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  Jun 2017 Hollow
I was out today
with my father
running errands
in such extreme heat.
Dad stops for gas
and I wait in the car seat.
As this happens I glance
through the windshield
at several passing cars.
I saw so many faces,
many different emotions
flowed through the calm,
humid breeze from afar.
These faces I know
all had their own stories.
Their faces like book covers
displayed at a book store.
The ****** expressions,
the mannerisms,
the variety in our lives.
I felt infatuated with
witnessing these people
entering into my view.
I remember moments ago
feeling so indifferent to it all,
but now I was filled
with such anonymous love
for strangers passing by.
I felt for these people
and on some level I hoped
that the feelings deep down
were mutual between us.
I had hoped they were
on good terms with themselves.
For a moment I fell through
myself and my own cheap,
repetitive problems
as if I was living through
these beautiful strangers.

One by one they came
and one by one they went.
In a matter of minutes
I realized my glances
turned into an odd gaze.
The light shined bright enough
to where I don't think any eyes
met mine through the windshield.
I hoped they had seen me,
so then I can say that
we both saw each other
and that we knew we both
existed to each other.

I felt a sense of loneliness
as my father returned
to the steering wheel
and we drove from the lot.
I felt more alone
on that drive home
than I had
in a very long time.
I truly cared more
about these beautiful strangers
than I did even my own self.
Hollow Jun 2017
Stranded in the abyss between dreams and reality.
An unhealthy position for me to put myself in.
But as I open my eyes and focus on the picture, I realize I'm right where I need to be.
Alone, Stranded, and Hungry.
I strive to become someone who has never known hunger.
I strive to become someone who can fly away as she pleases.
I strive to become someone who fills herself with her own company.
I strive.
I strive.
As I strive to become who I wish to be.
I learn.
And I learn to become every part of me that has been hiding in the shadows for the last couple dozen years.
That's a long time to forget those parts of you.
And they come back without hesitation.
  Jun 2017 Hollow
What I am trying to say is,
I am well aware that it matters not whether I am with or without you;
I will keep moving,
but I much prefer your limbs with my limbs,
and I enjoy the tragedy you think makes you unable to be loved,
and I'm sorry I didn't touch you a little bit longer,
and when you're here I feel it,
and when you're not I feel it too.

by : Alexandra Crawford
  Jun 2017 Hollow
Daisy Arcos
it hits you
but not all at once
or like a ton of bricks
more like
a constant migrane
a dull throb
with spikes of pain
that strike you
listlessly in vain
in the oddest
times and places
it hits you
in the middle of the night
or while staring
into your coffee
ruminating twilight
on your drive home
or when you get caught
in a stranger's sight
it hits you
and you'll want
to hit back
but you just can't
  Jun 2017 Hollow
Daisy Arcos
As this hole inside me grows
It swallows, blackens, deepens, numbs
Yet somehow remains the only thing
Left to comfort me

My hand in my own hand
I stand on these two calloused feet
Worn from the countless times
I have walked alone

No one is there to wipe my tears
Or whisper sweet ramblings of comfort
The echoes of their empathy
Vanish within the depths

This pit unnerves and dampens
Each time I think I've grown stronger
I only dig and descend deeper
Into singularity
Hollow Jun 2017
Awake and a little bothered.
It's okay though.
I'm not that sober.
The usual routine.
Crush. Roll. Light.
It's my best past time.
One of my favorite outlets.
Forgetting to turn off the buzzer.
Remembering it's all in your head.
Being awakened with a reminder.
A reminder needeth be remembered.


Don't forget to breath.

Hollow Jun 2017
One more hour to go.
One more hour to show.
One more hour to slow.
One more hour to quit.

Quit breathing.
Quit stealing.
Quit keeping.

Keep yourself happy.
Keep yourself true.
Keep yourself dancing with shadows of the truth.

The truth.
The truth is out there.
The truth is hidden.
The truth needs patience in order to reach you.

I done ran outta that ****.
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