't be closed,
My heart will be warm.
Marina May 1
Sitting in the front of shack,
I'm watching the rain falling.
Everything is so fresh,
All colours are very clear.

My cat is watching me,
Quietly from the high,
Wishing come down to me,
In his huge green eyes.

But he didn't make a move;
It's all in water and wet.
But that's ok i guess,
Still watching the rain.

The cat cought my look,
And i cought his look;
Playing the old look game,
Who's gonna blink first.

Thinking on victory, i lost.
The game made me laugh.
Both, still watching the rain,
Only in a different way.
This poem i wrote in 2 minutes. I don't know why but this moment was very inspiring. Anyway, i like this small and simple things that make me happy. This one was literally a droplet/little moment in my life.
Marina Apr 27
Reveal yourself! Jump out! Let yourself!
In the moment on breaks, you forget.
Release a magic colour from self,
So with your being you shall radiate.

You don't have to seek the love,
Because you already are.
You better have it on your mind,
And written in your heart!

— The End —