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Marieta Maglas Mar 2016
(Fargo was sad. He said,)

''I was a helmsman some time ago; '' Gian asked him, ''what happened? ''
''It's a long story; I'm an honest man; Geraldine trusts me
With her confidences; I had saved the women who had trusted
Me, except Bella who died before I could save her; she

(Fargo continued,)

Died in the peace of the Lord; '' Hector said, ''God's will for us is good.''
Abseil said, '' Maybe I wouldn't have been able to use my hands
Without your help; you're a good man, but you're little understood.''
''When I wasn't able to do the good things, I've made some good plans.''

(Ismail said,)

''We can do small things with great love; you hated the pirates.
Sometimes, being too passionate can be a bad thing; the lack
Of control is filled with passion; I see rightly in your iris.''
''When I was on the shore, I saw a ship and my hope came back.

(Fargo continued,)

I had to swim and ask for help; I've found three drunken men,
Who were sleeping on the deck; I've entered the captain's cabin
And I've found some documents demonstrating that they robbed ten
Ship passengers; I've heard about robbing on the galleon.’’

(John said,)

'' And how did you deduce that the ship belonged to the pirates? ''
Fargo answered, '' I've found the papers and the treasure
That belong to me; '' Brisbon said, ''Show me these documents! ''
'' A letter is sent to Fargo Escalante, Cantabria, for sure,

(Fargo continued,)

By Francisco Cerda along with some jewelry and money-
A payment for a service; I had waited for it to solve
My financial problems; then, I took a job; '' ''It's mighty funny, ''
Said John; '' My fortune is in my house because I fight to evolve.''

(Suaram asked Fargo,)

Why did you get a job to work on a carrack while knowing
To survive on a galley so well? '' '' As a sailor on
A carrack, I could do difficult navigation during
The storms; '' ''Freddy used to tell me sailing stories at the dawn, ''

(..said Sam, Brisbon replied,)

''He trusted me while sending me in the ports to hire the sailors.
Then, I've controlled the work of the crew on the ship; '' Sulim replied,
''He needs all our help; '' Gian said, '' while sailing, we will be failures
If we don't communicate each other; it is not in pride

(Gian continued,)

To learn how to correct the mistakes; when the ship is broken,
We sink; '' John said, '' we were hired to do many jobs because
Freddy didn't have enough money; '' ''when the fire was smokin',
He lost everything; the fatigue struck us with its claws, ''

(Replied Sam. Suaram said,)

''We have been too exhausted to fight for life; we could all die.''
''Gino, Nico, and Dino died; I could become invalid, ''
Said Abseil; Sam replied, '' you're saved, 'cause God is above the sky! ''
''Who pays us when we can't work? '' Asked Gian; his frowning face was pallid.

(Cosma replied,)

'' When you don't work, you're starving to death; '' Ismail said,
''Fargo had been persevering until he found a safe place.
He's a fighter and an example to us all; he's our head.''
''He should check the kitchen equipment; for me, he's in disgrace, ''

(Said John; Fargo fell asleep and couldn't hear them. Hector said,)

''He rescued the women while asking God for forgiveness.
He used too many details while describing his adventures
And achievements; he has the sleeping pirate as a witness,
When he says that the documents belong to him; '' '' these letters

Said Gian and continued,)

Could belong to any person called Fargo; '' '' they used
The stranger's dogs to find him; I think it's about money, ''
Said Sulim, '' He brought two galleons and soldiers; I'm confused.
He's a powerful man having some secrets; '' ''Don't be funny!

(Replied John, but he became meditative and continued,)

The women love Fargo; '' ''he should inform the authorities
About the documents, '' said Gian; Sam replied, ''I think he did it
And he received their protection; '' '' he has secret priorities, ''
Said John, '' it's not easy to be honest, but I have to admit

(John continued,)

That I do anything for money except stealing; ''
Sam said, '' It's pleasant to live in piracy and sad to be
A victim of it, 'cause it means the loss of any feeling.''
''I am human as long as no human loss is known in me, ''

(Concluded John.)
(The next day, Geraldine and Frederick tried to convince Fargo to tell the authorities that he had been a pirate, but Fargo said that he had played only a game to take back the treasure, which had been stolen by the pirates.)

( be continued...)

