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632 · Jan 2018
Time Flies
Juni Notte Jan 2018
Time flies
when you're happy
Yet when you are sad
time is the slowest
it mulls on
Days become months
Months become years
and years become your life
It is so much harder to remember all the times
when you shared a laugh or cracked a smile
Yet it is so easy
to remember all of the tears and the lonely nights
Time flies when you're having fun
Yet time seems to freeze when you're trying to decide
whether you should jump in front of that car
while waiting for the bus
631 · Feb 2018
t i r e d
Juni Notte Feb 2018
I'm tired of feeling this way
just wanna play the ukulele
while sailing away
on a small little raft
to a faraway place
where all I can do
is watch my friend
rise and fall on these blue ocean waves
I'm tired of feeling this way
just wanna escape
just wanna sail away
with my little ukulele
to a place no one can find
628 · Jan 2018
Quiet Nights
Juni Notte Jan 2018
I wanna have nights with you

where you take me out in your Audi

we go to an abandoned lot

and we just lay on the hood

and stare at the stars

and have unspoken thoughts leak from our lips

and delicate finger tips touching each other

sharing warmth under twinkling lights
335 · Mar 2018
n i g h t
Juni Notte Mar 2018
They keep clawing
Sinking their claws into the cold and dry dirt of their graves
Hissing and seething with mourning
They touch my feet yet I kick them away
I do not know if I can keep them at bay
At night, I feel them tugging at my legs
Licking my calves and gently gnawing on my legs
Their claws tickle my legs and keep me awake at night
They whisper that they only wish to lick my tears away
But I know better
I know what they do to my mind at night
When I let them hold me in their miserable arms
When I let them lick my tears and leave burning trails
I know what it's like to cry myself to sleep at night
315 · Jan 2018
Juni Notte Jan 2018
I'm falling
my heart is sinking
I'm cascading down
this waterfall
I haven't been the same in so long
298 · Feb 2018
s i g h
287 · Jan 2018
Let you know
Juni Notte Jan 2018
I wanna let you know

that I don't need you no more

That I'm okay

without you

I don't need your chapped lips

scraping against mine

I'm happy

without you

I'm getting by

without you

I don't need your bony fingers

being a trespasser on my body

I just wanted to let you know

I no longer need you

to be able to breathe
279 · Apr 2018
g a r d e n
Juni Notte Apr 2018
Like roses, I’m red
I don’t want to be trapped in the dirt anymore
Even if it claws at my heart and kills me
Even if every night is a sleepless one
I’ll cut this necklace of thorned roses

Like violets, I’m blue
Struggling for a voice in this silent world
Yearning for a face to bloom and blossom
I’m waltzing in the melancholy wind with my dress of soft petals
Plucked violets wilting in my hair as I plant the past to grow the future

Weeds sleeping at my feet
I need help cutting them away so I can do more than just breathe
274 · Apr 2018
m u s e u m
Juni Notte Apr 2018
this shell is useless
with scars and cuts and stretchmarks and spots
i'm a hopeless mosaic
pieces from different places
marks from different memories
yet my soul is glowing, one with my heart
this body is useless
welcome to my museum
i am useless art
255 · Feb 2018
t h i n k i n
Juni Notte Feb 2018
thinkin bout you

and what you do

to this pathetic heart of mine
242 · Jan 2018
Can't look away
Juni Notte Jan 2018
You're so **** cute when you smile
And I'm so ecstatic you're still living and breathing
That I can touch your warm skin and feel those lips on mine
Those lips that melt my troubles away
That make me crack that awkward yet bubbly smile you love
You've made me see how pretty I am
I can't look away from you
Nobody else catches my attention
Nobody else catches my eye
Makes me as happy as you do
I could write endless stories about you
About the memories we've made
You mean more than life
I've fallen so hard that it's scary
That with just one sentence we could end
But I have trust in you
I know you won't take my glass heart and let it fall to the ground
I know you'll catch me when I fall
I could never look away from you
236 · Feb 2018
dead girl
Juni Notte Feb 2018
i'm a dead girl
with a little smile
that's rotting from the sadness
i'ma little dead girl
trying my best to crawl
since my legs are too weak to walk
my face sunken in
my eyes glazed over and grey
i'm a dead girl
that just wishes she can breathe again
217 · Apr 2018
l i m i t
Juni Notte Apr 2018
humans are made of neither stuff from heaven or earth

what is stopping these humans from being what they want

we are limitless yet have self-imposed limits

we are our own downfall

yet still make ourselves rise
214 · Jan 2018
Juni Notte Jan 2018
You're so **** contagious
With that laugh I love to hear
With that smile that makes me fuzzy
That moment you coughed and made an awkward joke
You put me under a **** spell
Showed me that people like you exist
Proved to me that people can have good intentions
Lifted fear off my chest
You're so **** contagious
Your love is infectious
And I keep getting sicker and sicker
209 · Jan 2018
A Rose Petal
Juni Notte Jan 2018
I was wilting
I was dying
Suffering in a garden,
adorned with dead flowers
I was alone
A small and blue rose
Facing the world by myself
I was sad and wanted to wilt
Wanted my petals to fall
A gardener came one day
Tall and a little chubby
And planted a tall red rose
It loomed over right next to me
It looked down at me
And a small yet happy and vibrant rose petal slowly fell
and landed on my sad and dull blue ones
172 · Jan 2018
Juni Notte Jan 2018
world full of sin

