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Manauwer Raza Apr 2019
It's so hard to tell, what all am I going through
The rain has drenched me wet,  my eyes are all blue
My lips smiles soft, as in not to give my truth away
But the emptiness creep in,  the hole in my heart's doorway
It's all in a mess, my mind isn't the same
There are terrible facade of happiness, all of which is sham
The counsel of whats, ifs and all the buts
The uneasy feeling that gnaw me from inside, always in my guts
As if something is broken all from the inside, a knife that carves
Pieces by pieces it's falling apart, in shards and plenty of halves
I am my own saviour, my own hero as long as I go
There are no good mornings, no good byes, no hello
Unable to share myself to anyone, this burden gets heavy more than it should
But, even if I do, it won't make any sense, as you all fight your demons, you should
And again, its all momentarily, where I learn to fly above all these with wings
Around the silver lining, above the clouds of hope, but coming down is the hardest thing
It's getting tougher and tougher each passing day
And yet, somehow, I am supposed to feel, it didn't happen yesterday
Manauwer Raza Feb 2019
Little one, little one
The sky is falling
Your lifeboat of dreams
Is now sailing
In the wake all the way
No rhyme or reason
Your gloomy eyes
Shows your heart rains a rainy season

Little girl, little girl
Why are you sighing?
Inside your restless soul
Your heart is really crying

So, Runaway
From the river to the shore
And find yourself within
You're the reflection of your hopes
There is always places you can go
You only get to live it all, only once

@manauwer raza
Manauwer Raza Jul 2018
Remembrance, a story of trying to put things together
Where the best moments drifts through floating
While I look at my hands and spaces between my fingers...

The sparks of life would make all those darkness fade
Bring light of hopes and wishes to come true
The marks of which are now completely erased...

But these are the memories I already know
Which need no luxury, no expression to show
It's all about the disappointment of just letting go...

It's based on something that can't be saved
All blatant lies, the falsity, the blame
For things have changed and they can't stay the same...

Sometimes I wonder if you're even here
For my mind refrain to speak your name
And the picture I see seems so unclear...

So, I'll just say what needs to be said
The fights are fought and the elegies are read
But for remembrance of you, my memories are all numb and dead...
Manauwer Raza Jun 2018
the sky overhead
turned red
as if, there was a sign
for a storm to come by
and may be
the early breeze
was just a comfort
to reach out to you
to make you realize
the things you are to endure
is better, if you kept the breeze
in your mind and soul...
Manauwer Raza Jun 2018
it's sad to realize and hurts to see
how humane is it to be human
and the worst that could be
for I see people turning themselves apart
delusional with false sense of pride
they are just beautiful faces with an ugly heart
written upon the pretext of jealousy and false appearance
Manauwer Raza Aug 2017
walking playfully, gleaming, smiling...
well I don't care what she's doing and why...
except her reaction when I see her come by...

I approach...
but I feel the sensation, and vertigo...
when my world turns upside down...
unable to discern and yet not I frown...

I freeze...
as i fixate all my attention to her eyes...
thinking of something intelligent to say...
but turns out fool, all in that way...

I turn around...
but my throats already dry...
I cannot help it with, words...
even if I had enough guts to say anything to her...

another day goes by...
without saying a word...
its not that easy you know...
because I'm just too...
Manauwer Raza Jul 2017
i've written countless wishes
in the corners of my notebook
but the hopes remains closed
and none, but none of them came true
and i just left things behind
and then words went flying
flying flying flying
wherever i went
flying forever and ever
with wings of wax
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