Poem by Marieta Maglas
Marieta Maglas Mar 2016
(Pedra said,)

You've found strength in the face of death; it would be better
If you gave up playing cards and smoking pipe that could affect
Your health; '' ''I’ve learned from my friends; I need them to get up setter!
The leverage of our vast economic power I can't neglect.''

(Pedra replied,)

''Is it about those secret goals, which drive some unethical
Billing practices? '' Cruz began to kiss her while laughing,
'' I'm not capable of doing this; by the way, you're sensual.''
If you were that kind of man, I would not marry you, darling.''

(Cruz embraced her tightly saying, ''I've never betrayed you. I love you too much. Don't be jealous.'')
(He continued,)

‘‘ I like the fact that after making love, you become silent
While reading; '' '' I enjoy this; when I'm around people, I suffer
The problem of not being heard; then, reading becomes a talent.
I need to curl up next to you and read this book 'til it's over.

(Pedra continued,)

I love you; you were lucky that the bullet penetrated
The left shoulder and not an important part of your body.''
'' I passed out and woke up in pains; I felt I was terminated.
The stranger fell over me and covered me with blood; some ******

(Cruz continued,)

Guys took the guns and left the room; Ibrahim crept up to me
Washed my wound and bandaged it; he gave me some cold teas to drink.
He told me that Maya had taught him to make tea; let this be
A divination unto death, in which I could sink.

(Cruz continued,)

After Marco's death, at night, I dragged myself to a secret room.
Ibrahim took care not to leave any trace of our presence.
After making the effort, I fainted again; a feeling of doom
Persisted inside me; I wanted to protect my essence.

(Pedra replied,)

''I've heard that, on the ship, the people were caught and tied.''
''Ibrahim escaped; the secret room was next to the food store.
It was situated under the stairs as a perfect hideout.
I entered there while using a movable wall; '' ''It had no door! ''

(Cruz continued,)

''This room and the food pantry had two ventilation pipes,
Which were united inside and open outside to create
The mirage that only the pantry was aired; usually, the ships
Don't have their secret rooms; '' ''Well, this subject is a worth debate.

(Pedra continued,)

This room was very intelligently built; when they entered
In a hurry to take the weapons, they didn't see these details.
You're lucky to be alive; '' '' on this subject my mind is centered.''
''About sailing and ships, you haven't read enough secret tales.''

(The third night, the sailors were talking in their bedroom. Brisbon told Sam,)

''You combine the religious practice of meditation
With the verse; '' ''The Lord's servant must not be quarrelsome; '' '' not all
Conflicts are quarrels; '' '' this idea requires some confrontation.''
Fargo said, ''Sam, do you compose poetry? '' '' My muse is small.''

(Answered Sam. Brisbon asked him,)

''Those songs are created by you? '' Sam answered, '' some of them are
Composed by me; Sulim likes music; he's a man of strength.''
'' I'm only a listener of your songs beneath the polar star.''
Brisbon tried to divert this discussion by talking at length

About the command of that carrack; ''Sulim, you helped me a lot.''
''Geraldine oversaw the crew's work when I was at the helm, ''
Said Sulim; '' Freddy was near me and confidence was all I've got, ''
Replied Sam; ''when in the unknown the carrack sought to whelm,

(Brisbon continued,)

Sam paid attention to the sea at the helm while being
Dedicated and loyal; '' Sam said, '' Freddy is honest,
Enterprising, dynamic and thrifty; his way of seeing
Means stimulation; '' ''Do you remember when he promised

(Sulim continued,)

To hire us to work on his galley, someday? He gave us
The freedom to work as true sailors; life on other ships
Was much more difficult; '' Fargo said, '' he refused my offer; thus,
I hire my own crew; '' Gian laughed, '' It's better to take fishing trips.''

(Brisbon said,)

''The governor gave our Frederick a new carrack, a small
Property and money to help him recover his damages.
His wife is a distant cousin of Geraldine; above all,
They don't have children; '' Fargo narrowed down his challenges.

(Aldo told Fargo,)

'' If I had money to buy a ship, I would not work for others.''
Fargo replied, '' Firstly, I had to learn to work as a sailor
And to live my life on board; all of you are like my brothers.''
'' To be at a helm is different; aren't you terrified of failure? ’’

(…Sam asked Fargo.)

