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Wayward Jul 2018
I was born out of fur and cotton,
With eyes that were shiny, black buttons.
From the store rack, I always watched the distant tree.
But one fine day, this little girl picked me.

My owner handled me with great care.
I was, after all, her beloved teddy bear.
I seemed to be her biggest comfort,
When she couldn't sleep or she felt troubled.

Years passed by and so did my time.
The little girl didn't need her teddy when she cried.
As I lay with the other toys in the attic,
I realized that my short life was quite tragic.

"Mr. Cuddles! Your child's best friend!"
But who's going to care about me in the end?
I played my part. I stayed with you.
But in the end this is what it came to.

Mr. Cuddles, the lonely one.
Who lies in the attic with his fur undone.
The cotton keeps falling out of his limb,
The once happy bear now lays grim.

I attempted personification for the first time. I kind of relate to this poem though. I feel like Mr. Cuddles. And that somehow is my greatest fear. I fear being unloved and forgotten. I hope I got the message delivered in the poem.
Dog snores in a dim lit room
His coat is shiny
Just got groomed
He wakes up from a noise downstairs
His curiosity peeked, leads to an inquisitive stare
He hulks up like a pit bull, with nothing to fear
While he’s softer than a teddy bear
His eyes are brown,
round, not square
Shifting himself into 2nd gear
A bark so loud, it fills the air
Danger, I sense danger,
Of that I’m well aware
Times like these are seldom
Times like these are rare
A little like a scare, in a dogs nightmare
Protecter of his masters care
And the noise downstairs
He likes his toys
He’s debonaire
My best friend, with room to spare
Intelligent, would describe him fair
With so much love to give and share
Not everyone can feel this way
Of this, I am gratefully aware
The dogs real name is JJ
He is not my dog, but my roommates
Reminds me of those sweet moments
I wouldn't switch it with anything
Either I'd have cried or I'd have gotten conflict
I used to hug it every single night
Say my dreams to it
N take myself to universe vlog
It pleased me often
The matter was just it couldn't get me to talk
Brought it to the parties
I spoiled it
I've always realised
That if there weren't any attention
Now we would be harder than a rock
Donna Aug 2018
Today I've been so
busy glossing up kitchen
door and big window

Just need to buy new
Lino to freshen up floor
then kitchen finished

I had to use some
ladders to paint top of door
Tis then I found a

little ornament
It laid upon top of a
cupboard , fast asleep

A once pink teddy
now faded like memories
holding a love heart

inscribed 'I love mum'
My heart bloomed into a big
happy summers day

It's over twenty
years old , given to me by
my eldest daughter

Her love then just like
now blossoms beautifully , my
mind travelled back to

Mother's Day..always
a day to remember with
love hugs and kisses

Teddys holding a
bunch of red flowers with green
leaves sprouted outwards

Today is special
As I shall now put teddy
on display upon

floating shelf for all
to see especially me
A gift given to

me by my daughter
when she was a little girl
One I shall cherish
So glad I found this little ornament today :-) ** <3
Knit Personality Jul 2017
There once was a boy bear named Eddie
Who knocked up a girl bear named Betty:
   They had a big litter
   Of cubs that would titter
And totter, half Polar, half Teddy.

karin naude Mar 2013
to page a book
pages covered with words in black
my inner  most translated into words
touching the paper formed by a pen point
awakens my soul
a fire always lit stokes by seeing how far
how far i have come to this
words are my life
my existence, cannot be without
drinking warm milk to sleep
with my teddy like a youth relived
alas this how i need to cope with tomorrow
my inner most private thoughts on paper
just for me to read
daily practise to become greatness
determined by my journey
the only hope i have left is my words
Clarity has claws
Within her pouncing, padding paws
Laps up goat's milk raw
Grapples a teddy bear to songs
Tied to a robe's string
Well, she plays with literally everything-
Her eyes say exactly what she means.

No ****, Clarity is a cat I call to come back
I find myself pleading for her return-
With the promise of a salmon snack,
In exchange for lessons learned,
But I only capture glimpses of her white and black
As she flashes by the doorway,
Always only doing things her own way.

