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Paraluman Oct 7
It breaks my heart
That you’ll be just another chapter of my story


Not my happily ever after.
Paraluman Sep 17
I’m scared as f*ck
to want you.

But here
I am,

Still wanting you
Paraluman Aug 28
I will never forget the way you make me feel like
I will never forget the way you make me feel like
Paraluman Apr 22
I can’t contain whatever this is I’m feeling for you.
It’s so raw, unexpected and have this power to consume its beholder.
It’s kinda frightening the whole **** out of me.
My current emotional state.
Paraluman Apr 18
Last night with you is full of desires.

Desire to see the alignment of our stars into your eyes.

Desire to listen to your heartbeat,
Eager to know if it matches mine.

Desire to squeeze you tightly into my arms,
never want to let go.

Desire to stay like that with you
for much longer that it would really last.

Desire to make you mine, only mine.
Paraluman Apr 14
I am hopelessly in love with a memory.
An echo of you in that certain time, certain place.
A memory I would love to live and repeat all over again and again and again...

Paraluman Sep 2017
"Wag mo akong iiwan",
Lagi **** sambit sa akin.
"Ako'y nasasaktan at malungkot
Puso kong wasak gustong makalimot.
Jan ka lang sa'king tabi't
Damayan ako hanggang takip silim.
Iyong pasayahin panandali
Upang lungkot ko'y wag manatili."

"Wag mo akong iiwan",
Paulit-ulit kong pinakikinggan.
Lungkot mo'y aking papawiin,
Puso **** wasak aking bubuuin.
Di ako aalis sa iyong piling
Bukang liwayway pa'y dumating.
Sarili ko sa'yo ay iaalay,
Di ipagdadamot.
Wag mo lang din akong iiwan sa iyong paghilom at paglimot.
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