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Hollow Jan 2018
Don’t be afraid to take a big step, you can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps. David Lloyd George

The definition of chasm can come in two forms
1. A deep fissure in the earth, rock, or another surface.
2. A profound difference between people, viewpoints, feelings, etc.

Taking a big step is needed to cross both.
To get over both
and fetch for sanity.
To reach for the furthest branch
To take the leap
To jump and release.

Plummet towards the earth.
Lose all sense of reality
Master containing hope.
Just don’t let go of that rope.

Dangling from the tree of life
Channeling the strength to fight
No other human in sight.
Hindered by the gift of design.
Hindered by the thought of this lie.

Desperate to forge tonight
Hold my body up to the light.
This law we cant defy.  
Is this all we’re willing to try?
  Jan 2018 Hollow
I pulled all my hair out,
screamed in the pillow
when nobody else was around.
I got my frustrations out
just to do it all over again.
It's demoralizing when the release
just flips the hourglass over again.
I hate it when I feel trapped in a daily daze.

All I want to do
is everything I can't.
It's hard to sit back and relax
all by myself with all these

I wanna go up, up, up.
High enough to touch the clouds,
just stay here awhile with no cares.
This world below me can stop and stare,
wouldn't it be so grand to live here
instead of being so down, down, down.

All I want to do
is everything I can't.
It's hard to sit back and relax
all by myself with all these
complications, complications.

Forget it, I don't wanna hear it.
You all live pointlessly here.
Mindless zombies to the screen,
you have no place to judge me.
Continue living in line, eyes closed.
This all is what I hate the most.

All I want to do
is everything I can't.
It's hard to sit back and relax
all by myself with all these
complications, complications.
Everything I want
is all I don't have.
It's hard to be content
when the world gives you these
complications, complications.
  Jan 2018 Hollow
Can I ever escape this trap?
You touched me in the worst ways.
It always goes deeper than they think,
I cannot ever forgive your easy mistakes.
I was a kid, you were blinded by ***.
Constantly reminded of my ignorance,
didn't know what your smile really meant.
I feel enraged, I feel killed inside.
I feel the guilt, I feel ***** in my mind.
I drowned myself in fearful prayer,
"Lord please forgive me for this,
I truly didn't know a single thing."
This block that you caused me, it's mental.
There's no such thing as relief for me
for relief would be to return back then
and erase all that you did to me.
Erase all of my memories,
I'd rather know nothing at all.
I remember, I remember your name.
Every time I hear it I stutter a little bit.
It makes me want to **** myself
out of embarrassment and shame.
I still remember the awful smells.
I still remember your face,
I still remember asking for more
without knowing what it meant.
I still remember these conversations
and I still remember that I cannot forget.
I still remember how you took advantage
and filled me with all of this endless regret.
I hate you.
Hollow Jan 2018
Graveyard shift ain’t got no **** on me
Oh wait, held over my head
I look up
I realize
It’s me watching me
Nonsense thoughts
Unobtainable shots
I stop
I look
I call.
I call myself out in the open
I hold myself up to a fantasy
A fantasy which took two years
Two years to create
Two years to assimilate
And two to discover.
I’ve discovered you and I know you.
I love you and I can’t wait to marry you. But.
But. There’s never a perfect time to get this thing right
Temptations a *****, but so is karma
All together held with a lick.

Her knowledge of this has come with age

And so it begins.
Hollow Jul 2017
give yourself hope
don't ever let go
there has to be
something other
than these foes.
hold yourself higher
don't let yourself go.
hearts full of doubt
I know you must know
we'll grow through this
I just ******* know
please please don't
shed your hope
open my eyes
and just feel
the blow.

Feels like it's been a lifetime since I've been online. Hello everyone! :)
Hollow Jun 2017
Got the call before noon.
I can't believe this news.
Jerry, you're gone.
I can't believe this news.
My nephews and sister left all alone.
I can't believe this news.
I can't process.
I can't.
How could this happen?
It is too soon for God to need you.
My sister needs you.
Johann needs you.
Jaben needs you.
I'm so sad.
You're gone.
This has to be a joke.
What a cruel cruel joke.
I need time to process.
I need this to sink in.
I need. I need.
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