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Fear is the relief of
Being lost in the woods
When the canopy shines
Before the night arrives

Fear is the relief of
Being greeted by the sea
Welcomed by the breeze
As the storm subsides

When I lie awake at stark midnight
At night, I find relief
In the darkest reliefs of the mind
Where fear is a friend of the dark
Then you realise what's bad for you is so very good,

don't follow me or that is what might be.

downhill is always quicker
and it's hard to climb back
but you'll do as you do
and not as I say
that's always the way
and I'm used to it.
 Nov 2022 Jme Love
Mitch Prax
Once someone breaks your heart,
it's hard to ever let your guard down.
A new person, a new heart-
one that does not beat so blissfully
as it did before the heartbreak.
We overanalyze their every word.
Are they lying or do they
really mean what they say?
Maybe they're hiding something
or maybe anxiety strikes again.
Maybe they will leave at any moment,
it wouldn't be the first time.
Indeed, we try to think outside the box
in hopes to avoid another heartbreak.
In doing so we lose a part of ourselves.
 Nov 2022 Jme Love
If there's one thing I know
More than anything un
It's that the sunsets will fall
The skies will stand tall
And just out of reach
Of this shared everyone
The stars will burn on
And be unseen when they finally decided to come undone
To live non-affirming
to live not at all
To hide in the shadows
and creep down the hall

To live uncommitted
new doubts to contend
All time intermittent
repressed till the end

To live without friendship
alone on the rock
A wandering echo
reflections that mock

To live undecided
with doubt your best friend
a future derided
—the present pretend

(Dreamsleep: November, 2022)
 Nov 2022 Jme Love
 Nov 2022 Jme Love
Do what is right
do what needs to be done
then you die with a smile
 Nov 2022 Jme Love
 Nov 2022 Jme Love
My guy is a west coast demon that got caught up. Layer caking lies like…”oh hey surprise!” This is your device. Your peeps are App Store updating. Beta testing and eviscerating. Family member separating. Six beers and a warm bed kinda celebrating.

My guy is a doorknock. It’s the cops. Courtroom evading. Mercedes Benz. Third-world countries are exasperating. Let’s stay home and cash out. How liberating. Cult curating. A fun playlist jam-packed with hits. Queer shaming and fatphobic anthems from the pulpit.

My guy. He’s a lie.

But wait. Isn’t he a miracle? A prophet? I regret to inform you he’s nothing more than a spectacle. A hall of mirrors. His technology is wearable. It’ll only cost you two Gs. But don’t worry…there are payment options that’ll make it a breeze.
 Nov 2022 Jme Love
 Nov 2022 Jme Love
Outside we look
Inside we know
Truth or lies
Spoken sighs
Listen silence
Anxious violence
Self to find
Moving time
Piece by peace
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