( be continued…)

Poem by Marieta Maglas
Marieta Maglas Oct 2015
(Pedro said,)

When we cross this line between friendship and hostility,
We need a lot of attraction to save our marriage
And to compensate for what's lost; a betrayal facility,
Thus, is created; '' '' Miguel says that something to disparage

(Carla continued,)

Is the contradiction between spouses, which can be useful
When your partner becomes a thought of your consciousness
Evolving in meditation; our passion of love is truthful,
When we understand the things that are discrepant or less

(Carla continued,)

Familiar; Miguel suggests that the idea about
The perfection can be continued in another marriage,
Which can be performed after the divorce; ’’ ‘’ Bella said that, no doubt,
These tensions being teased by some *** led to zero and disparage.

(Replied Pedro. He continued,)

Miguel and Bella needed each other's opinion
Without expressing any certain aspect of their
Divergent thinking; Miguel could hold dominion
Over your heart because you were vulnerable and too fair.

(Pedro added,)

You took care of your beauty to maintain this attraction,
In our relationship, but your beauty caught his attention,
Because Bella didn't give him too much satisfaction.''
''Her love was based on sense and sensibility rather than

(Carla continued,)

Reason and emotion; ’’ ‘’you've made an effort to have a precise
Grace; you use flowers for your body bath while poetry can clean
Your soul; you eat less and move more than others; so, take this advice
And be natural like Eve; you know what I mean.''

(Replied Pedro. Carla replied,)

''I wanted to prevent this tragic end- the infidelity.
Miguel told me that we had never been together as soulmates
While you had thought that my ideas had meant the absurdity
Of the perfectionism; '' '' you pushed me to the betrayal gates

(Pedro continued,)

In order to separate me from Beatrice; every time
I left home, you were wondering if I would do this or not.''
''Our marriage was approved by God; from children we hear His chime,
And your relationship with Beatrice will come to naught.

(Carla continued,)

Miguel was better than you because he chose a platonic
Way to betray his wife; I've just been humiliated
While negotiating my love with Beatrice; so chronic
Were her manners to discourage me, but I've communicated

(Carla continued,)

With you against odds; Miguel had been in search for other
Soulmates; Then, he could admire Bella; God didn't give them
Kids but they didn't divorce 'cause she wanted to be a mother.
In an impure marriage, there's a betrayal I can't condemn.’’

(Pedro said,)

'' The sin is the occasion for grace while bringing repentance, ''
'' The sin can only diminish this hope to comprehend
Our Lord while we can return to the position of acceptance
Through the pure procreation; without name or end

(Carla continued,)

Is the suffering of our children, and they are innocent;
I lost the idea of perfection while you were living
In sin; the darkness led you to self-destruction; now, ignorant
While living in anger and passion, you need His forgiving.

(Carla continued,)

Being like Bella, I have chosen the human sacrifice.''
''This perfectionism is an illusion and, in reality,
We die all; we are all sinners to give up the paradise.
On Earth, to find the original perfection is a fantasy.

(Pedro continued,)

We can't be rescued. I prefer the peace of my mind
To this fight for salvation; I prefer an ephemeral,
Pleasant life instead of it; '' I understand that you're still blind.
That's why I have a deep relationship with Christ, in general.

(Carla continued,)

I'm forced to accompany you in an aimless journey-
A vagrancy; you forced me to accept this new reality
That would change my destiny; the devil is your attorney.''
'' A need for a sinful freedom lies in your normality.

(Pedro continued,)

You end up ignoring the devil in front of death.
Don't forget that you stay in a haunted house; '' ''I'm searching
For some viable solutions and for the heaven's breath.''
To be a mother is a reality; I'm fighting

(Carla continued,)

To save my family; '' ''your moral awareness leads
To unhappiness and anger; '' ''you provoke me to fight
To keep you while using sarcasm to banish all my needs.''
''This method keeps my rivals at bay; '' '' you insult me despite

(Carla continued,)

My faithfulness; you use this jealousy to make me love you
Unconditionally; '' '' Christianity can't bring the man
To the initial Eden; so, love me as I am, though
I'm not your Adam, Eve! '' ''Pedro, I am your woman! ''

(He embraced her and started to make love with her after so many years.)

(To be continued…)

Poem by Marieta Maglas
Marieta Maglas Oct 2015
(Carla continued to talk with Pedro in their bedroom. Carla said,)

''I thought that our communion will change me in better, ''
''What changes can you make in your thoughts and actions? This subject Sickens me, '' ''Beatrice is like you and I'm gonna let her
Marry you; I intend to divorce; I feel like a reject.

