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Diya soni Jul 11
What are these people wearing moon?
"Its called, selfishness"
Is that why i dont fit in to this world?
Diya soni Jun 28
To broke someone's heart
Because caring requires efforts
Diya soni Jun 24
Sometimes i cant handle being myself
Diya soni Jun 17
Koi mujhe hi aake bata de kya h mere man ka hal? Kyuki me bezuban hu.

Koi mujhe hi aake bata de ki me kya chahti hu, kyuki me kayar hu

. Koi mujhe hi aake sikha de apne liye ladna  kyuki me mashroof hu apne khilaf gawahi dene me.

Koi mujhe hi aake dhund de mujhe,
Rasta jo bhatak chuki hu
Aur rah milne wale log bhi jaha pohchna na h waha ka pata sahi nai bata rhe

Pata nai roshni aur kitni door h, shayad koi dur se batti dikha de ki manzil waha h

Koi mujhe bata de ki hadson ki wajah se
Andr sab kuch bikhar chuka h ya abhi kuch baki h

Koi to ** jo mujhe bata de ki jo me hu aur jo me hona chahti thi, in dono ko kese ek karu

H koi esa raahi? Jo mujhe hi dekh kr bataye me kitna dur aa chuki hu, kyuki meri raahein to dhundli dikhti h mujhe

Aao aur mujhe batao meri kimat kitni h iss safar me.. kyuki mera hisab bigad diya h duniya ne
Diya soni Jun 8
If the days wont allow us
To see each other,
The memories will,
If my eyes cant see you,
My heart will
Diya soni Jun 4
One of those darkest Nights
Bathed in pure silence
Hinting towards the whispers
Of centuries old trees
That guards the darkness
Thats when birds slide
To their warm chambers early
For it was a place to be avoided at night
As soon as the sun sinks

Butterflies with broken wings
Raises from the dark orchids
The wolves howl their miseries out
Into the moonlit dark forest
Along with tears beaded into their eyes
Wearing all the rage wildly
As the moon beams dances around
Exposing every shadows lurking around
Liberating all the caged wounds
That echoes of helplessness
Unveiling the pain from dense heart
Whatever walked that night
Walked alone
Until sun breaks through
As if the night was all merry
How wild it was to let it be!
A metaphor about how i deal with endless nights everyday when world fall asleep just like those birds. How those endless nights acknowledges my pain. I can finally be myself with all the pain inside be at least i dont have to pretend
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