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Blake May 11
I only wish that I could tell you
what the world is going to do
But if you can't tell I don't have a clue
My whole world is upside down
Blake Mar 1
The stars
Little whispers of light
In an otherwise silent void

Little glows of sound
In an otherwise pitch black house

A hug
A sweet embrace
In an otherwise bitter day
Sometimes the best way to describe how you feel about something is to use words that shouldn’t be used to describe it
  Mar 1 Blake
i've been staring out of this window
for so long
i can't tell who's

the people i can't see
Blake Dec 2019
what has happened
I think I’ve lost touch
With reality
It can happen
I’ve lived enough
With tragedy

If we all bow our heads
To avoid what lies ahead
We’ll miss the good that comes our way
And be miserable instead

I think I’m giving up
I think I’ve had enough
Of this ****** up world and it’s lies
No I don’t think I’ll be alright

It’s time to go
And I don’t know
If Or when I will return
I hope in hell that I don’t burn

To those I’ve met
Please don’t forget

Don’t forget the things I said
Please keep my memories

When I’m
Blake Dec 2019
I will write about happiness
I will not delve into the pain
For if you heard the though I have
I fear I’d never hear from you again

I will talk of the sunshine and smiles
To convince myself it’s true
That I haven’t cried in a while
That I haven’t been feeling blue

When I sing you’ll hear the major chords
My melody so sweet
But then you ask me to talk some more
Just start the music please

Don’t let it
Engulf you
The darkness
We go through
Is meant to be left behind
Won’t let it
Engulf us
The fire
We walk through
Burning the darkest night
Blake Nov 2019
I think the reason
We don’t believe in magic
Is because we simply aren’t looking
In the right places

I used to believe
Magic was only in fairy tails
That it was make believe

We might not have
Magic wands
We might not hear
A sirens song

But dancing there
In time with you
My eyes found yours
Your starlight blues

And in those moments
When your eyes meet
Your thoughts are the same
And you’re both so at peace

If you’re telling me
That that isn’t magic
When the world is all sparkly
And you forget feeling numb

If you try to tell me
That I have gone crazy
Then I will simply tell you
I have always been

Because those moments
When you’re safe
And you’re loved
And you’re all that I want
There is no other word
That could possibly describe

I believed in magic
The day I first kissed you
Blake Nov 2019
I don’t know
If I believe in soulmates
Or fate

But if you told me
That something
Or someone
Had planned for us to meet
And made each of us
For the other

My darling I don’t know
If I would be able
To argue

You are
Everything I always dreamed of
I could’ve never imagined
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