(Carla continued,)

It's wise to end our loveless marriage, '' '' our home will change because
You choose to change it; you have a kind of self-confidence,
Which is not good while I feel your strong attraction to me,
And your possessiveness hurts me; do you see the consequence? ''

(Concluded Pedro. She replied,)

''Sometimes, you're too passive and melancholic, '' ''I'm depressed.
You created an air of mystery; you keep your secrets
Bottled up inside and hidden from me; '' ''I do my best.''
''You don't take responsibility though you have regrets.

(Pedro continued,)

You are patient, and you take yourself too seriously.''
''The first thing Beatrice wanted to do was to make
Our tension go along with our life; she loves you dangerously.
I had to overcome the conflicts hoping that you would awake.

(Carla continued,)

I did all my best while trying to balance everything
We've got to live a happy family life, '' ''you cannot
Maintain your emotional balance, '' '' well, love is all or nothing.''
To achieve stability, in all your charm I have been caught, ’’

(Pedro replied. Carla said,)

''The woman must have equal chances as the man has
To communicate with God; much more, she needs some education
To understand the experience of her man, whereas
The man must understand his wife; '' '' you dance over separation.

(Pedro continued,)

The result is a lack of harmony in our relationship
Affecting our communication and leading to this
Moral misery; I could see what happened on the ship
Between you and Miguel, '' ''what happened? '' '' Does he know how to kiss? ''

(Carla replied,)

''Bella's relationship with God was too intimate and quite
Strange motivating Miguel to have platonic relationships
With other women.'' He smiled, '' you're unfit to be his mate.
Bella was a decent wife not needing lovers on the ships.

(Pedro continued,)

The bride of Christ is a believer of the Christian Church.
Miguel suffered because she couldn't give birth to another
Child; he's your victim, and you must be ashamed at the smirch
Of flirting with other men in front of me; you're a mother!

(Pedro continued,)

She advised me to stop being ignorant, but I've told her that
For me, it was very important to make my personal
Dreams come true; '' '' those cures weakened her to fall down like a brat.''
''While playing the violin, she felt so emotional.''

(Carla replied,)

''Her arms were sensitized, and she felt the deep touch
Of the Medusa while being scared because she couldn't swim.''
''They didn't feel the danger though they loved each other so much, ''
''Maybe she wanted her own death, '' ''she was so graceful and slim.''

( be continued…)

Poem by Marieta Maglas
Marieta Maglas Oct 2015
(The Governor has obtained the approval from England to allow Ivan to bring officially the gold to the Russian nun. Pedro and Carla started to talk in their bedroom.)

(Pedro said,)

''Your concern for life and health means more than the pleasure to have
Expensive jewelry; '' ''Can you explain the new conclusion
About our family future to me? '' '' Well, when glaciers calve,
They become slowly icebergs- nothing else but pure delusion.

(Pedro continued,)

Beatrice knows me better than you; with you I live
A lifetime of conservative thinking; '' ''make me understand
Your relationship with her, when you love and forgive.
Being catholic, you must give up your sins, at the Lord's Command.’’

(...said Carla. Pedro was seemingly not listening to her. He said,)

''I've visited New Spain to understand its reality.
I get back home to make the change; '' ''It seems that the Indian
People have changed your thinking; I predict a fatality.
It's just a different culture to be trapped in our oblivion.''

(Pedro said,)

''Life, in its essence, is guided by the same principles.''
''You could learn from the Turks as well as you have learned from
The Indians to keep your thinking invincible
At least, the Turks are civilized; I think their time will come.''

(Pedro replied,)

''The civilization is created; the Indians keep
Their unspoiled ideas far away from the vices of
The society; Turks always need their wonders on the deep
And some unique ideas coming from above

(Pedro continued,)

To change something in the evolutionary sense.
Though you have been in New Spain you couldn't concretely
Differentiate the old world from the new world and, thence
You couldn't understand Geraldine's origin; discretely

(Pedro continued,)

You cannot understand the fundamental meaning
Of the life change; this is the cause of our separation.
''I feel abandoned in our family; while educating
Our children you leave them to come back with a new conception.

(Carla continued,)

You're an individualist to fight against me; your fight
Is fierce and I feel like I'm thwarted and defeated
Until losing balance, until the devils mock my sight,
And until I can no longer resist while I need to be needed.

(Carla continued,)

That's why I got sick; '' '' Beatrice is, in fact, my life partner,
But I have to divide my time between her and our children.
It seems that my responsibility as a father
Made me turn back home and visit New Spain, which is bewildering.''

