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 Oct 2018 Leah Oviedo
in the neon lights
in the damp city smog
on a cold december midnight
watching snowflakes dissolve
on our jacket sleeves

we wore a glow of newness
we were the first of our kind
adam and eve
god's finest creation
lost in our paradise
eating forbidden fruits
drunk on sin and wonder

                              "this can't end well.
                               we do it nonetheless."
have no
And that is the beauty of it
A sort
The style, yours to befit.
To Logun Alexander Johnson's poems that started out like this.
 Jun 2018 Leah Oviedo
Photoshopped fantasy fictions
Misogynistic oppressive depictions
Unobtainable beauty
Fake imagery
This LIE is but violence and bigotry
 Jun 2018 Leah Oviedo
WL Schuett
The stars try to shine
Down through indifferent clouds.
Her tears mix with rain
and water her path
defining the moments
Of forever.
Love is the fiercest part
of her being.
Though she struggles to
find it’s authenticity
Hiding her codes
behind barbwire and thorns.
Her hands are bloodstained
in the hours of time.
She is mysterious
With many latitudes
Calling from a different
Kind of universe.
Yet she walks that path of stones
Believing she is a different
Person than the one she leaves
on the trail .

Walking away from that
Hushed comfort of
understated majesty.
Hearing music amid
The squalor of verse
With strangers who love
among the poetic’s
of language.

I grow tired of the
Deep waters
I’m learning to navigate
the shallows
Where purring oratory
Captures me and leaves
Me spellbound beyond
All measures and time .
the city lights are two things;
bustling but blinding,
the life of the party intersect the intoxicating loneliness,
it drinks all the emotion and pour them all at once,
the paradox is right here,
in the middle of these million heartbeats.
let’s live suddenly without thinking

under honest trees,
                        a stream
does.the brain of cleverly-crinkling
-water pursues the angry dream
of the shore. By midnight,
                                a moon
scratches the skin of the organised hills

an edged nothing begins to prune

let’s live like the light that kills
and let’s as silence,
                            because Whirl’s after all:
(after me)love,and after you.
I occasionally feel vague how
vague idon’t know tenuous Now-
spears and The Then-arrows making do
our mouths something red,something tall
wraith of white
you wander wild
the hinterland
Valkyrie's child

your breath pants mist
in icy caves
you have made
10, 000 graves

your image is
in winter skies
its crystal glitters
in your eyes

loping through
the cold chill wood
its secrets you
have understood

born to lead
long of fang
through the glaciers
your voice rang

lonely in your Lycan heart
you made the ****
your kindest art

wolf of legend
wolf of lore
you'll reign untamed


(C) 2/16/2014
Rewritten 6/12/2015
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