I wanna dance with you under this misty moonlight

have my body be held and swayed to the sound of crickets

we're in a world full of sin, darling

we'll be ****** to hell

but at least I'll have you until then and after
152 · Jan 2018
Juni Notte Jan 2018
Even when it's raining
You still shine
144 · Feb 2018
c o n f u s e d
Juni Notte Feb 2018
I'm drunk and confused

don't know what to do

I'm sitting here

texting you

making myself a fool

wishing for you
137 · Feb 2018
m a z e
Juni Notte Feb 2018
i've always been where the sun don't shine
where people give up
where there ain't no hope
what i crave is already mine
my tears won't show
my heart has been broke
i've lost my remorse
i hate myself but it won't show
i'm just trapped in a changing maze
136 · Feb 2018
s h a r p
Juni Notte Feb 2018
tough girl with a crying heart
with sharp edges that turn soft when around you
you've got me changing, baby
i ain't never the same when i'm with you
121 · Feb 2018
p r e t t y
Juni Notte Feb 2018
don't you know
that you'll always be
the most prettiest man i know
120 · Feb 2018
r e s t
Juni Notte Feb 2018
You don't own my soul

You can't control my heart

I need to rest my bones

For you've hurt my body
117 · Jan 2018
Juni Notte Jan 2018
Pain has changed me
Morphed me into a monster
Made my warm heart cold
I haven't been the same in so long
I'm changed
Life doesn't change
But life changes you
115 · Feb 2018
k i s s
Juni Notte Feb 2018
just looking at you
ties me up
is it too much to ask for
a kiss baby?
112 · Feb 2018
b a d
Juni Notte Feb 2018
being in love with you
is a bad idea
it's just so **** unfair
what you do to my heart
111 · Feb 2018
look at me
Juni Notte Feb 2018
I've been by your side through all of this
been supporting you since day 1
was the shoulder you needed
was the hug you needed
I've been there through all of them girls
been there through all of them tears
I've been by your side
just look at me
109 · Jan 2018
Juni Notte Jan 2018
It's not easy to breathe
When anxiety has you by the throat
Telling you you'll never be good enough.
It's not easy to stand
When stress has a firm grip on your shoulders
Forcing you to sit.
It's not easy to talk
when society tells you
to be silent.
107 · Mar 2018
m i r r o r
Juni Notte Mar 2018
everyday the glass mirror

gets tougher to watch
105 · Jan 2018
Child's Play
Juni Notte Jan 2018
Hide and Seek with stress.
Tag with depression.
Hopscotch with anxiety.
103 · Jan 2018
Unspoken Thoughts
Juni Notte Jan 2018
Is it weird that I go crazy when I think about you?
My body feels all funny and my tongue gets swollen
And is it strange that I barely know what to say to you half the time?
That my brain goes numb and words get caught in my throat
I hate seeing you with anyone else
I hate seeing someone else make you smile
It makes me angry and jealous and makes a pit in my stomach
Or that people wanna hang out with you
I'm so possessive and I hate myself for it
I should give you space right?
But I care too much
I love you too much
I don't wanna let you go
Chain your heart to mine and throw the key in the deepest ocean
Never lose that heart that took mine captive
And it drives me crazy to see you sad
Or upset
I hate it when girls hug you
Or when guys invite you to their place
I want you all to myself
Wanna be the only reason you laugh and smile
That smile belongs to me
Man, I'm in deep
But I'm okay with it
I love you so **** much
100 · Feb 2018
Juni Notte Feb 2018
I love in a constant state of sadness

I dream in a constant state of fear

I breathe in a constant state of stress
92 · Jan 2018
Juni Notte Jan 2018
Sunflowers in my hair
With your big hand in mine
Let's take the world by storm
We can change it and make it ours
88 · Jan 2018
Juni Notte Jan 2018
Small body
Big issues
69 · Feb 2018
save us
Juni Notte Feb 2018
I've watched you for so long
seen you be hurt
by so many girls
I just wanna show you
that I'll be different
I'll treat you right
save us from ourselves
I do not want to die

— The End —