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Naveen Malhotra Dec 2020
On this Christmas day
My daughter lights and decorates Christmas tree
It's a fascinating sight
I bow in reverence to Jesus Christ
Though I belong to a different religion
I adhere to God's religion
Of love, empathy and compassion
Equality, resemblance and tolerance
I cast another glance on the Christmas tree
Patterns within patterns
Catch my eye
In top gear my mind drives
Giving FRACTALS free ride
Wonderful patterns of similarity within similarity
As in mountains and cloudy sky
Cauliflower and broccoli
Carefully observed snowflakes
Lightening when it strikes
Mathematician in me comes to life
Many would hate and wish me to die
I can't resist mention
Most famous fractal
The Mandelbrot set
Simple equation I wouldn't write
Atrocity on you I avoid
Beautiful fractals are
The result of recursion
I won't take you for an excursion
All said and done, I must write
Besides aesthetics Fractals are very useful in our life
God's Thumbprints we call
Merry Christmas and happiness to all!
Isaac Spencer Oct 2020
I don't think, as I reach up,
As I reach up, the stars shrink,
The stars shrink, and like glass cuts,
And like glass cuts, I don't think,

The stars fall, and like glass cuts,
And like glass cuts, the clouds stall,
The clouds stall, it won't end, but-
It wont end, but the stars fall,

We can't die, it won't end, but-
It won't end, but I can't cry,
I can't cry, 'cause in my gut,
'Cause in my gut, we can't die.

I don't think, 'cause in my gut,
'Cause in my gut, it's all drink,
It's all drink, I don't know what,
I don't know what, I don't think.
This is a new form I made, which uses an ABAB rhyme scheme for each stanza, with each line being an odd number of words long, made of two phrases where one phrase is one word shorter than the other. A lines are odd/even, while B lines are even/odd. The second phrase of the first line is the first phrase of the second line, and so on, but the 4th line of the stanza ends with the first phrase of the first line.

The second stanza's  second phrase on the first line uses the first phrase from the last stanza's last line.

And the last stanza's first line should begin with the same phrase the poem began with, to end how it began.

There are no syllabic rules, this is all about recursion.

Mmm recursion.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

In a dream I saw boys lying
under banners gaily flying
and I heard their mothers sighing
from some dark distant shore.

For I saw their sons essaying
into fields—gleeful, braying—
their bright armaments displaying;
such manly oaths they swore!

From their playfields, boys returning
full of honor’s white-hot burning
and desire’s restless yearning
sired new kids for the corps.

In a dream I saw boys dying
under banners gaily lying
and I heard their mothers crying
from some dark distant shore.

Keywords/Tags: war, recursion, recurring, repetition, cycle, violence, banners, guns, oaths, mothers, tears, sighs
Ylzm Apr 2019
Every Seventh is a Rest.
The Day after the Seventh Sevens, a Renewal.
These are the Sevens of Days and Years,
Of Time marked by the Sun and Earth.

The Sevens of Moons is a Recursion
Every Seventh, a Seven, and is Half a Time,
The Fullness thereof, a Twelve.
And every Seventh, a Sacrifice.

— The End —