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JaxSpade Nov 2018
The glass reflected
Figures inbetween *******
And sipping
The room curved along a wine
Capturing laughs
In the sounds of gossip
No one in this room
Would even mention God
However they worshiped many
As they planned murders
And counted pennies
A piano played in the distance
It was an old tune but nobody listened
They were too busy foraging
For an opportunity to be their savior
Like a hungry pack of wolves
Knashing their teeths razors
Only the wrong kind of love circulated
Shook hands and instigated
Evil wrapped in the arms of scoundrels
And their words defecated on each others ears
As God listened in on their plans
They didn't know he was there
No one could see him
He was invisible
Yet if he showed his face they still would not have recognized him
God left the room and not one journalist could have written about his attendance
What they wrote was a different order
A subliminal narrative of sorcery
That would be fed to the gullible
And fatten the lost uneducated illogicals
So many that followed were thirsty and hungry
And they circled about like a pack of hyenas
With evil laughter in their mouths
The moon wasn't even full
This was the new normal
As they conquered the world
Mia Oct 2018
Missing you is like being in the open sea
and these days I get to think I'll die
because it comes in waves and sometimes
They're so bigger than myself
Pushing me deep, one side to another

Somedays it's like a whale's mouth
Her teeths cutting through my bones
Eating me alive
And I can't get out

Other days it's the boat
Like it came to save me
Missing you shows that what we had was worth it
And I don't feel so bad
because at least I've tried

Unlike you,
Who gave up in the first sight of water
Oh God, no
Please don't leave me in the open sea...
I hear my voice begging.

The waves all over again.

— The End —