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Jade 4d
In your eyes you hold
A familiar but different sort of night,
It seeps through your bones and makes you tired
Without ever moving an inch.
I can see it by the way your music is turned up so loud you won’t need
To hear yourself think
And the way you’ll smile with that untouchable distance
Like you’re the only person in the world.
But unanswered questions go unasked,
I can guess the truth if you’re not ready to say it,
I’ll be here if you ever need to let go,
I’ll be here when you’re ready to forgive,
So please,
Never forget.
A poem about a friend of mine.
Jade Feb 15
As the world came crashing down
I couldn't help but wonder
At the beauty of its wholeness.
As I cursed the rain for soaking through my mind,
I laughed because I knew it would fall.
There's a terrible but beautiful way this lonely little sphere
Sitting in an endless dance takes all this in stride.
It sings and it dances and it twirls and it spins,
And it never stops.
Not for heartbreak,
Not for anger,
Not for loss.
I stood there and looked at it
Amidst the downpour and the flood,
And couldn't help but wonder at the beauty
Of being free from the ground.
It would never fall,
It would never fly,
It would never feel the seemingly too-close
But until the end of time,
It will always
Keep on
A poem about how the world keeps going.
  Feb 10 Jade
Anne In Wanderlust
Your last words to me
Left like ending credits
Unable to grasp my attention
Long, detailed in darkness
Executed in thanks
You gave a long explanation
Why you had to go
Leaving a numb sensation
Does it hurt? I don't know.
What was your intention
To leave yet linger as though
To cause and relieve the tension
Like the last replay
Of my favourite movie
One I can no longer watch
Because it was the end of our story
Jade Feb 9
I remember the first time
My demon came knocking.
My brick house turned to straw
In front of his never-ending gaze
And I screamed
Because I couldn’t recognize the one place I called home.
I didn’t know what to do
I couldn’t breathe in the dark
I could see mile-deep cracks echo through my heart
As I tried to patch it up with tape.
I could see the dark swallow me whole
Without anyone to save me
And I could see...
Then it’d fade.
I’d be able to see through
The demon's eyes.
And I’d be able to see it’s curious gaze was not one
That wanted to leave me dead.
I’d be sad,
Knowing its secret truth,
But I knew that I could breathe.
And then I’d sing so some flowers would grow
And heal my heart’s small dent.
I’d look around
And I’d be fine.
I would face the dark and apologize
For mistaking it for a beast,
Then I’d snuggle up in my blankets
And fall to sleep.
I know I’ll wake up
When it’s time for me to leave.
But until then,
I’ll be here to say that our demons aren’t our ends.
I’ll be here.
A poem about facing inner demons.
Jade Jan 29
I had my heart broken,
Not by anyone in particular,
It just accidentally slipped out of their fingers.
I sat there in the dark
Hoping to find
Some solace in the shadows that
Danced with the too-bright lights,
But I guess I didn’t want to get rid of the lonely,
It was all I had at the time.
I convinced myself that this cut was just a bruise,
It would heal in time,
Other people have scars,
I’ll get over this little ache.
I turned away from the laughing sun,
Finding a comfortable silence in the shade.
I sat there till my bones grew tired,
And decided I didn’t want to fight.
I didn’t blame the ones
Who couldn’t see me in the dark,
I could go on without them.
I didn’t need anyone to hold my hand.
I talked to myself in the dark shell of my mind,
And while I played hide-and-seek
I shamelessly cheated
And hid where they couldn’t find me.
And in that secret little cave
Where my chest sometimes forgot
It was supposed to be beating,
I found myself a stranger to
My own little bruised heart,
But slowly I began to see who I was
And the murky ink became clear.
I recognized the colors that mixed into
Beautiful rainbows,
And… yes, less flattering shades.
But I decided that this was good enough,
I could let go
And paint with my own little dark.
I’m an artist.
A poem about me =)
Jade Jan 22
Trust is supposed to be treasured.
Kindness is supposed to be given.
Friends are supposed to be helped.
Love is supposed to be free.
Promises are supposed to be kept.
Why is Trust thrown away?
Why is Kindness only taken?
Why are Friends used?
Why is Love kept in chains?
Why are Promises
A poem about society's injustice.
Jade Jan 9
Lost Souls,
To a society where
Broken hearts are balanced on tightropes
Stretching across a darkness as thick as an
Overgrown forest that only flickering candles
Can push away.

New Fighters,
To a war of words
Where people use their voices trying to make sense
Of the music in their heads and in their hearts.
Where everyone is terrified of falling because
They don't know who they'll be
When they get back up.

To a world of childhood and age,
With people who learn to want before they learn
What they want
And what they need.
Where your childhood is dependant on how much
You know before you realize
That some truths were lies
And that there is no rewind button
For sight.

Dear Angel,
To a world where you only came
To those who waited for a lifetime and more
Just holding on to a hope older
Than their mind.
To a world where
Some were lost before you could
Find them and
We blame you for not coming
Even though we know it's not your fault.

Sad Demons,
To our world where we were taught
To fight with fangs and claws
Against ourselves and against
Where we're all terrified of what lurks
Inside our chests until
We come to realize that
The forest shadows that
We cast as monsters are just

Far Aliens,
To our everlasting war
Where you'll be left shocked by the way
We'll tear ourselves and others apart
Just to feel whole.
Just to keep what's ours.
Where you'll be left wondering at the fact that
We're terrified of being alone
And that we know we need someone
Despite our desire to hide in our lonely darkness
Whenever a wandering light comes along
Because of the fear of what we'll
Find within that darkened forest.

To a scary world where you know
Everything when you're young because
You knew that everything
Was gonna be alright,
And that's all that anyone needs to know
In order to survive this fight.

To our world of broken glass.
A poem about understanding the world.
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