(Replied Pedro. Carla stopped talking for a few minutes, then she continued,)

''Bella said that no one can separate that oath that was made
In the Church and reinforced by a lifelong contract.
Miguel said that the marriage purpose is to get the highest grade
Of awareness to infer the consciousness abstract

(Carla continued,)

Meaning and to have a high moral identity.
The evolution of the moral conscience leads to developing
The moral identity, but we may call it, for brevity,
A concept of consciousness in the communion of feelings.’’

(Pedro said,)

''It seems that we have passed this moment, and therefore I want
To change, but in a different way from Descartes, who tried
To reconcile, using a dualistic way to get in sync,
The idealism with the materialism when they collide.

(Pedro continued,)

You have a dual concept of love and an internal
Contradiction between the spiritual love and the body
Sensibility; the pulse of your thinking depends on
Your soul moods; it should be vice versa; you love nobody.''

( be continued...)

Poem by Marieta Maglas
Marieta Maglas Sep 2015
(In Prinylas, in a bedroom, Ivan and Erica were talking while lying on their bed.)

(Erica said,)

I love you and I have proven it to you so many times.
Maybe it would be healthy if we would remain simple
Peasants to work in the fields; I miss this life sometimes.
You're my man and I listen to you, '' she drew her wimple.

(Ivan said,)

''Sometimes, you're exhausted, '' '' I'm afraid of getting sick, ''
''All the time, I need to protect you; it's hard for you to live
On your own, '' '' you make a lot of money; you want them quick, ''
''I'm like my aunt, but I also find a nice way to give;

(Ivan continued…)

I like to build a wealth, not just to spend them for my needs, ''
''This is why you sold everything you had in Russia and
Started a business elsewhere; you followed your instinct leads;
You don't think positively when you don't have the needed funds, ''

(Erica replied. Ivan asked her…)

''Do you suggest this is the reason why my Turkish store burned?
I've told you that after I had returned from Russia, someone
Threatened me near the border and took my fur I had earned.
It could be the nun's ex-husband, '' ''It could be anyone, ''

(…suggested Erica. Ivan replied..)

''It could be another fur trader; anyway, there is
A disruption in the business conditions; Naimah has
The same opinion; I started doing business,
'Cause I wanted a big family, but my life became a haze, ''

(Erica was a great observer.)

''Because you started to get into some risky affairs, ''
''Are you talking about the gold? '' ''Yes, '' ''I needed new
Relationships; all remained to this nun for her future years
Was this gold, which had been deposited to the bank, ’’ ‘’It’s true, ’’

(….concluded Erica. Ivan continued…)

‘’ She met me and gave me the map and the document
That empowered me to accompany the messenger
To Russia after traveling across the continent.
I would receive twelve kilos of gold for this adventure.

She had sent an act to one of her friends living in England
Authorizing him to take the gold out from the bank
And to pay a messenger to bring it home, '' '' I understand.
''She wrote about some security conditions, '' ''That ship sank,

(Erica continued…)

But maybe the sailors had been killed before sinking.’’
‘’I have to tell you a secret, '' '' Why do we go to Portugal? ''
''Because I fear of that person who fired my shop after taking
My fur; with the remaining money I opened this life portal-

I bought our trip; I couldn't turn back to talk to the nun.
I should meet the messenger; '' ''Why have you created problems? ''
''Because Frederick didn't keep his word; he preferred to run.
He had promised me to stay two weeks in Athens before I embarked.''

(Erica asked him…)

''Why did he change his mind? '' ''Because of what had happened in
Selanik; He concluded that he had been chased by the pirates.
I needed time to go to give the map, '' Ivan said with a grin.
'' To wait for me to come back, you would stay there in silence.''

(Erica should stay on the ship to wait for Ivan. She said…)

''Maybe that pirate followed us and killed the messenger.
Let's think positively, '' '' He took the gold; we need protection.
Moreover, the nun told me that she hadn't informed her
Ex-husband about the gold because of losing his affection.

