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Jordan Rowan Nov 2015
The sun sets on dripping blood
Shed for love
And brought out from a gun
Elizabeth is close to death
Drawing final breaths
She was so fine and so young

Pedro runs across the barroom floor
Bursting through the door
On his way to the border by the sea
His hand is still hot from rage
There's nothing left to save
All he can do is flee

Now that heaven can finally breathe
Resting on the sea
While Pedro hides away from law
Elizabeth wore Pedro's golden ring
Along a silver string
Yet she moaned among the farmer's straw

Pedro shed the lonely tears
Of a love lost in years
He made a promise that he kept
As he read aloud the vows she wrote
With the heart she broke
The sun set as he wept
Omniest Wanderer Oct 2018
Nakakakilig, matatamis ang iyong mga ngiti
Nakakatunaw ang kinang sayong mga labi

Kakaiba ka sa pakiramdam, napakaganda mo sa loob
Napakaganda tignan ng mala alon mo na buhok

Sabi nila'y, ang mga taong may liwanag ay meron ding lalim
Ano nga bang nasa likod ng 'yong magagandang tanawin

Nais ko'y lumapit, ngunit papano ako bubwelo
Tunay ngang ang langit ay binabantayan ni san pedro

Ako'y manlalawig, at tumatawag si Laguna
Mukha atang mahirap na'kong pigilan animo'y pumapatak na luha

Nananaginip binibigyan ka ng kwentas ba o singsing
Bagamat ikaw ay isang bituin, sayo'y wala akong hinihiling

Sapat na saking nakatingala, kahit tingin sa sarili ay kawawa
Sapat na saking malaman ang presensya ng isang tala

Ang nais ko lang naman ay magpamalas ng paghanga
At sana, sana ay paglapitin din tayo ng tadhana
GM Dec 2018
Não dá pra esquecer
Já que eu sou eu e você, você
Há motivos pra minha vida de monge
São os mesmos que te fazem estar longe
Mas a distância é relativa
E eu, que ainda estou viva
Te olho assim
Feito telescópio, tão distante de mim
É fácil pensar
Difícil ignorar
Já que entre nós dois
Só tem a Pedro Américo
Lembro disso e depois
Mais um porre homérico
B E Ragland Nov 23
A shimmering angel
glided in front of me
as I sat in the bookstore coffee shop
watching a documentary on
Pedro Manrique Figueroa.

What height had she fallen from?
How much of her brilliance was
from gleaming alabaster,
my divided attention,
or the loneliness I have come to call

Obviously, she will never read this
and I will never know the name
which one could utter that would
bind her to this lowly mortal plane
like magazine clippings to a canvas.

******* hell I need to get out more.
Julio May 19
The moth is still there,
in search of light on the table.
And the glass is definitely there,
And the moth does not understand.

I lost the lighter
no phosphoros
only the hot water tank pilot
And I have so many cigarettes!

I must learn hindu,
or imagine how they
This "Brisas del Mar"
does not have any of that
and it smells like a dog.

Today potato cake,
I think well done.
With black olives,
morron, good layer of cheese

The bottle was left in the sideboard
with his cork and hood,
unscathed and surprised

It's just that I do not drink alone
and a bottle is not a company.

I call Pedro, Clemente's nephew
Everything is fine,
That the lagoon still does not freeze
He  awaits me when I want

The address of Clemente
41º31.35 57 "S
68º 41.47 88 "O
but I know how to get there,
where today I would like to be.

The music tonight sounds flat,
It does not envelop me, I leave it anyway
Maybe someone listens
tonight better than me

Kosova returned tired of the forest
she has a hard time and it is hard for her to adjust.
The same will fall asleep at thebottom of the stairs
I called Pablo, I must give him the injection soon.

There is no wind, there are no sounds,
the incense defintively smells like a dog
No offense to anyone

I have to sleep, I'm tired,
but I'm not sleepy .......

— The End —