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I am tired of collecting farewells from people that were never mine
Of walking empty streets
And being kept alive
Through the rejection
And painless absence
It is a habit to want to meet
The next person that comes along
That will make the sky sing
And the wind dance
Who will bring colour to life

I am yours before you were mine
You are my granted prayer
Simpleton May 28
I found her
Somewhere between the hello and goodbye
Her heart was in the liquid sunsets
Staring at the clouds
Face to the wind
It carried the scent of rust
The copper of a wound
She smiled
And it made me gasp
She was not ashamed of the wars she had faught
To save herself
I didn't ask about the scars
Much later
She would tell me the stories behind them
Of the ones she was given
And the ones she created
Born of guilt
To atone for sins that were not hers
The entire time
My ears heard only the question in her tone
Would you stay?
Would you love me anyway?
Sometimes she likes to look at me
As if her eyes are scanning a photograph
And sometimes she holds me in a way that shows me she wants this
With scared hands
It's enough that
When my skin touches hers
She no longer recoils
Most often
She likes solitude
The peace of being alone
I see the way she unhangs the burden of pretense
And slips into the silence
For days at a time
I know that I cannot belong if I am afraid of staying
You cannot fly if you are afraid of falling
So I gave myself to her
Long before I thought I had a choice
To take in pieces or whole
But what did it matter
I am hers
In a way no one else ever was
In a world where she didn't fit in
And I'd like to think that she is mine
Even though I know she never could be
Simpleton May 22
Simpleton May 19
People can change
And it's not that I don't trust you
I just know what you're capable of
My heart closes it's eyes and follows you blindly
But my brain keeps on the calculation function
Simpleton Apr 23
I want you to come to me
Without being called
I don't want you to think of the consequences
Just follow the light you emit
Stand beside me
Proud and happy
In a bazaar full of people
Don't respond to the questions
Strike down the glares with your own deliberate gaze
It's the only way
That I would take you as mine
Give myself away so freely
Come not silently
Or secretly
I want you without embarrassment or shame
Simpleton Apr 21
In hindsight
Having you was the most reckless thing I have ever done
There wasn't any space inside of me
To love the way a mother should
The way a child deserved
Before I held you in my arms
I dreamed of standing on the edge of a cliff
And letting myself fall
I see myself in your eyes
And I resist the tug that pulls me away
Grasping for reasons to stay
A big part of me foolishly hoped
That you would become my purpose
Or absolve the loneliness
But you are my punishment
To whom I am held accountable
Another place that I fall short
My arms are too cold
For someone as warm as you
My breaths too shallow
For someone who is so full of life
I fear one day
In a spontaneous moment
I'll pay heed to the voices
And move on
Sometimes I tell myself that it would be my gift to you
To rid you of me
Allow you the gift of childhood
The innocence of youth
The forgiveness of time
You will be blessed with forgetting I ever existed
I dream that another will hold you close to their chest
And you'll stop crying
I wake up sobbing at the darkness lurking within me
To do to you what ruined me
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