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 Nov 2018 Juni Notte
A Puppet
 Nov 2018 Juni Notte
And your sweet taste paralyzed me for now i was a puppet in your game of love
 Feb 2018 Juni Notte
Dear Hunter
 Feb 2018 Juni Notte
Dear, gentle Hunter
You cried when you killed me
Your desperation I see,
Battling the kindness in your eyes.

Dear, gentle Hunter
You lay your hand on me
Softening my fear with your touch
Your need was greater than mine.

Dear, gentle Hunter
You pulled the arrow from my side
To passify my pain
Your love of the world showing plain.

Dear, gentle Hunter
You looked for a fawn before you shot
Thinking of the children of your own
The winter would take them if not for me

Dear, gentle Hunter
You took everything you could,
Nothing would be wasted
Your gratitude obvious

Dear, gentle Hunter
I willingly give you myself
Let me give you the peace of knowing
I have the serenity of my worth
 Feb 2018 Juni Notte
vanessa ann
i found myself last night whispering your name under the shield of my duvet, willing myself to pronounce every syllable of your name to the darkness of my room. i looked up to the plastic stars on my ceilings, remainders of the childhood i once had, and said it:

“yoon. jeong. han”

every syllable clear and true.

and it occurred to me,
how beautiful your name was.

“yoon” — the moon and the whistles of the wind, lulling me into dreamland.
“jeong” — a masculine edge.
and finally, the concluding “han” that returns it into its original softness.

clean milky way.

i’ve never expected to fall for a boy with your name. but i’ve always been fascinated with the universe and all the bright lights surrounding our blue planet. so i guess, it is only fitting for me to fall for a boy whose name means “clean milky way”

so i whispered your name over and over into the night.
yoon jeonghan.
yoon jeonghan.
yoon jeonghan.
until the taste of it becomes as familiar as the quiet.
and i swear, i saw the plastic stars on the ceiling growing brighter with every syllable.

i whispered and whispered until i fell into morpheus’ charm, and awoke with a new realization:

*your name is my favorite sound.
to the boy who made me feel

{or alternatively — "it's 3 in the morning and you still haunt my mind so i decided to write this piece i wouldn't call poetry and post it on a poetry website for hundreds to see"}
I am so sure of my love for you

It makes me unsure of everything else.
 Feb 2018 Juni Notte
kathryn anne
roses are red
night is dark
writing this poem
hurts my heart

shaky sobs
like violets, i'm blue
i'm wondering
why i ever loved you
to ends and beginnings

— The End —