This woman wants to donate her gold in exchange for freedom.
The map is vital to her as the commission is to me.''
'' The messenger came with his servant in this garden of Eden.
Why didn't they take the ship? '' ''To watch it sailing on the sea! ''

(…exclaimed Ivan and continued…)

If something had happened to the gold, he would have asked
The authorities to investigate the missing, ’’ ‘’ At least,
He should verify this transport in the port of Constanta.
Imagine how some poisoned thoughts could spoil the hope's feast! ’’

(… exclaimed Erica. Ivan asked…)

'' Where do you know this from? '' '' I've read his journal, '' '' I must go
To tell the governor everything I know and to ask him
To help me, '' ''This nun is very important to you; although
You don't say it, you do it; means not making money on a whim.''

'' I understood the idea of freedom in life,
Especially for a woman; I wanted to fight against
An old, Russian mentality; started with an inner strife
While hoping to find some ways to achieve true happiness.''

(Ivan continued….)

'' Don't forget that I overcame my own human condition.
''I think it is also about the faith that spurred you; read
Some chapters aloud for me before sleeping; your diction
Is nice, '' ''Hope it's not philosophical; don't turn in the bed! ''

(‘’Just a little, ’’ replied Erica and fell asleep.)

(..To be continued…)

Poem by Marieta Maglas
Marieta Maglas Aug 2015
The pirate quartermaster, Maro, saw two galliots
Coming towards the carrack; the first one had ten cannons.
To start the maneuver on the carrack, he asked his pilots.
They were attacked by a volley of fire; maniac in action,

Maro caught up with this army and replied with another
Volley of fire, but he had to retire the carrack.
Then, the army came alongside it and fought in a smother.
This assault was preceded by some flurries of the bullet attacks.

Using the muskets and some small arms designed for superior
Accuracy, the army could leap from ship to ship;
Once the ships had met, the battle had been waged; ulterior,
They used long polearms and swords which were kept on their hips.

The first galliot approached and used the bowsprit,
A protrusion which was angled upward from the bow,
To charge the flank of the carrack; some pirates wanted to quit.
The bowsprit penetrated the breeze upper the low

Waist of the opened deck, in the middle; it could be used
As a connection between the ships; a part of the army
Fiercely attacked the pirates making them be confused.
The ships collided; raw in front of the enemy,

The hidden soldiers started to shoot; they held the fire
At a close range; this ship was narrow for the artillery,
But into saving some honest lives they had to inquire.
These guns were placed on the centerline by the military.

The pirates turned to the opposite direction, but they were
Attacked by the second galliot equipped in the same way.
The bandits could barely put up a resistance; their deaths were near.
The fight had lasted until it was all done in their play.

The first galliot caught the carrack with the help of
The other one; Maro ordered one of his crew to cut
A small hole in the carrack to make this ship sink thereof
And to hurry the soldiers to save the hostages, but

They would need to know if there was a way to swim to the shore.
They abandoned quickly the carrack; the result of the fight
Was the victory of the army, stopping the devil's roar.
They took three pirates captive; three escaped in the waters' night.

The governor had the loyalty of a gentleman
While keeping his word in front of Frederick and while
Dedicating himself to protecting any merchant
And any passenger; they disembarked on that emerald isle.

(Frederick, Pedro, Naimah, Miguel, Cruz, Ivan, Pedra, Chiara, Francesca and the remained crew went to Prinylas. Cruz was injured but still alive. At least, while having tears in his eyes, Frederick embraced his junior who looked exactly like him. The child smiled and touched his father’s face with his little hand. Geraldine embraced Frederick and kissed him while crying.)

The governor had built frigates and galliots to maintain
Safety on the coast and to guard them against the invasions.
Then, he sent them to capture the pirate ships hoping to gain
Peace, wealth and a good fortune for the future generations.
(To be continued…)

Poem by Marieta Maglas
Marieta Maglas Aug 2015
Ivan thought that the stranger followed him; why should he?
If the stranger had been a Russian one, it would have been
Perfectly obvious for him where the meeting had to be
Placed, but maybe this stranger had accidentally heard them when

They had talked; in this case, the stranger didn't know their secret,
But the surveillance was the only way to find out.
This was why this stranger embarked on their ship; apart,
The real surveillants were chameleons, beyond this doubt.

One of those pirates searching for secrets had a red birthmark
On his face; to follow Fargo, they were walking for some hours.
They started a talk while one of their dogs began to bark
''To identify a tail, look at the footprints, those flowers

Can make the dogs lose the scent trail; '' '' each flower might have
A different scent, telling the dog it has been visited
By some insects; here, their path is divided into two halves.''
''Someone left them, and another one is dead or invalid.''

