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Juni Notte Feb 2018
don't you know
that you'll always be
the most prettiest man i know
Juni Notte Feb 2018
being in love with you
is a bad idea
it's just so **** unfair
what you do to my heart
Juni Notte Feb 2018
just looking at you
ties me up
is it too much to ask for
a kiss baby?
Juni Notte Feb 2018
You don't own my soul

You can't control my heart

I need to rest my bones

For you've hurt my body
  Feb 2018 Juni Notte
kathryn anne
roses are red
night is dark
writing this poem
hurts my heart

shaky sobs
like violets, i'm blue
i'm wondering
why i ever loved you
to ends and beginnings
Juni Notte Feb 2018
thinkin bout you

and what you do

to this pathetic heart of mine
Juni Notte Feb 2018
I'm drunk and confused

don't know what to do

I'm sitting here

texting you

making myself a fool

wishing for you
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