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Rammy Aug 2019
As soon as
the music plays
the soldiers stand up and dance
Some play the banjo
Some sing songs
Even though it's war time
they feel like peace
Even when the enemy
set fire to their camp
they were still dancing
Cause as long as the music plays
they're in peace.
is both
a force for good
and a source of illusion
Putting you in another realm
deep inside your mind
Blinding your eyes
to reality
Are you free?
Rammy Jul 2019
Skipping stones near the
wondering why Dad got a 
wondering why Mom bought a new 
wondering why Dad calls Mom a
Because the birds are singing
And the wind is blowing
And the hand is still swinging
Not thinking and just go on skipping is
Rammy Jul 2019
I know not of the stars
but I know your face
I can gift you the moon
But I know you want that cake
Your round face
Staring at me
Your full lips
Trembling as you kiss my knee  
From the window 
The moon looked on eagerly 
as we joyfully devoured our cake.
Rammy Jul 2019
Something silly
Something sweet
Something that leaves a
on your lips
Vibrantly rich
Shining brightly 
from the bottom of your 

— The End —