'' That person returned; look, he moved frequently between crowded
And empty places: this makes him conspicuous, '' '' It's a man.''
''Someone else followed them, '' ''I don’t see well, the sun is clouded, ''
'' I don't trust this lady, Chiara, '' ' I understood her plan.''

''She paid our chief, Quintus, to **** Lucca, '' ''He was lucky
To be hired by two persons to do his job on the same ship.''
''Quintus made his intentions very clear; he is a plucky
Man; '' one of them touched a footprint with his finger tip.

'' Quintus's intention was to loot and to arrive before
Frederick besides Syracuse to wait and hit the carrack.''
''Quintus will **** Marco after trying to find out whether
He's their man or not, '' ''They have fallen under our attack.''

'' Chiara paid Quintus to **** Francesca, '' '' Look at the village! ''
''This must be the messenger's house; it's midnight; let's enter
To find the documents like in the midst of a pillage, ''
'' All are like babies in a deep sleep, '' ''I long for adventure! ''

(They found the documents, but they didn't take them because they needed to hunt the connection person. They exited the house.)

'' Let's tell Quintus that these gold bars came from London to go
To a Russian rich lady living as a nun, '' ''One
Of them used Fargo to be here, but she didn't let him know.''
''Now, he cannot return back to us; his future is done.''

''When one of us leaves our crew, he becomes a stupid man
In the arms of any woman, '' ''Which one do you think is
Involved in the gold's story? '' ''I don't know, but I know the plan.''
''They are four; we'll find soon, '' ''Round in my head, these events whizz.''

(The pirates killed the messenger on the beach, but they did not know where he had lived.
The messenger knew the person who had to give him the gold, and therefore, had no documents on him.
The person bringing the gold traveled while providing maximum security, but secretly he was afraid of the pirates.)

Meanwhile, Quintus did not know where the gold had come from
Nor where the messenger was living, and therefore, he killed
Marco; then, after the returning of his people, he sent them
To tell all the pirates that the onslaught should be stopped.

Erica knew about the village and influenced
Fargo to go in that direction; Ivan had told her
The name of the village and where the messenger's house was placed,
But she didn't know the information that man could confer.

Chiara wanted Lucca to die because he was the sole
Heir of an immense fortune after the death of his parents.
She also wanted Francesca's death, but she lost control
Thinking that she lost the asset in the light of those events.

(..To be continued…)

Poem by Marieta Maglas
Marieta Maglas Aug 2015
(The captain of the pirates and one of them were in the cabin of that stranger having dogs while talking about him.)

''In Athens, he hired us to help him take the gold, '' said the captain.
''How could he take it as long as the messenger was alive? ''
The captain laughed, '' Maybe he has waited an accident to happen.
He caught the ship; before the sunset, wanted there to arrive.''

''He had nice dogs! '' '' Yes, the dogs would help him find the messenger
To **** him and to take the documents; he understood this
While he was hiding to hear those men talking, '' ''He was an avenger.''
''He didn't know the messenger, but he knew the gold's bliss.''

''He heard that a ship carrying five hundred and twenty bars
Having one kilo of gold each one would have to anchor
Near the Prinylas' shore, '' said the captain while lightning two cigars.
The other one started to smoke, '' I've satisfied my hanker.''

''The messenger should wait that ship to take the gold after
Presenting the documents; then, he should go to help a nun.''
''Those men should meet again to make arrangements thereafter.
One of them is on this ship; he goes silent until all is done.''

The stranger heard only a part of the dialog between
Ivan and the messenger's servant, who had been sent to Athens
To meet him; then, this stranger hired the pirates- around sixteen.
'' Follow me; I must embark on that ship to watch what happens, ''

(...He had told the pirates after killing the servant of the messenger; then, he intended to **** Ivan.)

He didn't know that Ivan should give the map to the messenger
To see the description of the road to the monastery,
The sketch and some details; Ivan didn't sense the danger.
The servant had to go to meet someone else; ''Let's be merry, ''

(...Said Ivan. They should meet again after three hours to go together to the messenger. The stranger did not know this secret.)

The meeting never took place 'cause the connection man had been killed.
Fortunately, he had told Ivan where this village was placed.
Ivan had caused that square sail's damage, but his heart hadn't been stilled.
Freddy needed time in Athens, when with this problem he was faced.

This way, Ivan forced Freddy to stay longer than he intended
To be in Athens; Ivan needed time to bring the map
To the destination; because the servant's life had ended
And the repair had been made quickly, Ivan fell into the trap.

