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He wasn't the Yin to my Yang
We danced on eachother's toes
Everytime we were together
He pushed my boundaries
And drove me to the edge of madness
But I craved the competitiveness
Hungered for the challenge
I wanted to bathe in his sins and wickedness
Because there were times when we both wanted the same thing
Tame moments of looking into eachother's eyes and putting the darkness to sleep
There are times when being with him feels like being pulled out of the ocean
And seeing him makes everything else but us seem like a blur
Simpleton May 12
How does it feel seeing me shine so bright
from the fire you burnt me in?
Simpleton May 6
This house feels like a casket
There are tall skyscraping tombstones
But I have learned to become peaceful within it
Simpleton May 2
There's light inside me
My heart pumps to it
You see my heart
It's good
But the hands
My hands are sinful
They reach for you
And you hang onto my past
More than I
I am willing to let go
To forget
To grow
But your gaze always starts at my roots
And they are sprouted in hell
Simpleton Apr 29
I am not the same person you met
These days my feet walk to your courtyard
And stop
Refusing to enter
One day I woke up
To a world that was the same as yesterday
But everything in this world was new to me
I don't want us to look at eachother like the old days
With hearts full of regrets
With could haves
Or what ifs
The thing is I can't forget
The thing is I will always have this part of me that's different
You see
It didn't just happen to me
Like an event passing in time
It stayed inside of me
Altered everything about me
It didn't leave
It has festered
So if you want the me from yesterday
She's gone
Simpleton Apr 12
She had a fascination with broken countries
She sung about wars
And letters which brought bad news
The end of innocence
And childhood which didn't bloom
She'd tell me of the ghosts in her heart
And the sins of her past
How she got away
But the poverty of her soul still lasts
There are people in her mind
Who died to be remembered
Her people are scattered limbs
Scattered seeds afraid to be planted
On foreign soil which prepared the pesticides for her homeland
Simpleton Mar 27
She is a creature of soft nature
Gentle and kind
So quick to give
Even quicker to forgive
She likes peace and solitude
She likes calm and quiet
So she never complains
Or argues
Existing in the plain
She is agreeable
She smiles all the time
But this smile is nothing special
She is miserable
But turns the other cheek
Not able to raise her voice
Not loud enough
Not defiant
Not persistent
She dreams
Not of rebellion
Or deviance
Even her dreams are of harmony
Of being understood
Through the look in her eyes
The dreams they hold
Her dreams are of tranquility
Silly girl
With her head in the clouds
Dewy eyed and trustful
This world will chew you up and spit you out
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