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To get out of this hella body
And be a spirit
Anyways, I'm the one
Diya soni Feb 8
Every bleeding was a beating metaphors
And every blessing was a pressed flower
Appearing from the midst of a bruised heart
Until I knew I couldn't do poetry anymore..
Diya soni Feb 8
I could run
And make a wish
Under the blanket of stars
Diya soni Jan 30
I wanna stay here
But I didn't knew
It'll cost everything in me
And everything tht I've made till here
Diya soni Jan 7
How gracefully scared she is!
Diya soni Dec 2020
They're so cool
You're not like them
But they're not your cup of tea either!
Diya soni Dec 2020
Sometimes, I wonder
What happens
If I get hit by a bus today
Will I stop looking for answers,
And everything will feel peaceful.
I wonder,
If the end is really an hard way,
Or an escape

I wonder
It'll, all stop to bother me,
Once the Heartbeats fade.
I wonder
If my life,
Would be worth fighting for today.
It feels difficult to live,
Living causes a lot of pain.
What am I going through,
Isn't the worst,
But still,
I feel the weakest.
Im crying
But still
Tears won't pause the storm.
The urge to an end
To finding an end,
Is real,
I feel,
There's peaceful and a calmer
End to this story..
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