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Jade Apr 2019
From the moment we start living,
From the moment we take our first breath,
We fight.
Such a tiring fight life gives us,
But how fruitful and capturing joy can be
When we finally rest,
If only for a moment.
The world will keep spinning,
So we fight for it to spin in our direction,
So that maybe after we leave,
Someone will remember the one soul out of billions of others
That fought for them.
This is a trying life,
It's cruel and swift and so very, very beautiful.
And often we fall and break and scar ourselves beyond recognition,
And we lose.
And sometimes losing is too much.
Sometimes we can't fight anymore.
Sometimes we lose sight of just what glorious jewel we've kept,
All this time.
But this life is a cursed blessing,
It's a fight.
And it begins,
From the moment we start living.
A poem about life.
Jade Apr 2019
Show me the indigo blue fade the sky gives you as it says
And the teal-colored gems
That glow like jewels without glitter,
As if they knew they needed no glamour
To make that inner light beautiful.
Show me that you understand me when I say
That I think the sky is such a fair thing,
Just trying to make the sun and moon get along.
It saves the stars for the moon so it wasn't too dark
And it saves the life for the sun so it won't get too lonely.
But of course the sun always bids farewell by invading the moon's space,
What, with all it's bright, beautiful colors.
They'll fight every dawn just because the sun is so clingy.
The poor moon...
(I think she likes her anyway)
A poem about dawn.
Jade Mar 2019
Amidst the glory of the music
And the triumph of letting go,
The sun seemed to brighten every corner of the room.
It framed it into a picture
Painting out the beauty
Of the simple love
Friendship brings.
When the sun finally set and it was quiet,
I knew that I'd keep that moment with me forever,
And though the sun will be shining again,
I hope I never forget the way it shined
When we lived in that time-stilled moment
And all the world was, was
The sun and the music.
A poem about the beautiful moments friendship brings.
Jade Mar 2019
And hurricanes
Scribbled into half-spoken lines,
What do you want to find today?
A box of sweets,
A bone-sunken tale,
Or some heart-clenching rhymes?
I'll never be anything more
Than what I'm going to be,
But right now I can't find anything to write,
So I guess I'll just wait and see.
A poem about writing.
Jade Feb 2019
Pain is not a metal I like to treasure,
But I store it in my heart
Since it needs a place to stay.
I can’t bury it or run away,
Since I’ve already looked it in the eyes.
I’ve given it my soul,
Unrested and Unbreakable
As fragile as a moment
But as strong as an emotion,
A quiet storm unable to use its tongue
To tell anyone what’s going on.
I’m lost in the sky,
Just trying to find a haven where I can pour out the sounds,
The songs
And the rhythms.
Trying to let go of these ghosts
With a pencil and paper
But I know that I’ll walk this road alone,
With only my ghosts and my thoughts.
I know I’ll forever remain
A poem about the pain we carry until our final breath.
Jade Feb 2019
There’s a little ghost in my heart,
We’re roommates you see,
My little shadow and I.
And when times get rough
She gives me medicine to keep the walls
From crashing down
And I give her beautiful bedtime stories
And write out her songs.
The only reason I’ve survived has been because of my
Pretty little ghost,
My lonely little shadow.
Would you try and take her?
She’s mine.
She’s my heart,
The only beat that steadies my tune
The only real ground in the sky.
She is mine to reveal.
I guess I shouldn’t have shown her to you in the first place
But I hate that trust can be such a backstabber,
And I trusted you.
I trusted you to keep your distance,
I didn’t want you to dig so deep.
Even now she whispers that you can’t fault
Rain for falling,
Even if it is the cause of your cold.
So I won’t blame you.
But I guess that right now all I’m saying is
Leave me with my
A poem about... well, my shadow (not literally tho) =)
Jade Feb 2019
In your eyes you hold
A familiar but different sort of night,
It seeps through your bones and makes you tired
Without ever moving an inch.
I can see it by the way your music is turned up so loud you won’t need
To hear yourself think
And the way you’ll smile with that untouchable distance
Like you’re the only person in the world.
But unanswered questions go unasked,
I can guess the truth if you’re not ready to say it,
I’ll be here if you ever need to let go,
I’ll be here when you’re ready to forgive,
So please,
Never forget.
A poem about a friend of mine.
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