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Abigail Shaw Oct 2015
My duvet is a map,
It remembers all I’ve said,
And I’ve slept here and loved here and cried here,
All of my demons, awake in this bed
And I know I’m selfish, I’m unkind,
But I won’t apologise for half my crimes,
Because you’re closed up like a fist,
Ready to strike,
But I’d still lay with you here,
And we can set our fear alight,
I keep waiting for the bad news,
In every declaration,
And do the ghosts of your past,
Saturate our conversations?
I can’t hear you singing in the shower,
But I know the sounds of your heart,
You’ve grown entangled in my muscles,
And to tear you apart,
Would be a haemorrhage,
I would be bleeding soul for hours,
But take all you want from me,
Don’t ever give me flowers,
I can’t stand to watch them wither,
And I never say goodbye,
I'll tattoo a garden on my body,
And those will never die.
Abigail Shaw Oct 2015
Is the saddest word in the world,
Aside from ‘He almost died,’
It’s blackened and shrivelled and curled,
It's chances never taken,
Opportunities that we miss,
Dreams that somehow got squandered,
Breath that could have turned to a kiss,
But I am one of the loved ones,
I believe that I’m good for you,
Because we could almost make it,
We could almost see it through,
These imperatives you use,
Could all be turned so morose,
"She did it, she said it, she was it”,
If they only incorporate almost,
See I could be smart, I could be pretty,
But I’ll try not to boast,
I promise everything’s great,
Everything’s fine,
I’m happy,
So happy,
Abigail Shaw Oct 2015
Some micro poems about antiheroes.

I give my best friends black eyes,
I wont lye,
Some of it's their blood,
Some of it's mine,
But I cant talk about the first rule.

Tick tok,
Whirring cogs and grinding gears,
Going after low hanging fruit,
While we're,
Singing in the rain.

Returning video tapes,
Often leads to Huey Lewis and the news,
Raincoat, reservation, rat, rage,
I escape through blood lust and *******,
But this is not an exit.
See if you can guess all three
Abigail Shaw Sep 2015
This is the only place that I'll feel safe,
Pace the floors of my beat up faith,
Stoke the fire, stoke the flames,
Remind me of why I feel ashamed,

You warn me that it’s most unwise,
To keep these scales upon my eyes,
Well Hades is calling out to me,
He says: “Take my hand Persephone”,

I lived to please, I swam to drown,
And take this all whilst lying down,
But then you cried: “Girl, come undone,
You're the earth, the moon, the sand and sun
Abigail Shaw Sep 2015
When I was dead,
My hands were cold,
Cold as the love of a *****,
And I tried to clean them but grave dirt sticks under
When I was dead,
I was as lonely as unrequited romance,
Still harbouring pain from the day that I died,
Heavy on my chest like a passenger’s weight on a ship,
But it was only six feet of dirt.

When I was dead,
I was like Snow White,
...Corpse Blue,
Both of us awakened by someone who never lost faith,
Never gave up hope,
Or stopped believing,
That they would be the one to breathe air back into our stagnant lungs,
And now I’m a puppet no longer.

When I was dead,
The damage was done,
Four years in the dark turned words to ash in my mouth,
I longed to touch you but my fingers succumbed to decay,
And I was afraid my kisses would leave maggots in you mouth,
So I leave a funeral procession between us,
But your presence still makes colour crawl back into my skin.

When I was dead,
There was nothing left to take,
Now, I have everything to give,
Because of you,
We will be robbers,
Stealing the night,
Stealing the time,
We have left,
Before valleys form,
Chasms stretch between us,
Yawning open like a warrior’s wounds,
Waits for no one,
Each grain of sand reminds me why we fall hard and fast,
And my new heartbeat made me fall harder and faster,
Than the tumble that killed me

When I was dead,
Things were simple,
I was a lost cause,
Dead as chivalry,
And despite the fact I would love to kick down my tombstone,
Erase my burial site,
And live this lie for us,
Eventually, everyone will leave,
Even though they promised to visit everyday,
I know,
Because I’ve been dead before

But when you are dead,
And the nails in your coffin spell the names of those who hurt you,
Forsaken, like your soul,
You will curse the ones who left you to fester,
But I will sacrifice the blue of my veins,
The very blue you donated from your eyes,
I will pry out those nails,
Knock loudly so that death cannot separate us no more than life could,
And together, we will Rest In Peace.
Abigail Shaw Aug 2015
Eyes are like skies; blue. Mine jealous green,
I keep an altar to pray at, who cares if it's clean,
To me you are so new, I'm broken, I'm old,
Sunrise turns me to copper but spins you to gold
Abigail Shaw Aug 2015
You say you’re a ‘boss’, does that mean that I’m God, next,
Time you mess with me you’ll see I have a God complex,
Whatever, I mean this rap’s getting complex,
My effects, they perplex, my ego’s getting convex,
I could say that I’m strawberries but I’m much more like lime,
Acrid, like acid, I rhyme, I’ll keep my clothes on that’s fine,
Your sexisms pasts it’s prime, Gatsby’s acts aren’t fine,
Calling me out is a crime since you’re completely irrelevant,
The orders are mine, YOU strip but you best make it elegant,
I can take off my clothes for fun and still be ******* intelligent,
Dodging your blows, fo’ sho, street talk but still make it eloquent,
I might be teeth, ****, toes but lets make one thing clear,
The only head you’ll be getting is off the top of your beer.
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