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 Dec 2020 Aniseed
through the turbulent toss of a coin,
time drew its arrow back like a metro bus slowing to accept sparse, fresh picked passengers.
love, mind, and my soul swim together in a psychedelic pool of
the drowned sirens of old.
When night is cold, cold like the ship brimming through ice
ice Atlantic Ocean water
Eyes heavy, warmth of sleep, drifting through dreamscapes
she comes to me and runs her salt licked fingers through my hair.
And it doesn't hurt when she bites - well,
or maybe I succumb to it like all things
but when she pulls me down into the water, it all
becomes oh so clear.
I'm here to experience, like you
and for now, I suppose that really can be all there is to it.
This morning, I woke up in the bath
Hydrated, aware, no usual withdrawal
But I can't explain all this water on my floor and walls
 Nov 2020 Aniseed
You used to date someone who expresses her love for you in
secret love letters,
in far-away stares,
and in closed doors.

You used to settle
for kisses behind curtains,
attachments on empty hallways,
and memories being hidden.

Until you met me
in broad daylight,
in sunny days,
and blue skies.

Until I made you realize that
you are not meant
to be locked
in darkness.

You are meant to be free—
in colours,
in sunshine,
out there.
 Nov 2020 Aniseed
Andrew Layman
I don't want to breathe
but I still do
just to spite myself.

Making each morning
the remainder of questions
and the child
I know nothing about.
 Nov 2020 Aniseed
i look at you and think to myself, “how could someone be so hesitant to love You?”
the sun had already sunk so low by the time your body hit the couch.
your eyes closed and head tilted back, as the seconds pass by.
i can tell your breathing became less automatic after you let the alcohol burn your throat.
i can tell that it seemed to taste much more different to you.
this time, your tastebuds dancing to every sip you take.
from that bottle of blue raspberry flavored wine.
and maybe it’s because cupid missed your heart and hit you in the throat.
so hard that even your hangover hurt almost as bad as your heart rupturing.
i see the lamp next to you shining like the city of Vegas, especially during your loneliest times.
and i think about how you’re so fragile and devastated after she left you.
you sit there all night as your body is trying not to give out.
you collapse over and over again after each sip,
yet you still close your eyes as if the world around you isn’t falling apart.
i hope that one day you find someone who isn’t the missing pages
but the entire story
just as you are.
 Nov 2020 Aniseed
B E Cults
Tripping on Lynch
and sipping a fix mysteriously
digitized while any friction
imprints onto my drifting mind.
I used to wonder if the missing time
disappeared into the wicked "Why"
until it proved that concern was
the hidden eye that's twitches
behind the lid of the night sky.
it's indifferent to the light that splits
blissfully prismatic,
these dimensions lack what we wished they did.
That's a sick sadness to witness.
Believe that.

Tragic like the traffic lights reflected
what's left the windshields of smoking cars.
Bent steel,
horns blaring,
gas leaking onto cracked concrete.
Stars hang silent as the space between them.

Comfort zones.
I abandon those even better than I used too.
So pursue what you want.
Because as you can see I don't hesitate.
I chase narrative threads
like a pretty face in a crowd.
Being dead to things that chain you
to the proverbial radiator is good.
I promise.
 Nov 2020 Aniseed
Corrinne Shadow
Listen to my words.
They're harsh
And pained
And wild.

Listen to my cry,
The tears
Of a broken child.

But don't forget,
My friend,
That I can listen too.

I see your lonely words,
And I'm here
For you.
So many poems are cries for help disguised as art. I know what it's like. Don't give up. <3
 Nov 2020 Aniseed
Amanda Hawk
Wrap myself up in Saturday
Tighten the day around me
Relaxation should be fashion
With a stage of people lounging
Letting the week fall away
Wouldn’t that be luxury
A runway show
Of casual mornings, easygoing evenings
Affordability in the convenience
Drink down fancy coffee and hot chocolate
As Saturday becomes a world renowned designer
Of my relaxation
Favorite day-Saturday
 Nov 2020 Aniseed
 Nov 2020 Aniseed
Point the barrel at me.
Let me see my future
unfold right before my eyes
as you pull the trigger.
You killed me.
 Nov 2020 Aniseed
Stu Harley
scars of wars
cattle herds
Steel Vaulted Gas Chambers
Arnold Red Brick Ovens
marching us into the wind
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