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Diya soni Jun 8
I'd be a waste for these eyes if i came to this world and didnt see you enough ..!
He said this to me!!
Diya soni Jun 2
Are you sure, because it looks like you're gonna faint"
"Yeah you might wanna catch me"
  Jun 2 Diya soni
Alaska Young
Why do you push people away?

"I want them to be happy."
Diya soni Jun 2
My existence is a scandal
Diya soni Mar 16
My forest is dark
The trees are sad
And all the butterflies have broken wings
Diya soni Mar 16
Tonight if i chase down a bottle of pills
And i fall asleep
But just dont wake up
I want you to know
Sorry that i couldnt be stronger
Hope was all i looking for
I cant stay anymore
This fear of what will happen next
If things go wrong
I tried...
Things just keep hitting on and on
Im not weak
I have stayed here for so long
If my life is headed to gold
Why do i only see grey
Whoever reading this please dont give up, i may be suicidal but i would never want anyone to be triggered by reading this poetry. Irony is it is easy to give help someone except yourself so, keep sailing. You have been fighting fpr so long it is too long to quit.
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