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Simpleton Apr 14
Perhaps it would have been better to let go whilst we were still whole
To lose something beautiful and cherished
Than to break piece my piece
And watch what we had
Turn sour in our hands

Now I'm just another defeated lover
Watching the world move on

without us
Simpleton Apr 14
I loved you more than I hated myself
Simpleton Apr 6
I have been writing out my love story for a long time
Thinking my heart was an original flame
The first of its kind to burn
The first to extinguish so terribly
I've wanted to differentiate myself
To carve out my happiness
And write my name all over it
The cult of the individual is alive
And I want to be the protagonist
I want an entire novel
A series
And I want it all to matter
Simpleton Mar 18
I feared that Summer would remind me of you
The sun on my skin would torture me of the warmth I felt with your lips on mine
And here is summer that came before I forgot you
Simpleton Mar 18
The night is arrogant in its possession of the moon
I have the innocent dreams of a sinner
There's a moon of my own
With whom I met by chance
How beautiful is God's mercy
The undeserved deprived of waiting
Maybe I had faught with some past memories
And swore not to make any more
I watch from a distance
Smile for his existence
Let the light in his eyes
Carry my heart
To a future I am powerless to deny
Simpleton Feb 19
I remember dancing at your wedding
To the sound of gunshots chasing into the sky
The dancefloor hungry for our dabke
Feet pounding in unison
Splitting the Earth open
Outside in the streets
We grew up in
We stamped with hope
But our chained arms around each other's shoulders
Was a wave of grief for the dead
For your father
Everyone loved him so
For your brother Khalid
And his son Saif
It was too early for them to go
At my wedding the line of dancers so short
Our feet battered the ground in accusation
For all the ones it swallowed
I pummeled the unfaithful soil
And on my way home
I hung the swing we played on
Many moons ago
Simpleton Feb 19
We are like a pomegranate
Sweet sometimes sour
Slow to peel
Thick skins
Hard to digest
We come apart bit by bit
Lest we squash under the pressure
And all the lovely juice go to waste
There's so many seeds
Of love, care, secrets and doubts
So many fears
Grit between our teeth
Mother we are exotic
And foreign
Expensive yet stubbornly brown in the sun
Refusing to be sold
For price has no meaning
Loyalty does
We colour the ones who are worthy
Bold and bright
The hues of a rose
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