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Feb 2018 · 572
for my best friend
Janna Smith Feb 2018
A week ago, you became part of the statistics called "The number of suicides of children and young adults in Slovakia". Girls aged between 0-19 years have always been the smallest part since 2011, and it happened anyway. And now I am reading your most favorite author and I can’t understand anything. You and those poems. And you aren't here in order to explain it to me, so I'm just reading and losing myself in a text that I still have maybe a chance to understand, unlike you.

I miss you, sweet dreams.
If you are interested how it looks in my mother language:

Už je to chvíľa čo si sa stala súčasťou štatistiky s názvom “Počet samovrážd detí a mladých na Slovensku”. Dievčatá ktorých vek bol medzi 0-19 rokov mali od roku 2011 vždy najmenšie číslo a aj napriek tomu sa to stalo. A ja teraz čítam tvojho asi najobľúbenejšieho autora a ničomu nechápem. Tebe, ani tým básniam. A ty tu nie si, aby si mi to vysvetlila a tak *** čítam a strácam sa v texte, ktorému mám ešte hádam šancu, na rozdiel od teba, porozumieť.

Chýbaš mi, spi sladko.
Feb 2018 · 416
Being loved
Janna Smith Feb 2018
That moment when you realize that all those stupid quotes about love were true.
Jan 2018 · 503
Janna Smith Jan 2018
we don't have to be perfect for everyone. just for people who can see it and appreciate it.
Janna Smith Dec 2017

Jane:**  My phone is going to die,
             if it happens, the world won't fall.
             We will simply meet under the stairs.

Alex:   What if my world falls?
Jane:  If your world depends
            on the level of my phone battery
            I should start taking a charger with me.

Alex:  Lol, this sounds amazing. Make a poem out of it.
                                                             ­                                      *So... I did.
Dec 2017 · 313
different view
Janna Smith Dec 2017
you were all the same
but now i know the truth.
Nov 2017 · 218
Janna Smith Nov 2017
Family isn't just your blood.
It could be everyone around you.
People who you love,
people who love you too.
Aug 2017 · 1.8k
Janna Smith Aug 2017
She was made from water.
He was made from fire.
Although they didn't love each other
they were supposed to be together.

"We aren't the problem,"
he said.
"The society is,"
she replied.

All she needs was a princess
and all he needs was a prince.
So they secretly hang out with someone else
instead of partners, they were just friends.

And people thought everything was okay,
because everything was.

*The end

— The End —