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love Jan 10
I sever all my ties with you,
And I no longer submit to your instructions.
I float on this land as I am renewed,
I see you are no longer a human.
You search me but don't  find me,
I am not a phantom that will haunt your dreams,
I am a thought appearing  on your window,
That watches you weave a crestfallen poetry.
Yellow light from a lamp beside the bed,
Heart on your hand, and you can't utter my name.
Unsend letters like dandelions on a field,
The moon glows to remind you of the better memories.
love Nov 2022
Here I am, a kid again,
Jealous as a kid has ever been,
Jealous of the love that you have,
A love that I will never feel.
Here I am, gawking at you,
Like you stole my little today.
But all you did was live your life.
And I am just a jealous boy.
How hard must it be for you?
I wouldn't know, as I am just a kid,
Who looks at you with eyes of envy,
Wondering what I could have been.
love Nov 2022
I promised that it would be the last time I cried,
But here I am, my words, I write for you.
You are the peace that got stolen from me one summer afternoon.

It's ok, I said, I will be fine.
But here I am, struggling to breathe myself back into life.
I bring out the tissues to wipe away my tears,
But what will wipe these memories out?
What will remove the stain in my heart?
And untangled the thread that has me bound.

I can see it in my eyes, you are newer than before,
Wiser than I have ever been, and stronger than my bones.
And here I am scattered like a plate dropped on the floor.
And distorted like a shadow turning into a ghost.  

While you flourish with the second I wither at every turn,
While you kiss your new lovers I am engulfed by the thought of us.
love Aug 2022
I rise from my ashes and there I see you,
You are the freshness - the morning dew.
I am awake to the sound, the whispers of your breath.
I tread along this path, knowing this road leads your way.
All around me I hear the buzzing of bees and the wind’s howl,
And I wonder what the sun will gain by shining,
For the years when you won’t be around.
love Mar 2022
To whom do I sing?
This soulless song,
Played on the broken harp,
Something lost,
Something forgotten.
You look at me with eyes of sympathy?
Do you wish to make me cry,
Without tears rolling down my chin?
But I am no longer a child,
Do you understand my words?
I am a man or a woman,
Something greater than someone.
The boulders, they bend my back,
Thrashed by the sea, the waves cut my arms,
But I remain indifferent,
Not the nail that bends with the hammer.
Because I no longer carry myself,
But the weight of all on my shoulders.
love Feb 2022
Withering hearts look up at the sky,
Searching for what?
The colors of hope to make them realize,
Wings that spans across the seven seas,
A hand that reaches the soul that's lonely,
Not to die in  the cold,
The nakedness of vulnerability,
But to dance with the thread of gold,
Angelic summer's prosperity,
Drench in the rain, cry with the wind,
That is all that heart wants,
To show and to be seen.
love Jan 2022
I lost count of the trials,
That ended with broken ribs,
The skull that couldn't grow roses,
And died because of the poisonous Aconitum.
Even when the body rose,
Recollecting parts where the poison didn't go,
Like a destiny, writing on the stone,
It got knocked to the ground,
A victim of the misery's arrow.
With time the bones healed,
But something got wrecked, something grew weak,
What was something under the bones; the skin, the flesh?
It was the person, that was nowhere left.
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