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ieyam Jul 2018
You pulled the trigger
     and it pierced my skin, tore at my flesh,
          burrowed itself into the depths of my being.

Then I suddenly realised the irony,
      that your love - the very thing I lived for
          was none other than the bullet that killed me.
ieyam Apr 2018
It's not healthy anymore
I crave for you every single day
A minute without talking to you
Is like a year without rain

I really am miserable
But how would you know?
I'm here waiting on your hand and foot
While you're just enjoying the show
ieyam Apr 2018
People keep saying, "Love hurts"
But love didn't hurt you, did it?
Love didn't make you cry,
Love didn't break you -

I did.
ieyam Apr 2018
But really, we're all just searching
For something to sink our teeths into
Anything to take our
The things we don't want to get used to
ieyam Dec 2017
I've always wondered why when you say goodbye
Beautiful colors paint the sky

Shades of oranges, reds, pinks, and blues
All come out because of you

And although I hate to see you go
I truly do enjoy the show

I've seen you leave so many times
But it's still a favorite sight of mine

There'll be no sadness, be no sorrow
Because my sun, you'll shine again tomorrow

I'll feel no hurt, feel no pain
As you make your way down
Your colors shall reign
Fixed up an old poem I found. Oh, the treasures that lie deep within the pockets of one's forgotten closet.
ieyam Oct 2017
It was the grandest of heists
The most elaborate of schemes
You had me under your charm
Every moment like a dream

You have stolen the one thing
I was sworn to protect
Broke off the cage and took it
Then left it for dead

Now lying in the middle of the streets
All ****** and weak
You stand in front of me
A twisted smile between your cheeks

You got me where you wanted me
It was your plan all along
To string me like a melody in your symphony
Of broken-hearted songs
ieyam May 2017
Flowers will grow from the beds of my soul again,
and they will bloom the prettiest out of all that has.
Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow,
but soon.
And by then I will have learned the lesson to stop picking them for anyone,
lest of all for people like you.
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