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Simpleton May 26
I think I could love you

Until my skin grows wet

And my bones grow tired of holding us up

Until it feels like my words are echoing back to me

And my breath touches my face

I think I could love you until all I hear is I love you

I love you

I love you

I love you
Simpleton May 26
The eulogist will say

She tried

And tried

And tried so hard

But promises bore her down

And people wouldn't let her fly alone

She finally had enough

And the solo mission began
Simpleton May 26
The autopsy will say

She lost herself


Bored, lonely days




Everything changed

The autopsy will say

Instead of flourishing and growing

She moulded away

In a routine

Where most wouldn't stay

She lost her habits

Her food and drink

She lost her friends

Her smile and grin

She lost her style

The fit and flare

She lost her body

To swelling and despair

The autopsy will say

She suffocated


Dreaming and longing

But not fulfilling

The adventure

She craved
Simpleton May 26
Oh my beloved motherland
Tell me of you?
I used to sing in the wind
And pray upon shooting stars
Tell me of the springs
Does it still adorn you with luscious green?
Oh my beloved homeland
Do the poppies still bloom?
I've become a lonesome river finding my way to the sea
I've become lost to myself
Every day is a suffering torment
Until I can return to you
And bemoan to you every torture and lament
This body of mine
Shakes in the cold wind
It creaks inside these mouldy walls
And pales in the dusk which arrives before the sun
Simpleton May 26
Ask the sleeping stars
The flickering flame
For whom did they burn
Who did they set themselves alight for?
What hopes and dreams did they dance for
What desires kept them aflame
What happiness did they leave behind
In your name
Ask my heart
In the river of longing
Why did it drown?
Months and seasons went by
Revolving around you
Why did the sun refuse to appear?
Simpleton Apr 11
If tonight comes
I won't wait for tomorrow
Break me once more
I'll enjoy it
All over again
I was meant to end in your arms
Simpleton Mar 19
Even though we've said things we do not mean
The cherry blossoms bloomed again
And all the sorrows you gave to me
Have been folded like fitted bedsheets
I have found a way
To feel them between my palms
And smooth them out
I have found a way
To live into them
And breathe the scent of detergent you once used
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