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 Mar 2018 JLK
and then I asked you,
"What's your biggest fear?"

you gave me a quivering sigh,
looked at me straight in the eyes
and said,

"It's that eventually, you will see me
the way I see myself."
 Nov 2017 JLK
when a boy shows you his hands
bare except for the dust
he’s begging you to look past
take them in yours.
squeeze them once.
say without speaking
that you understand that the valleys
in his palms were meant to cradle
shooting star wishes
that he’s allowed to still hope for.
when a boy shows you his eyes
of milk and crimson and melanin
a bloodshot vein for every night he can’t sleep
let him shut his eyelids.
say without speaking
that you understand that the black hole pinpricks
of his irises hold more than the universe
should allow.
when a boy shows you his soul
shivering but still working toward friction
iced over but still working toward melting
let him come to rest next to yours.
say without speaking
that you understand that he is lonely
and that his silence speaks volumes
and that you kept his treasure close
because you love him.
when a boy shows you his hands
show him your hands.
when a boy shows you his eyes
show him your eyes.
when a boy shows you his soul
show him that
this is a comfortable place to rest it.
when a boy shows you the hardness that shaped him
show him the softness
that you have in store.
 Nov 2017 JLK
R o o m m a t e
 Nov 2017 JLK
Before the dawn, when I wake up
You're sound asleep, got no makeup
I look at you, I always do
You've got it all, but you've got no clue

Your quietness and mystery
And your unspoken history
Your calm demeanor, golden voice
A level head above the noise

Always on point, there's no excess
The words you say, the way you dress
No awkward move, no big disgrace
You've got all that and a pretty face

Your worst is better than my best
And if I could make one request
Don't smile at me, 'cause when you do
It breaks my heart and makes me blue

Don't want to hate you, never will
You do no wrong, yet hurt me still
You're everything he wants, you see
And all I ever want to be.
 Nov 2017 JLK
Andrew Durst
I wanted
that wouldn't
be afraid

of me.

I spent
that person
could ever

For humans
are far too shallow
and our

way too deep

but I honestly believe
we should not have to
be alone.

I believe in independence.
I believe in self-reliance
and I believe in self-respect.

But I also believe that
humans can connect
on a far deeper level
than just what we see.

I believe there is a time
and place
for everything
and that includes
the moments

we fall in love.

You see,
there will be days
that you fill
and lonely
but you have
to be there for yourself.

No one is going to give you
a handout
unless you show them
you are going to
make it count.

No one is going to
rely on someone
that cannot
rely on them self.

Co dependence can be
but nevertheless-
it is filled with
even more grief.

You cannot fix somebody else
when you are still
the craft
of self-love.

Allow your lows
to be reminders
that you
can lose
and smile
that you can
bounce back,

There is nothing
in struggling
but there is
in the


and believe me-
you will find a way
to live through it all.

And then
some day
is going to
the way
you refuse
to fall.

And you will wonder
how you ever
let the world
make you feel

so small.

-Andrew Durst.
Do you my friends. Do you so well that you radiate greatness. Do you so well that people can't help but smile when you are around them. Be so grateful that you inspire the people in your life to be just as grateful as well. Be a pillar of hope in the times when the world gives you a struggle. YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT. Every day we have a choice to be better or worse than we were the day before. WHICH DECISION ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE?! Be brave my friends. Be brave(:
 Nov 2017 JLK
Rebecca Sorenson
It’s like a spider
In a web
Crawling closer
Thread by thread

You try to run
But the strings are sticky
So you trip and fall
This was going to be tricky

You get back up
And continue on
Looking back
It was almost dawn

You’ve almost made it through the night
Keep on treading
You’re almost done
But the webs started spreading

The spider slowly follows
And you feel it in your soul
Here it comes again
Time to pay your toll

You lay there
Out of breath
Was it over?
Or was this death?

You couldn’t move
You felt dead
You were full of horrible emotions
One of them, dread

And suddenly, you realized
That big spider
The one that chased you
Was no outsider

You’ve been here before
All because of one thing
You should’ve stayed inside
But you didn’t know what the outside would bring

That spider
It feeds on society
That spider
Its name is Anxiety
 Oct 2017 JLK
Jack Jenkins
I miss my friends that have left
Lost in a place that isn't right
My heart now has no guest
My heart wanders as a foreign stranger
All alone, never would have guessed
In the end I should have known
I am shaken in the excess
My needs know only deprivation
Oddly enough I decided to stylize this poem a bit. Rhymes mixed with antonyms on alternating lines.
 Oct 2017 JLK
Dazed Dreaming
 Oct 2017 JLK
Dazed Dreaming
I'd rather be hard to love.
Than easy to leave.
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