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  Aug 2019 Gaffer
don't tempt me
with a fate
that is not yours
to give.
  Aug 2019 Gaffer
Notre Dame is burning
This we all have seen
But Notre Dame’s been burning
For longer than this dream

Families and their children
Have worshiped in her halls
But families and children
Were stolen by its falls

Notre Dame was sacred
For worship and for song
But Notre Dame’s not sacred
As it had not been for long

Maybe this magestic falling
Is what the world must see
It’s this tremendous falling
That may set the children free

Worship moves with ages
No building must we *****
Elaborate walls do serve to hide
Wrongs we can never correct

So mourn her burning if you feel
But spare us the unending plea
For Notre Dame and her ***** deals
Must end before eternity.
The church was a beautiful reminder of tradition and grandeur, but the sercrets that go on within the walls of the Church are better off cremated.
Christ fills Us each with the Power to Over-come here.
Giving each of Us the Strength and the Power to Win here.
Sometimes it does take much longer to see this here Truth.
I have Struggle at times with Over-coming an obstacle here.
Still am struggling with a couple different types of Battles.
My Prayer is that each and Everyone of You win Your battle.
Showing this here darken world that Christ does still Reign.
That it is He that is in control, not Us nor the fallen Angels.
That in His Perfect timing We shall win that battle before Us.
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