Since her trust is hard-earned,
I coax her cleansing burn.
She climbs up my bare leg
With her razor sharp needles,
First thing in the morning without any warning

Why did I beg you to come near? ! don't tear !
I only wished for your soft vibrations in my ear !
It's so impossible to change your nature
I wasn't bleeding before you were here, but your message is pure

You only come running when you're hungry!

&Would you really eat me if I died?
The way you watch with such wild eyes,
(I'm sad to know I shouldn't be surprised)
Your tapping tail  compromises your position,
Your crystal clear intention
To play with your prey before you ****** and eat them

embodying the way her name hides and smiles, pounces for a scream
as if she were mean!
Sneaks off to surprise her  next unsuspecting victim
Tummy full,
Warm purr, a welcome buzz
She comes, she plays with, she eats my ego, she loves, she kneads, she purrs, she leaves, I plead

ah, Clarity

-Hayleo Liz
chichee Nov 2018
We used to take turns tearing down
each other's defences
like the last Christmas present or
an exit in a building fire
And when there was nothing
useful about our bodies except how
they fit against each other.

There are soldiers that don't deteriorate facing
bombshells and fire-grenades but
birthday parties and Saturday nights by the telly.
We could be two of them

Remember how you got when you
just needed something to
I was your push-pin doll.
Like how children
gouge the button-eyes and rip
the stuffing out of their teddy bears
(but still fall asleep holding them closer than
their absentee parents)

The truth is once,
I would have worn your bruises like
a necklace.

These days, I offer my heart up
on a platter and you don't even want
to spit on it.

All I can do now is will
my fingers to write poetry,
too cowardly
to even pick up the
Some people love better falling apart.
Pillow-fluff pads of sweet-rolling grayed,
Teddy Bears fly and diamonds parade,
Money for the wicked all pompous and pump...
And Buffet's and Gates and Romney's and Trump,
Soon there was nothing, left for a life,
Of morals, hard-work, honor; families in strife.
Great Purple Harlot on fire from distance,
And laughter and singing at Devil's insistence.
When it was done, the Elite made a pact,

* “All Hail to Lucifer! Upon his will shall we act!”
Arisa Mar 2
The warmth of the sun
Vanishes prematurely.
Light on pale skin fades to shadows

But they hold my hand,
Like a toddler to a teddy,
And never vanish, nor envelop.

No pain, but not numb.
Cold, but not freezing.
It's night. And this is fine.
I used to have a fear of the dark. Now I see the night is beautiful.
Joie Yin Sep 2018
Life is like a melody
Strumming to a love song
He who always smiles gently
Begins to hum along.

Sitting at one corner
She looks at him shyly
He sings his heart to her
Someone he loves dearly.

Coffee is their favorite
To share with each other
One in each episode
Of their love story together.

He strums while waiting there
Brown teddy bear by his side
Flowers placed everywhere
For proposal to his future bride.

He nervously make his vow
Asks for her hand in marriage
She kisses him on his eyebrow
Crowd cheers as they embrace.

Happy International Coffee Day! :)
Destiny M Sep 2018
When I don’t know what to say don’t take it the wrong way.
I’m puzzled by your mind , you’re so fine and so kind.
You’re so sensual but yet you think I’m so ******.
It’s mutual .
We’re here we’re there we’re everywhere.
The things I’d do if you were mine but need to find the time.
Can I get a thousand more kisses that’ll last an eternity.
Can I be your personal teddy bear while you help me figure out what to wear ?
I can see that you care and obviously I care.
Obviously I shouldn’t hide the way I feel even though it’s so soon.
Why did we have to **** under the full moon.
In the dark the place I feared the most you made me face it and change my perspective.
I’m no longer afraid of the things I cannot change and I’m no longer afraid that I was meant to be this way.
I was meant to be me that’s all I can be even when there’s so much more to me.
I’m loving this new bold side of my personality I’m not shy and I’m not insecure.
I’m here I’m aware I’m assured.
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