(Ivan didn't have time to understand why the servant had died. He was prompted to divert the ship to the known place of Corfu, in order to land ashore. Then, Ivan would search for the messenger.)

The stranger was the one who paid attention to all those
Movements on that ship in order to grab the gold while thinking
That the pirate ship was behind him; he couldn't suppose
That the pirates had run ashore while using fast horses settling

In Prinylas before the Frederick's arrival; they
Killed the messenger and captured the vessel containing
The gold bars; they also killed all those sailors; on that day,
They attacked the carrack to find out who had lost that meeting.

The pirates wanted to **** that man, whereof the stranger
Had told them, and to remove the traces leading to the gold.
For this reason, they were willing to put them all in danger,
But the fire caused by Ivan their eyes started to behold.

(Ivan wanted to give Erica a chance to take the map and go ashore to search the messenger. The captain of the pirates took all the documents, the treasure and the seal belonging to the stranger and jumped overboard into a boat, apparently and inexplicably abandoning his companions. After an hour, the army began to fight with the pirates' crew.)

(..To be continued.)

Poem by Marieta Maglas
Marieta Maglas Aug 2015
(Erica went into her room to rest. Geraldine and Carla started to read the journal they had found in the box.)

He left England with a ship and sailed east until he reached
Portugal; then, he took a stagecoach and traveled to Venice.
He was in danger of highwaymen who couldn't be impeached.
His coach had a high speed, ‘cause those men could become a menace.

He had made a gold deposit at a goldsmith, who gave him
Some receipts to exchange them with money at the British bank.
Then, he traveled through Europe choosing those pathways which were dim.
There, he missed London and its air being restless and dank.

He achieved knowledge of the Europe major languages.
He was seemingly traveling at his own expense,
Covered, by his own account; in fact, he carried messages,
And any of his messages had an important sense.

He traveled as merchant bringing drugs, rare books, and some
Exotic commodities like pine nuts, pistachios, and coffee
From the Royal Exchange instead of waiting a false peace to come.
In London, his luxury shops looked like covered in toffee.

(In her room, Erica started to read the document written in the Russian language. It was one of the most fragrant, pleasant smell papers she ever had in her hands. The person owning that document was a Russian one living in London.)

This document was also a letter from the Surveyor
Of the Royal Exchange, to an Indian official asking
Him help to buy some new shops in India; the payer
Could reveal the understanding of the retail shopping.

(Geraldine continued to read from his journal written in the Russian language.)

The man described the luxury life of the British elite,
His grand house, which had been built in the rich west of London,
And his horse-drawn carriage used for rides on the main street.
He wanted lead pipes for his house as any rich Londoner.

(Erica continued to read the document.)

That paper had an annexed one about the gold needed
To help a noble lady forced to spend the rest of her life
As a penniless nun; her words about freedom were heeded.
Imprisoned as a nun, she was, in fact, an abandoned wife.

The gold was brought with a ship that should anchor in that place.
Ivan was the liaison with that man and had to take that gold
To pay the lady's freedom; tears appeared upon Erica’s face.
Ivan caused the deviation from the ship's course as he was told.

He didn't know that the carrack had been hunted by some pirates.
Erica realized that the merchant had died, but she
Did not know whether the gold had been stolen or not, those bandits
Were still around having the link letter; she fell down on her knees

To pray for her life; she understood that the ex-husband
Of that lady could torture them to death for having plotted
Against him; she prayed while needing to be many thousand
Miles away and while looking at the hill with olives dotted.

(Erica burned the document.)
(Geraldine became meditative and told Carla,)

''These treatises generate some ideas of magnificence
And splendor; the luxury is realized with the skilled
Workers and the specialized knowledge, '' ‘‘the extravagance
Of these books is declined by the wars, where the life is killed, ''

(Replied Carla. She continued,)

'' These wars bring the decline of retailing, the stagnation
Of building, and the disappearance of a real
Art market, '' ''They use all the methods to fight for their nation
On the waters to protect the land; their strife is a squeal, ''

(Replied Geraldine. Maya entered the room to invite them to dinner. She said that she had seen someone having two dogs and walking around. Suddenly, Geraldine said, ‘’ I think I give birth to my child now. I have a sharp pain. I’m so afraid! ’’)

(..To be continued.)

Poem by Marieta Maglas)
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